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      • Interesting. My apartment received three albums worth of Rightscorp notices, it was weird, our ISP mailed them to us with all the “important” information highlighted. From what I’ve gathered the best course of action would be to not respond and wait it out. And from what I understand, the three albums only counted as a strike each from our ISP, so they can’t get the account holders information, right?

  1. I have received a notice of copy right infringement from my service provider dated 8-20-16. I called them n they explained it was for 16 downloaded adult movies from Realty King. Don’t know anything about this but did have out of town company during stated dates. I am now receiving an email in German and of course cannot read. What should I do from here? Any suggestions?

    • Reality Kings is Copyright Enforcement Group’s turf. CEG at the moment doesn’t pursue their targets in courts. In other words, it’s all bark, no bite. Your ISP won’t likely give your information to the troll without a valid subpoena (which would be a part of a lawsuit: again, CEG is not interested in pursuing their targets in courts today), so CEG is praying on those who didn’t do their research, panicked and contacted the troll. Even those are likely safe (given that they didn’t pay immediately), albeit a barrage of subsequent harassing and threatening calls. Apparently, many pay out of irrational fear making trolling operations sustainable.

      So, [a non-legal] advice in nutshell: secure your wi-fi; if you do torrenting, stop it; move along: 99.9% you are safe.

      Learn more at the DTD’s dedicated page, which has a very active comment section.

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