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  1. I’m trying to figure out what to do. Comcast (in Colorado) sent me a letter last October saying they would release my name to this Troll. They did and now I have a letter from him with a Reference Line: Patrick Collins, Inc. v. {my name}.

    Dear {my name}

    Your ISP, Comcast Cable, identified you as the subscriber in control of IP Address x.x.x.x, blah blah blah.

    We are currenting reviewing your matter for purposes of determing whether to pursue our client’s claim of copyright infringement against your through further litigation. Included herewith is a form which allows you to convey to us any evidence which you beleive makes it less likely that you are the infringer. etc, etc.
    Should you fail to return the form or call us within ten days, then we will assume you have no exculpatory evidence. Jason Kotzker

    • Should I actually fill out his questionnaire? Should I bury my head in the sand? Is this a personal lawsuit since it mentions Patrick Collins, Inc. v. {my name}? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

      • NO! It’s a trap, don’t even think about filling this crap and talking to extortionists: you will lose.

        You chose a very odd place to post your question: visit appropriate pages: Lipscomb mob, states (Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Colorado) and read the comments: lots and lots of information. And, of course, read the blog posts.

        • Thanks for the reply – this was the first place I that came up with a place to leave a comment. This site is kinda confusing.

          So what do I do – just sit and wait?

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