Attorneys who defend troll victims

  • EFF: Subpoena Defense Resources: please keep in mind that attorneys on this page are self-listed, i.e. it is not guaranteed that all of them are equally good. Some trolls were listed on this page before. Some lawyers who are currently listed there are not recommended. Do your research and look for a second opinion.
  • Visit a state page to find an attorney who is licensed in your state.
    • Attention attorneys: if you want to get listed or de-listed… don’t hesitate to contact me.
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5 responses to ‘Attorneys who defend troll victims

  1. I am an attorney on in New York and I recently had a Malibu Media troll case dismissed. A friend who I know from a karate class was sued. Not surprisingly, we chose to fight.

    I am a trial attorney and not an intellectual property lawyer. But I think that worked to my advantage. Anyone who has spent a minute on my website or spends anytime in the local courts knows I’d rather hard day in court than an easy day in the office. When I met the troll attorney in Federal Court she started making technical arguments and my response was, “Okay, let’s try this case”. She was dumbfounded (rare for a lawyer). Like most “litigators” she could not get a document into evidence with a GPS.

    I got her to show weaknesses in her case and then went back to the office. I tapped the great talents on an under-30 lawyer on my staff and my IT guy. We put together a discovery demand that showed we were thinking trial. Then we provided evidence that my client actually had a tenant during the time of their bogus claim.

    She voluntarily dismissed the case immediately. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed slaying that paper Goliath. Cases like these are why we go to law school.

    John Santora

    • Thank you for sharing your story. Except for a few cases, trolls drop any Doe who doesn’t silently pay but communicates intention to fight instead. Trolls are not different from school bullies in this respect: scum and cowards.

  2. Evidently, defendants get lawyers and still somehow settle. Perhaps the terms are much better when a defendant gets a lawyer. I would not even discuss settlement. Personally, I would rather fight to the end, even if I had to take a loss on my time. To me, its an abuse of our court system. You are either part of the problem or part of the solution.

    • The plaintiff is the one bringing the suit. If they dismiss the case, there is nothing left to litigate. Unless the defendant’s lawyer is able to bring a viable counter-claim, there is nothing left for the defendant to do after the plaintiff dismisses the claim. That is not the same as settling.

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