If you came here, you are probably one of more than quarter a million victims of copyright trolls.

You are scared, anxious and have dozens of questions. I understand your feelings: I know your situation not theoretically but based on my own experience.


Read the following documents, posts and comments before asking questions. Of course you are welcome to ask them, and community is usually eager and prompt to help, but keep in mind that your question will be most likely ignored if it can be answered by taking a small effort to read.

Due to our (this community’s and many others’) efforts, trolls are constantly on the run: they invent new methods to game the system all the time. Therefore, these FAQs are destined to be slightly outdated, which nonetheless does not decrease their value.

Last, but not least: my advice is just a drop in the ocean of common sense: take my (and anyone else’s) words with a grain of healthy skepticism, do your own research, weigh on opposing opinions, and act only when you clearly understand the situation.

Good luck!

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