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Press release: “Anti-troll website founder files appeal against Georgia censorship order”

I usually like to say that I cannot fight all the injustices in the world: my experience shows that concentrating on a narrow issue brings best results. It does not mean that I’m not aware of other initiatives and don’t support people fighting all kinds of legalized extortion. Five months ago we published a story about our brothers-in-arms ELI ( and their troubles with a nasty troll — a graphomaniac from Georgia Linda Ellis. Embedded press release (issued in March) told the story of the troll’s tactical success: she was able to obtain an overreach court order barring ELI’s founder Matthew Chan from writing anything about Linda Ellis for life, effectively censoring a significant portion of a site that served the needs of the society for years.

This event was widely covered in tech media: TechDirt, ArsTechnica, Daily Dot, and even EFF’s own Deeplinks blog.

ELI’s March press release mentioned that Mr. Chan would appeal this overboard decision, but nothing was going on for a while since then. However, today I’m happy to feature a new press release, which states that Matthew Chan has finally filed an appeal with the Georgia Court of Appeals on August 19, 2013:



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