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Lipscomb/Malibu Media test a new turf: Ohio. Meet a local troll Yousef Faroniya

Ohio is a relatively quiet state when it comes to copyright trolling. Leon Bass is lazily trolling for his German masters, and Prenda unsuccessfully tried to extend its fraud to Ohio courts via Joshua Crousey in 2011, and that’s all I’m aware of.

Last week Lipscomb’s outfit extended its tentacles to this state by clogging the Southern District docket with ten trolling lawsuits.

Meet a new Lipscomb’s recruit — Yousef M. Faroniya.

Yousef is a young attorney who seemingly made a lot of effort to build his online reputation: his AVVO’s reviews are excellent, and overall I did not notice any traces of wrongdoing. Therefore it is especially pity that his professional reputation is about to hit a bump: while seasoned dirtbags such as Paul Nicoletti and Keith Lipscomb have nothing to lose in this regard, associating oneself with one of the worst copyright trolling conspiracies can be devastating for a young attorney’s career, especially when people started realizing that Lipscomb/Malibu is not really different from Prenda.

Yousef states on his website:

At YMF Inc., we understand that clients can only be served properly if a clear line of communication exists, so we are readily accessible and dedicated to providing prompt and responsive service.

Our success is measured by how well the Firm responds to our client’s needs and we do so in a unique cost-effective manner in order to pass those savings on to our clients.

I hope that you, Yousef, will soon realize that Malibu Media is not a “client” in the common sense of this word, but a co-conspirator in an industrial-scale settlement extraction enterprise. This “client” does not need your savings or cost-effectiveness. Together, Lipscomb and X-Art extracted estimated 6 million dollars from American families by abusing the spirit of the Copyright Law. As for the “clear line of communication,” I dare you to try contacting your “client” directly.

The sooner you realize what pile of shit you stepped into, Yousef, the better for you. If you think I’m exaggerating, fine, don’t take my word for granted. Instead, turn on your intelligence and do a diligent research. I suggest starting with this academic paper, written by Luke Curran and published by the John Marshall Law School:

Malibu Media, LLC, mirroring Prenda Law, has employed an almost duplicative predatory practice with a few distinct alterations. Malibu Media actually produces adult erotica and has further refined and maximized the guilty-until-proven innocent paradigm to its fullest potential.

For your convenience, I have embedded the entire paper below. It’s a must read, and you should have read it before signing in for a “risk free” gravy train ride.

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13 responses to ‘Lipscomb/Malibu Media test a new turf: Ohio. Meet a local troll Yousef Faroniya

  1. A good lawyer wouldn’t associate him or herself with the Lipscomb group. You just can’t be stupid and be a good lawyer.

  2. I love some of this guy’s positive testimonials:

    1. Yousef is a very nice lawyer, knowledgeable, dedicated and down to earth. I hired him all the way from Nigeria, most lawyers I contacted did not want to take on my case some charged me through my nose but Yousef’s charges was simply moderate and he was so considerate and compassionate. A trucker I hired to deliver my vehicle from the car dealership to the sea port at Maryland took my car over 6months and disappeared. The Columbus Ohio Police Dept could not help me but when I called Yousef to the case he worked his magic and made the trucker deliver the car to the right destination. He’s an International Lawyer.

    Translation: I hired someone to deliver a vehicle, and instead they stole it for six months and THEN they disappeared. And the Columbus police department COULD NOT HELP ME when someone committed wholesale grand theft auto and I knew exactly who they were and had a receipt of payment for their services. Sounds legit. I’m sure that’s exactly how that went down.

    2. Yousef helped me get the best possible results when I was cited with running a stop sign. The citation would have put me at the limit for the allotted points on a driver’s license. Yousef handled the case very professionally, and I ended up getting much better-than-expected results. He kept me in the loop about what was going on and the most likely outcome. In the beginning he was honest by telling me it wasn’t looking good, but by the end, he somehow had worked his magic, and I walked out of court with my license.
    I plan on using Yousef again (it’s inevitable) and will recommend him to family and friends. A++

    Translation: I ran a stop sign like a mofo and I was about to lose my license because of previous, repeated and intentional infractions. I shouldn’t even be allowed on the road because even I admit that I’m such a danger to society that future infractions are inevitable, but Yousef ‘worked his magic’ and got me off. Next time I break the law I’m definitely calling Yousef and I’m recommending him to all my felon friends!

    3. I believe that Yousef its one of the best lawyers in Columbus, Ohio. He is very professional and a hard worker and he will keep you informed all the time with your case. I’m recommending Yousef to all my friends.

    Translation: I’ve never actually met a lawyer besides Yousef. But he totally does work sometimes and looks like knows what he’s doing and he does stuff and tells you what’s going on and stuff. Awesome! A++

    Meh. Maybe Yousef will fit right in at Malibu Media. Welcome to the mafioso family brother! Those family law and alternative conflict resolution concentrations will really come in handy, but you might get bored because Malibu Media is only interested in one type of conflict resolution when it comes to extorting families. Maybe you can buy a new reputation with all your dirty money someday.

  3. There are many lawyers at the big firms that are required to take pro bono cases every once in awhile. They all want to fight Voltage, but Malibu is a good secondary prize.
    I’ve worked with some of them in the SD of Ohio, they have been following the Prenda saga for years.

    • So Malibu can’t even get their paperwork straight any more. I’m glad this judge actually took the time to notice instead of just ruling on the expedited discovery as a matter of course.

    Bright young man with a promising future.
    Strong family of very educated people, deeply involved in ending the situation back home.
    Won’t they be thrilled now that their unique family name is forever tied to porn trolling.
    Mench… that’s not me attacking them, it’s You!
    Working hard at screwing people isn’t work, it’s crime. Some things are too obvious for sane people to bother writing laws to regulate, and those holes fill with worms. Your kind caught the system unable to deal with this unprecedented level of mass malfeasance, singularly designed to legalize extortion.

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