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  1. To get each of these new posts going and in an effort to encourage the spirit of those that are new to this vile practice of copyright trolling I am going to post a link to a state specific case where the troll case got slammed which could be used in your Motion to Quash/Sever/Issue a Protective Order.

    Nothing useful here that I can find using the internet as sopped to LEXIS/NEXIS, the judges appear to be paper pushers. Reminds me of a college girlfriend from Ohio, boring and useless (in the judges’ case as minders of the court’s integrity and diligence).

  2. It looks like R&D and Safety Point are really making a home in Ohio. More suits filed.



    How weird is it that they’re doing what seems like “continued” cases, starting at 142 and 97 instead of 1 for each case.

  3. After several months of being afraid to open my mailbox every day, I finally checked back on Pacer to find that my case was dismissed without prejudice a few weeks prior. Never received a letter, phone call or even an email from the troll during the whole time. I don’t want to give too many details here but will discuss some with the site operator by email if it will be of help to others.

  4. I just received a letter from my ISP, Time Warner stating that Malibu Media’s Ohio lawyer, Yousef Faroniya, is filing a subpoena to discover my identity. I am disabled, and live from month to month. I certainly can’t afford a lawyer. I can’t even afford to go to Columbus if this goes to trial. What is a person in my situation supposed to do?

        • While at least consulting with a lawyer is preferable (the majority won’t charge you for the initial consultation), here is what I think about it. It’s not a legal advice, so I may end up being wrong, yet I know know about the troll’s kitchen a bit, so I hope they will let you go in the end. Here is why.

          These guys run an efficient shakedown business. “Business” is a key word, which means that once they know for sure it is impossible to squeeze a dime from a Doe, they drop him/her and move to the next target. The second consideration is reputation — not “reputation” how you and me understand it, but the danger of public opinion reducing the ease of making money: judges are not isolated from the society, and the word is going around quickly. Suing a disabled, broke person, while having absolute no upside, has a sizable “reputational” downside. The third consideration is stopping piracy, which is simply non-existent. Moreover, this business depends on ongoing infringement: no sane businessman is interested in killing his diary cow.

          I emphasized “know for sure” because they won’t believe your word. They need a solid proof. If you have documentation to back your disability and financial state, it will eventually help. Even if so, they will most likely try to get at least something, so expect pressure. Because admitting to sharing of their smut is a very bad idea, they may pressure you to point a finger to neighbors or family members.

          Filing a motion to quash is a waste of time: almost zero chance of success. So eventually they will have your name. To the best of my knowledge, they don’t actively contact a putative defendant anymore, so if you do nothing, they will amend the complaint and your name will be public. If you don’t want this to happen, you need to be proactive and make a contact, preferably through a lawyer. If you do it yourself, be extremely cautious: it’s like talking to the police — everything you say can be used against you. I hope you will be able to convince them to drop you. If they insist on continuing dragging you through this, request a protective order: they almost always agree to allow a defendant to be anonymous for a while.

          Now, if nothing works and they continue harassing you: if you have solid proof of your disability and financial state and don’t mind sharing it (redacted), I will be happy to make a noise. Malibu’s owner claimed publicly more than once that she doesn’t want to make people suffer and that she doesn’t go after people like you. While it is not true in many cases, these guys really don’t want another story calling out their hypocrisy.

          And, again, call a lawyer, or better a couple of them to get more opinions. Some may even offer to negotiate a no-payment dismissal: this happens once in a while.

  5. Thank you for your advice, it’s appreciated. I did contact some of the lawyers listed here in Ohio that handle cases like this and they gave me much the same advise as well. There is little they can do to me financially, and I only hope that they waste a lot of money going after me. People like this are reprehensible, and I wouldn’t knuckle under to them even if I did have something to lose. I can only hope karma catches up with them soon.


  6. I ended up being represented by Dahman Law, they got my case dismissed with prejudice. My lawyer charged me less than half of what they could have(and I really appreciate that, and the fact they are letting me pay in installments), but it is still going to take me a quite a while to pay them off. I hope Malibu Media and all those who work with them burn in hell…

  7. Timothy Shinko is a fraud, I have discovered that two of his clients (Cell Film Holdings LLC and COOK INTERACTIVE, LLC have had their business status revoked – Under Ohio law (and I suspect other states) a business entity no longer in good standing cannot file a lawsuit. http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/1705.58v1 When I brought this to Mr. Shinko’s attention, his response was “If you believe your statements to be true. You should argue them to the Court. Good luck with that. ” Cell film Holdings was registered in GA and Cook interactive in FL – the information can be obtained on the GA or FL business search site. I have a case management conference in two weeks where I plan to bring this evidence to the judge and ask for not only a dismissal but for the court to investigate Mr. Shimko and all his prior cases.

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