WANTED: a fugitive named Mark Lutz

This guy harassed tens of thousands over the phone during the past two years. Mark Colins Lutz, Prenda’s paralegal, used to call victims telling them that they had broken the law — either the copyright law or the CFAA. Sometimes he used his real name, sometimes he did not identify himself, sometimes used a bogus name Jeff Schultz.

Note that, to put it politely, Mark is not exactly a person who has a moral right to lecture others about the law violations: prior to becoming a Prenda’s goon, Mark worked as an insurance salesman in Illinois and used to break the law there.

On 7/29/1997 Lutz was speeding under influence in Park Forest, IL, which resulted in his arrest. He was charged with four counts:

According to the documents linked above, the arrest warrant is still open.

Since this episode happened a long time ago, I believe Mark had another problems with the law more recently: his driving license was apparently revoked/suspended: on 11/27/2006 he was caught driving on revoked license. A warrant for this case is also active, according to the county website.

But that’s not all: Mark was apparently caught driving without license in Cook County, IL, as well, and the warrant, issued on 9/12/2007 (a nice 30th birthday gift!) is still active (according to the Will county circuit court website):


Other Mark’s shenanigans include:

  • 04/29/1997 — Milwaukee county, WI: open (according to the county site) arrest warrant for
    • Criminal damage to property;
    • Disorderly conduct;
    • Possession of controlled substance.
  • 08/05/1997 — Park Forest, IL: Resisting peace officer (warrant not extended, quashed on 9/13/01 – 25th birthday gift was more pleasant than the one mentioned above).
  • 05/07/2007 — DuPage County, IL: caught driving without license. This case is resolved — a judgment was issued, I don’t have any idea if the fee was paid.
  • 7/13/2008 — Zionsville, IN: Possession of marijuana (warrant status is unknown: waiting for information).
  • Early January 2013: troubles with law in Mexico.

So, to the best of my knowledge, at least four arrest warrants are still open (one Cook and two Will county warrants in IL and one in Milwaukee county, WI), which means that Mark Lutz is a wanted fugitive and may be arrested if he shows up in the counties that want him.

Currently, Mark Lutz resides in Miami Beach, Florida, and his last known address is here — even if he moved since then, authorities still can track and arrest him, but… according to a criminal lawyer I consulted with,

It is up to the state that wants him whether he has to come back. So Florida could detain him, call IL and they might say “not worth the $25K to extradite, cut him loose.”

…which is, alas, the most likely scenario. Things would be different if Mark was not a poor call center guy, but a wealthy person who could pay a bail — a CEO of a company that operates a nationwide business, for example, or a father of an offshore trust beneficiary.

Nonetheless, I hope this information will be remembered when Lutz is summoned to an Illinois Court. Not that I believe he will appear, but notifying US Marshals still makes sense.

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35 responses to ‘WANTED: a fugitive named Mark Lutz

  1. Wait don’t forget about his power position at Accord Assets where he handles their 4 billion dollar investment portfolio! (You know – when he’s not being the CEO of AF Holdings and making calls to John Does!) Can you run a 4 billion dollar investment company with active warrants in multiple states? And PIM? Boy, he sure has a lot of jobs! Great story SJD. Just when I think it can’t get any more unbelievable – it does!

  2. Yup, it’s him. Same guy as was at the hearing. Belongs under a bridge with a sign begging for money. He’ll be homeless someday, you watch and see.

  3. Are those the heirs to the trust in that picture? For some reason that wouldn’t even surprise me. Is the one on the right AlanCooper, and the other Saltmarsh?

    “Ok, if you agree to the corporate terms of this document, just sit there otherwise clearly say NO.” Ok, let me just notarize this, and we can go walkies.

  4. Mark Lutz deserves nothing less than incarceration. Why not pester the Miami-Dade police to enforce the Illinois arrest warrent? SJD consulted a criminal attorney who is correct in stating that going after a $25k bail jumper is not worth the effort. Let’s make it worth the effort!!

  5. So just to get this straight, to evade the scrutiny and obvious conflicts of interest, Prenda signs everything over to Mark Lutz: the keys to the copyright holding company and the ownership of the trust that receives the settlement dollars. Mark Lutz is wanted in 3 states and 2 countries.
    Fly-by-night copyright troll hands the bag of cash to the fly-by-night criminal.

    Sounds like a perfect plan to me. What could possibly go wrong?

  6. If cost is the issue, I would be more than happy to assist the Florida authorities in extraditing Lutz to Illinois. I’ll use my own gas money and everything. Free of charge! I know a plane would be faster. What i thought might be a fun idea is to have all of the relevant posts with comments from FCT, DTD, and Popehat about him handy and force him to listen to someone read them to him during the trip. I and the reader can take turns driving so we don’t have to stop. I’d want to be rid of that guy as soon as possible.

  7. What I find interesting is Steele used a guy to go knock on peoples doors to tell them they are a target of a lawsuit, the guy who was doing the door knocking was an ex con. Then you have Lutz who is also a fugitive from justice who also works for Steele. Coincidence? Or are we seeing a pattern here.

    Could it be that Steele likes to use individual who are less that good citizens of the community to have leverage in case things go bad or if anyone starts to question Steele about any illegal activities that may occur at Prenda and Lutz let’s say turns federal witness then Steele could eaily demolish Lutz’s character as a witness for his being a fugitive from justice.

    Or maybe Steele has a lot more in common then we think withknown felons and fugitives, you know what they say…Birds of a feather flock together.

  8. I’ve done bail bond work. It’s really easy. You cuff’em and haul’em to the bondman or the jurisdiction where the warrant is and present him. And then get a sweet payout.

  9. There are 2 sides to the cost issue. Florida–the cost of arresting a fugitive and Illinois the cost of hauling him back.

    Here in Washington State, they are upfront about their priorities. Small offenses do not warrant the expense of long distance extradition, so if you can get more than 2 states away from WA, you have little to fear from charges here. More serious offenses and they are willing to go further, but budget has a big effect on how much effort is put into recovering runners.

    The real headache for runners is Bail Bondsmen. Get a bondsman to cover your bail and you may find an independent contractor on your tail who is not hobbled by the various restrictions on LEOs. International extraditions are also much simpler when it is a bondsman’s enforcers handling the extradition 😛

  10. LUTZ, MARK C
    1041 8TH ST APT 1
    MIAMI BEACH, FL 33139-5919

    Possible E-Mail Addresses

    Real Property – 4 records found
    1: Deed Record for WILL County
    Buyer Information
    Name: LUTZ, MARK C
    Address: 2721 GREAT MEADOW DR JOLIET, IL 60432-0745 Automated Valuation Report
    County/FIPS: WILL
    Seller Information
    Property Information
    Address: 2721 GREAT MEADOW DR JOLIET, IL 60432-0745 Automated Valuation Report
    County/FIPS: WILL
    Data Source: B
    Lender Information
    Legal Information
    Assessor’s Parcel Number: 08-06-300-004
    Contract Date: 04/27/2006
    Recording Date: 05/10/2006
    Document Type: WARRANTY DEED
    Sale Information
    Sale Price: $336000
    Mortgage Information
    Loan Amount: $268700

    2: Assessment Record for PINAL County, AZ
    Owner Information
    Address: 3181 W SUNSHINE BUTTE DR QUEEN CREEK, AZ 85142-3056 Automated Valuation Report
    County/FIPS: PINAL
    Property Information
    Address: 3181 W SUNSHINE BUTTE DR QUEEN CREEK, AZ 85142-3056 Automated Valuation Report
    County/FIPS: PINAL
    Data Source: B
    Legal Information
    Assessor’s Parcel Number: 509-12-085
    Recording Date: 01/27/2005
    Sale Information
    Sale Price: $158861
    Assessment Information
    Market Land Value: $10000
    Total Market Value: $10000

  11. To the best of my knowledge, Lutz is single (and alone). He was possibly married in the past (in Joliet), but this marriage, if not fictional, did not last long.

    Blair Chintella tweeted yesterday that Lutz was successfully served with summons, so his whereabouts are quite known to the good guys.

  12. Something that hasn’t been mentioned is his first dui is missing some charges for being underage. And while it might be OK to blow off a 19 year old having a few beers, that same 19 year old being legally over the limit and driving a vehicle is a different thing entirely.

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