Minnesota Appellate Court affirms $63K judgment against Prenda, questions Guava existence

When it rains, it pours. As if the last week total Prenda smackdown by the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals was not enough, today Minnesota Court of Appeals affirmed more than $63K in attorney fees and costs in an infamous collusive Guava v. Merkel (Hennepin County District Court, 27-CV-12-20976).

The opinion is harsh and a must read. I only want to note one heartwarming detail:

In the complaint that initiated this litigation, plaintiff-appellant Guava LLC is described as “a limited liability company that owns and operates protected computer systems . . . accessible throughout Minnesota.” It is unclear, however, whether Guava even exists. Despite repeated inquiries by the district court, the record includes no evidence regarding Guava’s incorporation, the identity of its principals, or the nature of its business operations.

So, after two years, during which we have been constantly questioning the existence of multiple Prenda’s empty shells (Guava, Arte de Oaxaca, LW Holdings etc.), finally courts started to realize that they were impudently defrauded.

Still waiting for the criminal law hammer to drop on the Prenda collective head. It’s a matter of when, not if though.


Hansmeier is continuing to dig his hole deeper: more questionable lawsuits

In the meantime, Hansmeier continues to extort small businesses using ADA lawsuits: two new cases have been filed

[8/8/2014 update — thanks to a commenter for a tip]
There are also less transparent state cases (search for “HANSMEIER PAUL”).

  • 27-CV-14-2417: Eric Wong vs Chatterbox Enterprises Inc, Tyrone Sharpe;
  • 27-CV-14-11721: Eric Wong vs Sawatdee Inc, Cynthia D Harrison, Jennifer T Harrison-Reilly, Supenn Harrison d/b/a Tippaya Partnership;
  • 27-CV-14-12087: Eric Wong vs Gargar Clinic & Urgent Care LLC, Argo Enterprises LLC;
  • 27-CV-14-13308: Eric Wong vs St. Paulette’s Inc (Small Bakery).

Some people simply cannot earn money honestly. All recent Hansmeier’s parasitic endeavors (copyright trolling, class action objections, ADA lawsuits) were all based on the only skill Paul has mastered: using his law education to rob hardworking citizens — those who actually contribute to the society.


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10 responses to ‘Minnesota Appellate Court affirms $63K judgment against Prenda, questions Guava existence

  1. Was there a bond posted in this case? The 7th circuit case was at least partially covered by a bond, so the defendant there may actually see some money.

    • I don’t think so. The original court order (the one that is affirmed) only required bonds in future cases:

      Plaintiff Guava LLC, Michael K. Dugas, Esq., Alpha Law Firm LLC and any of their agents, officers, directors, employees, representatives, affiliates, and successors, are hereby enjoined from filing any future civil action against the John Does or the ISPs, without first posting a bond with the Court in the amount of $10,000, or such other amount as the Court deems appropriate, and without first obtaining a certificate of authority from the Minnesota Secretary of State.

  2. I had been watching this case extra-close. Good outcome but had been wondering if Dugas even has the assets to collect from. We know the others don’t.

    • Yes, Guava never existed and Alpha has been dissolved. Dugas was supposedly in financial problems anyway. I think the only real hope of collecting is to break the corporate veil of Alpha where they can go after Hansmeier’s assets. He probably has them pretty well shielded but he does at least have some.

      • Hansie’s assets are his ADA cases. Liens can be filed in each one. He could be followed from court to court, and looking any of it up wouldn’t be complicated.

        Step One: File the liens. Step Two: Follow him around and file more. Eventually, he gives up practicing law and goes broke.

  3. It was interesting to note how the Prenda people moved states.
    They started out in their home states, moved their business address to Nevada, and ended up living in Florida.

    In Nevada you can create a sketchy corporation with good privacy and protection. It’s the go-to locale for creating a corporation that is likely to fail owing people money, or when you are planning on breaking laws.

    In Florida your primary residence is protected from bankruptcy and judgements. It’s the go-to place when you change your mindset to being personally judgement-proof.

  4. You are missing Paul Hansmeier’s state cases. Search for HANSMEIER PAUL

    27-CV-14-2417 Eric Wong vs Chatterbox Enterprises Inc, Tyrone Sharpe
    27-CV-14-11721 Eric Wong vs Sawatdee Inc, Cynthia D Harrison, Jennifer T Harrison-Reilly, Supenn Harrison d/b/a Tippaya Partnership
    27-CV-14-12087 Eric Wong vs Gargar Clinic & Urgent Care LLC, Argo Enterprises LLC
    27-CV-14-13308 Eric Wong vs St. Paulette’s Inc (Small Bakery) Aug 4th filed

  5. Sounds like he’s following in the Houston lawyers footsteps in reverse.

    Troll Vogt’s local in Houston, Daniel Kirshbaum, is licensed since… 1969 #DallasBuyersClub

    Where that lawyer did Class Actions first and now has become a copyright lawyer.

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