Guava federal Cases: IP addresses

This table complements the following post: Long overdue update on Guava v. Skyler Case (Prenda’s Cook County lawsuit).

IP Address City State ISP Gulf Breeze FL Mediacom Communications Corp. Chicago IL RCN Corporation Chicago IL RCN Corporation Astoria NY RCN Corporation New London CT Metrocast Communications New London CT Metrocast Communications Somerrville MA RCN Corporation Brighton MA RCN Corporation Washington DC RCN Corporation Chicago IL RCN Corporation Deaborn MI WideOpenWest Springfield MO Mediacom Communications Corp. Reynoldsburg OH WideOpenWest Elgin IL WideOpenWest Chandler AZ Cox Communicaitns Warner Robins GA Cox Communications Glenview IL WideOpenWest Gainesville FL Cox Communications Monterey Park CA Charter Communications Gulf Breeze FL Mediacom Communications Corp. Washington DC RCN Corporation Chicopee MA Charter Communications Chippewa Falls Wi Charter Communications Alpena MI Charter Communications Walla Walla WA Charter Communications Southbury CT Charter Communications Sacramento CA Charter Communications Saun Valley NV Charter Communications West Richland WA Charter Communications Klamath Falls OR Charter Communications Toney AL Mediacom Communications Corp. St. Louis MO Charter Communications Toney AL Mediacom Communications Corp. Belleville IL Charter Communications
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12 responses to ‘Guava federal Cases: IP addresses

    • If you don’t mind could you please tell me where you found this list? I received a letter re: a subpoena from my IPS. My IP address is similar to one listed here but the decimal point is off by one space and it is listed in the wrong state. I want to confirm this info so I can determine if I should still be on the look out for an extortion letter. Thank you.

      • The article, which this list complements, has links to the dockets for each state (closer to the bottom the bottom): some exhibits list all the IP addresses, not every docket is recapped though. I copied them from one, don’t remember which. Let me know if you find any of my errors or discrepancies between the states, it would be interesting.

      • To which case did it refer? The Cook County (Guava v. Case) or one of the Doe cases where I’m not sure who the hell the actual “Doe” is if there are five IPs but only one Doe…and those five IPs are located between California and Florida. Oh, and Prenda doesn’t care about “close to your IP” they don’t care if it’s not your IP they don’t care if you’re deaf, blind, dumb, in a wheelchair, in a nursing home, or in the ground six feet under. I’ll pull dockets again (I’m the one who originally did this, well, most of them…I think), but that was before additional suits were filed. I pulled the ILND, MIED, MAD, CAND (I think), DCD, and GAND (was it Northern? eh I dunno)…and OHND but that was chucked sua sponte when the judge used geolocation to determine that the IP wasn’t in the district (funny as hell actually, using the trolls’ own tactics against them), not sure if dumbass refiled or not I’ll look into that in about 10 min. I know Duffy hasn’t touched the DCD one since Howell denied ex parte because she wanted an expert declaration back in October (no “expert” would file a declaration apparently) and the ex parte request in ILND hasn’t been granted yet but a Doe has already settled. Anyway I’ll look into it and verify the list’s accuracy.

  1. wow, I reviewed two separate court documents (only two had the list) and they both show the same IP address (not mine, the decimal is in the wrong space otherwise identicle). I don’t know how many other people have had this same thing happen. You might want to recommend Charter plaintiffs to double check their IPs

  2. You can add a new IP to the list, Named defendant in PAED case (12-cv-06724) just filed by Ruggiero on 12/3. Talk about weird. Ruggiero’s complaint doesn’t mention defendant’s name, only refers to him by IP but docket has his name in capital letters (for emphasis he’s being sued, or a court thing). IP geolocates to Upper Darby, PA and ISP is RCN.

    • As one that has one of the mentioned IPs and have been served a summon by a court from a different state, What is the next step I should take?

      This is the first time this has happened to me and I’m not sure how to handle this. I’ve already contacted a lawyer for his advice.

      Any advice from you guys would be greatly appreciated.


        • Sorry I assumed the summons was filed in MA because of the attorney but I made a mistake.

          The summons clearly states that it is from my state.

      • For the MAD action? And you’re not in MA? I’m confused. If you’re NOT in MA, follow Raul’s advice, the court lacks personal jurisdiction. Then slap Ruggiero with a motion for Rule 11 sanctions.

        • The summons was filed at the court of my jurisdiction by Ruggiero. I had assumed Ruggiero filed it in MA but I was mistaken.

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