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  1. I would like to express my gratitude to this website for the information provided. I am one of the Hubbard ‘does’ and the information enabled me to hang on awaiting Judge Wright’s decision and not waste my money on some form of settlement to these unscrupulous characters.

  2. Where do you see there has been a change to the hearing date? I’ve not seen a modified order. Are you referring to one of the due dates for filing legal briefs regarding the motions to quash? My firm’s appearance is on file and I have seen no modified order, at least not yet

  3. Just got clarification on the hearing for May 16th at 10am. Apparently this hearing only has to do with motion(s) by the ISPs themselves in this matter, and the hearing for consumers’ Motions to quash is still at this point scheduled for June 27th. in the process of obtaining the relevant order and will post it soon.

  4. What exactly does the April 13th order mean in the LW Systems vs. Hubbard case? I saw the document but it is a bit hard to read.

    • Anyone know this? Do we have an extension until June to file a MTQ? (LW Systems vs. Hubbard Judge Gleesons Order on April 13th)

  5. I just got my comcast letter via UPS. I will be looking to find out what available documents are out there to be used to help file a defense. I guess I am going to wait it out for at least the third demand letter.

  6. I just got the comcast letter. I downloaded the complaint, and it appears to be just against me only as it only lists one IP address. Any suggestions?

  7. I just got my comcast letter. I downloaded the complaint, and it seems to be just against one IP address John Doe. Does that make a difference?

  8. Does anyone have a link to a library of possible court documents that can be used against these people? Motions, counterclaims, discovery requests? We need a bit of a defense factory as that is exactly what the Plaintiff is. A factory. I happen to be a lawyer and I used to practice in federal court, but it has been some time. I could very well be willing to go to bat against these people in my own case.

    I have teenagers in my household and god knows who else has access to my wifi.

  9. Well, I just read the sanctions order in the Ingenuity Case dated May 6 or so. As a Lawyer, I understand a bit about litigation. I guess I have to decide whether to settle or go full bore at these people. Once I am personally named in a Federal Lawsuit, I have little reason to settle. I would be more than happy to make these people’s lives miserable. My only problem is that I appear to have assets. But, I am going through a divorce, and I can assure them that there is no judgment against me that will be collected. I can only imagine the depths of discovery that can be used against them. I suspect that someone has already assembled this arsenal of litigation material, but if this thing moves forward against me, I will be assembling one as well.

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  10. You watch porn. You still the porn. Then you go online and defame people and conspire on how to avoid getting caught.

  11. I was thinking of contacting Lutz anonymously, and offering $500 for a full release against me as it relates to the Plaintiff. They can prepare the release and settlement agreement without ever knowing my name. My name will only be filled in at the settlement table when I show up with the $500. Otherwise, I will be filing the motion to dismiss:

    Click to access mtd-maness_01873co.pdf

    And, of course, a full barrage of discovery.


  12. Jesus never watched porn. You clowns not only watch the porn, but you also steal the porn. God wants the world to know who you are because you are the greatest evil in America. You make slaves of other people’s sons and daughters. So before you get on your high horse, remember what you are: sexual deviants.

    • Jesus also ever trolled in other people’s forums. So remember who you are before climbing you your high horse.

      Also, Jesus never attempted to rape women in his car.

  13. Has anyone here filed a motion to quash the subpoena? What were the results?

    For those that settled? How much and for how many movies?


    • I believe so far there is one pro-se motion filed in the St. Clair County case if that is what you are referring to. There are tons of others, but all of them are filed by attorneys as far as I can see.

  14. Well today I rec’d my second letter from Paul (Puffy) Duffy in regards to the Hubbard case … This time it wasn’t from the Duffy Law Group, It was from the Anti-Piracy Law Group … It says that they will begin to question my neighbors to see if they may have downloaded the porn, using our Wi-Fi connection … It goes on and on and is signed by Puffy himself … If you’d like a copy let me know … Doug E.

    • How many offices does Duffy have and are they ALL connected in every case (as the letters seem to have a scripted way of arriving). Duffy Law Group is dissolved … how about this one?? Is it legal to fire letters from several different entities threating this kind of stuff? Can I get a restraining order? Ha!

    • If you get another one, make a complaint on the FBI Cyber Crimes division. Then respond with a letter saying 1. You didn’t download anything, 2. There is no such file on your computer 3. You will fight them tooth and nail if they wish to proceed with “litigation” and mention you have already filed a complaint with the FBI Cyber Crimes division complete with a reference number, and any more such letters will be forwarded to the FBI.

      Much Luck, I received the Comcast letter in March, and have not heard anything since, no letters or phone calls to speak of. I have also made Comcast’s legal department aware of the sanctions, and pending criminal investigation on the organization that Comcast was going to release my information to.

  15. Recent update on: Northern District of IL Malibu Media, LLC v. John Does 1-49,

    All but Doe’s 1, 34 and 35 have been dismissed (Doe #1 was Not identified as the seeder). But Doe’s 1, 34 and 35 were the only Doe’s to file motions. Any idea on what that means?

    • I will have to read the court file, but my guess is that Malibu Media made a tactical move, voluntarily dismissed all the rest of the doe defendants (who can still be sued individually) and now with only three left, all represented by legal counsel due to the motion to quash, are seen by the judge as “not too many” defendants to go forward with. We saw this in a New Jersey case not long ago.

  16. Case is dismissed… Honestly I really hope those who settled get their money back. I’m glad I ignored the whole thing, was never even named because ISP’s quashed subpoena successfully.

    • The order entered on July 26th for 12-cv-06676 states “PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, Plaintiff hereby voluntary dismisses John Does 3, 4, 6, 7, 8,9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 27, 28, 30, 32, 33, 36, 37, 38, 40,41, 42, 45, 46, 47, 48 & 49 (“Defendants”) from this action without prejudice.” This means the plaintiff has the right to file individual lawsuits against these people. Do we know if they will? Nope.

  17. Update on Malibu Media, LLC v. John Does 1-49 in Illinois Northern District Court:

    The judge issued an order MEMORANDUM OPINION AND ORDER: the motions to quash, sever, dismiss, and to limit the scope of the subpoenas are denied [12, 14, 16, 20], except that Doe Defendant 1’s motion for a protective order is granted.

    Isn’t the judges order of protection a moot point since all but Doe’s 1, 34 and 35 have been dismissed?

    Can Does 1, 34 and 35 file a new motion to dismiss because joinder no longer applies since the others Doe’s have been dismissed?

    • I believe the 3 remaining Does could make a motion to server due to joinder issues, as long as there is no information to show they took part and directly shared pieces of the file between each other. A judge could still deny the motion and the case would be like the PA Bellwether one. Even if the Does were severed, MM could just refile single cases if it wanted to. The protective order can still be relevant, depending on what the judged limited as to protecting.

      DTD 🙂

  18. What’s going on with Malibu Media, LLC v. John Does 1-49 northern illinois? It has been 3 months since the judge granted the protective order. Doesn’t malibu have a certain amount of time to serve isp’s etc after such an order?

  19. So if you have comcast, and you downloaded a tracked torrent from one of these copyright trolls…would you be given one of those threatening emails or would you be sent an email by comcast about strike 1/2?

    • PC is being represented by CEG Tek. I have heard that Comcast is not forwarding the “settlement” letter, just informing subscribers of a DCMA notice against the IP address. Comcast knows what kind of BS is going on.

      • thanks mate…you’re right, PC is represented by CEG TEK…to those concerned…
        Reality kings, Elegant Angel, Digital Sins and even Brazzers are represented by CEG TEK on occasions…there has been a flurry of DCMA notices in the past two months

    • 1. ILSD and ILCD were historically tough on trolls, even back in Prenda times. Malibu never tried its racket in ILSD, but did in ILCD for a short period, fled after scolded by Judge Baker and other judges.
      2. ILND Chief Judge Ruben Castillo said in an interview to Chicago Sun-Times (can’t locate at the moment) that these lawsuits are good for the district as they bring money (filing fees).
      3. For Chicago-based Shulz, Vogt, Hierl, it’s a hassle to travel down south for numerous hearings, and Guardaley apparently couldn’t find local crooks.
      4. 3/4 of Illinois population falls to the Chicago urban area; more people = more victims.

      Only a handful of judges in ILND are tough on trolls, the others simply close eyes on the abuse.

  20. WOW, over 50 Malibu lawsuites in Northern District of IL now. We will be Fighting Malibu Media in small groups as they are suing anyone who uses torrents. Hire your own forensic computer professional. It’s cheaper than paying them.

    Click to access mot_sumjudge_doc73_61957fl.pdf

    They target professionals on Linked In and read your facebook, but most of all since they hired a group in Germany to follow the videos you “like” on youtube, they build evidence that your a porn follower. Make all your actions on these sites private IMMEDIATELY ! Use an incognito web page to search. They have access to everything you do and they are using foreign people to spy on the US markets!

  21. Just had to deal with this. Received a letter saying I was part of 25 Does. I use a VPN so I have no idea how they received my IP. I couldn’t find my IP on the list but all advice said to retain representation. I used Erin Russell from the list and she was great. Handled everything and negotiated a fantastic settlement. Highly recommend her.

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