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  1. Make that 4. 3 yesterday and another one today. Filed in the Eastern District Court, all of them are single Doe. Plaintiff’s Counsel is from Geneva, IL.

  2. The only way they can sue you is if you download one of their copyrighted videos right? I’m not involved in these cases but they seem rather frightening with all the info they get

    • They can and may sue you if they think someone in your household attempted to download it via torrent. It can be your next door guy that uses your connection, or they could simply get the wrong ip address. As far as I know, they have no proof that doe downloaded a full movie, they were just recording 1 timestamp. The goal is not to punish people for stealing their product, its to extort $$ from people that cannot afford to be assosiated with porn.. btw, malibu media has over 500 cases now open..

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