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6 responses to ‘Discussions by state

  1. It would be nice to put some critical information to the state pages. Something like

    • Active trolls
    • A table of cases with links to Recap and RFC
    • Links to noteworthy documents
    • Anything else noteworthy
  2. I will try to post that info for the states I am familiar with over the course of next week.

    • Thanks, Raul. I really appreciate your help. Will it be easier for you if you could edit pages directly? I can give you access, but you will have to have a WordPress account for that (which is easy to create).

  3. I am a tech dumbbell so I will just try posting some introductory stuff without access. I am going to refrain for awhile from posting about a certain state for certain reasons but will ultimately spill what I know about it.

  4. BTW I love the fact that I can finally fully access your blog on my iPad!

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