Attorneys who defend troll victims

  • Graham Syfert provides free defense documents including motion to quash a subpoena. Make sure to read his FAQ before contacting him. Also licensed in Florida.
  • The Law Firm of Blair B. Chintella: attorney Blair B. Chintella from Georgia has been defending clients in copyright “troll” cases since they started approximately two years ago; first consultation is free.
  • Yasha Heidari has been defending troll victims for a long time: the feedback I heard from his clients is very positive.
  • Erin Russell: an attorney from Chicago who was instrumental in defeating frivolous, farcical Guava case in the IL Cook County court. Fights other copyright trolls as well, including Lipscomb/Malibu Media. Licensed in Illinois, Georgia, and Wisconsin.

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14 responses to ‘Georgia

    • Right. Either the trolls see Georgia as new territory or easy pickings.

      By the RFC listings, there is a surge of new cases in the past month (since 10/11/12) in Georgia. They total 28 new filings. There have been 22 new cases filed by Jacques Nazaire in the Georgia Middle and Northern districts. There have been6 new cases filed Nathan C. Belzer in the Georgia Southern district.

      Mr. Jacques Nazaire filed for porn purveyor plaintiff who are represented in other states by Prenda attorneys, including AF Holdings, Sunlust Pictures, and Boy Racer.

      Mr. Nathan C. Belzer filed for a porn purveyor client who are represented in other states by the Dunlap, Grubb & Weaver group. One of Mr. Belzer’s plaintiffs, the porn purveyor West Coast Productions, Inc. distributes a stable of classic films including the “Anal Gape” series and the “Anal Booty” series. Some of Mr. Belzer’s other recent trolling cases may be for non-porn movies.

  1. Jacques Nazaire has filed a few individual cases in GA. It says they have actually sent out summons. Do the trolls actually send these out? Or have they been more or less empty promises so far to?

    • I’m not sure, but I don’t know if they actually “sent out” the summons, at least to the defendant. If I’m reading it right, it means that the court issued the summons regarding the named defendants to the plaintiff so that they could serve them. Which they would have to do since its one person in a case and the person has to know.

      Now I think its up to Prenda/Nazaire to take the summons and serve the defendant.

  2. Six new mass doe copyright cases in Georgia Southern District filed by troll Nathan C. Belzer on the 25. They are all on behalf of no-name films nobody has ever heard by small production companies.

    This seems to be the new model for companies making unprofitable films to recover the money lost by the films poor box office/dvd sales.

  3. The People on this post sound bitter and nasty. No one will listen to anyone who sounds as mean as the author or followers of this article.

    • If you think its bad here you should hear about this nasty poet who is a real piece of work. She likes to extort money from people over a crappy little poem that she waited 2 years to register and misrepresented the date it was actually copyrighted. 2 words baby… Actual Damages…

  4. The Electronic Frontier Foundation are a bunch of communists attempting to silence attorneys who defend intellectual property rights. What is the incentive of writing this article? Stop hiding behind this anonymous posting losers.

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