Legal resources
Attorneys who defend troll victims

Affidavits by professionals
  • Open WiFi and Liability for Copyright Infringement: Setting the Record Straight: EFF’s article by Corynne McSherry.
  • Guide for defendants in mass copyright lawsuits: New Media Rights, a non-profit that offers free legal help & a community for those who create and share online. A good guide, although I don’t necessarily agree with all the advices (especially suggestions to settle), I believe that being exposed to alternative views actually helps to think critically and make good decisions.
  • The Robing Room, “Where judges are judged”: a site by lawyers for lawyers — a forum for evaluating federal district court judges and magistrate judges.
  • English translation of a Berlin’s court injunction finding that Guardaley’s IP collection methods are flawed, yet it knowingly used those methods. Guardaley changed names (created facades) since then (Logistep, Baseprotect, IPP International) and still uses the same erroneous methods. Many US copyright trolls (the most infamous is Lipscomb) use IPP Internationsl’s services to shake down US citizens.
Blogs and publications that discuss copyright trolls among other topics

Blogs and sites dedicated to fighting copyright trolls

Blogs by lawyers who defend copyright troll’s victims
  • TorrentLawyer™, a Cashman Law Firm, PLLC blog.
  • Rational Law — Steve Glista’s blog.
  • Stewart Kellar, E-ttorney at Law™.
  • Nicholas Ranallo’s blog.
  • Nouveau Law LLC — Christina Saunders’ blog.
  • Recording Industry vs The People — Ray Beckerman’s blog.
  • “Copyright Infringement Advisor” — John Whitaker’s blog.
  • Friends and allies who fight injustices on the digital frontier and other good people
    • MAFIAA Fire — developers of excellent anti-censorship browser plug-ins. A living proof of the following Internet law: “The net treats censorship as a defect and routes around it.”
    • Extortion Letter Info Forums — site dedicated to fighting a different breed of copyright trolls: stock image companies that use extortion-like methods as a part of their “business model”.
    • April Brown, a charity auctioneer who works with non-profits throughout the United States, spreads awareness about Righthaven-style campaign by an author Linda Ellis; her lawyers send nastigrams to alleged infringers of her somewhat famous poem. The recipients, mostly law-abiding bloggers, charities and churches, are being pressed to pay under the threat of costly litigation and inhumanely large statutory rates.
    • Patent Trolls: the goal of this website is to raise awareness on Non – Practice Entities AKA Patent Trolls.
    • Goddamn Movies, “An Unnecessarily Angry Look at The Entertainment Industry.”
    Other resources (separate pages)
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