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John Steele finds out that Prenda lost their Lightspeed appeals

By Kat Anon and TAC

If for some (frankly, inexcusable) reason you know nothing about yesterday’s Prenda smackdown resulted from the April hearing in the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, these articles will bring you up to speed:

Now, enjoy the movie:



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12 responses to ‘John Steele finds out that Prenda lost their Lightspeed appeals

    • The Judge Noel trial? Maybe? Of course that was probably more Hansmeier and Erickson’s doing.

      So far as I can tell, he doesn’t do things himself. He has others do them for him.

    • No way, TAC, you helped set the tone. I was really struggling until you came in and gave me some lines to work with.

  1. I never get tired of watching “Downfall” parodies, but I suspect Hitler took the fall of Berlin better than John Steele took this latest bench slap. After seeing so many courts quote directly from Otis Wright’s opinion I imagine the Prenda crew wishes they had been a bit more contrite and deferential when they had the chance.

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