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Paul Duffy, a career stooge

I recently promised not to write about Prenda except for entertainment purposes, and I couldn’t miss this opportunity.

We all know that one of the three Prenda stooges (Steele, Hansmeier and Duffy) is especially entertaining. Paul Duffy, being contacted by the press regarding the fact that Prenda finally began to pay its victims, solemnly responded:

I hope you are doing well. I am devastated by the loss of Nelson Mandela and I hope you join with President Obama in remembering his legacy. He ranks with Mohandes Ghandi, Dr. King and President Kennedy in the struggle for human rights over the past 50 years. There are larger issues than the ability to steal porn… You seem like a nice guy. Thanks.

…only to later merrily celebrate Nelson Mandela’s Memorial Day on December 12, 2013:

The document embedded below describes some hilarity from the past: how our highly professional attorney avoided service 26 times in 2012:


..and how he threw a temper tantrum to the amusement of passersby during one of the service attempts:

[…]Mr. Willson and his associate rode the elevator with Mr. Duffy down to the lobby of the Daley Center. Mr. Duffy exited the building, followed by Mr. Willson and his associate. Mr. Willson called out Mr. Duffy’s first and last names, and, when Mr. Duffy turned around, Mr. Willson confirmed Mr. Duffy’s identity and handed him the summons.

Mr. Duffy tossed the summons to the ground. Later that morning, counsel’s office received a phone call from a County employee how works in the Daley Center who advised that the summons and complaint had been found on the ground outside the Daley Center.

After all this amusement, Duffy had a nerve to contest the way these events have been presented… with a straight face. Note how he states that he is licensed to practice in Massachusetts, which alone disqualifies him as one who can be perceived seriously. I also wanted to note that Duffy’s firm was involuntarily dissolved, but to be fair, this honorable achievement took place only shortly after the affidavit was filed.


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6 responses to ‘Paul Duffy, a career stooge

  1. Reminds me of the type of guy you’d meet at a party and what to punch right in face. Right away. Not saying to do that or anything! just my observation.

  2. What I find sickening about Duffy’s publicity photos is that it appears to confirm his own and his wife’s desire for gluttony. From much of what I have gathered in the public domain over several years, it just confirms that they and people like them will proceed to no end to continue their sick behavior, no matter the consequence for them and others.

    Even so, it is my opinion that the lifestyle alone they publicly demonstrate is very tacky, if not simply shameful.

    I also believe that just about anybody who’s had to visit pages like these as well as those needing further help know that people who consistently ruin others lives with frivolous actions probably have no bit of a life to begin with.

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