Happy New Year!

It was a rollercoaster year.

Exactly one year ago Prenda was at the apogee of its Chutzpah. Trying to remove Judge Wright from the case with a forged copyright assignment was one of the major mistakes made by the arrogant attorneys John Steele and Paul Hansmeier. We know what happened. Stupendous Wright’s Star Trek order paved the way for many other silver hummers going upon Prenda’s head.

The farcical defamation suit meant to silence us, backfired on Prenda, and the likelihood of a new round of sanctions is great.

I don’t say that our community was central in crashing Prenda, yet we did our humble part diligently and we made a difference. I’m not a Don Quixote type and wouldn’t keep supporting the cause if I did not see a substantial impact.

Anyway, Prenda is done, and if I continue writing about it, it will be merely for the sake of entertainment.

In 2014 we will concentrate on other parasites that continue raping productive population. Keith “I’m not a troll” Lipscomb’s shakedown enterprise will get our special attention. Fortunately, the media started talking about X-Art, especially after two sanction orders, and more intellectually and ethically superior attorneys are bringing the fight to the next level. Just today I saw a heartwarming tweet:


The very fact that X-Art sabotages any discovery effort is telling: they have a lot of dirty laundry to hide — from German “experts” to ransom revenue sharing and employment and 2257 records. I hope in 2014 the crooks will be compelled by courts to reveal their shady dealings.

The gloves are off: for friends to make handshakes, for trolls — to slap.

Happy New Year!

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