Where are you going, Mark? Why now?

Is anyone willing to call a Mark Lutz and ask him these questions?

By the way, this ad is gone (expired), but there is a couple of later ones, stating simply “moving out.” With pictures.

If you have no idea who Mark Lutz is, the best way to introduce him is to be impressed by his recent impeccable performance in the courtroom.


1/3/2013: Lutz has been located in Mexico

According to one of Prenda’s local counsels (goons), Mark Lutz can be found using the following address:

Marc Lutz
Carr Transpeninsular KM31
Central Commercial Colina Plaza Las Palmas
23400 San Jose Del Cabo
BCS Mexico

1/15/2013: Lutz has been arrested in Mexico

According to rumors (but coming from more than one source, therefore seemingly credible), Mark Lutz has been arrested in Cabo, brought to Mexico city and held in jail for two days. When he was released, notoriously corrupt Mexican policemen had “lost” Lutz’s belongings, including credit cards. The reason for the arrest is not known at this time.

1/20/2013 (deja vu): Lutz is back in US and is doing harassing calls once again

There were reports that Lutz is at it again. Although not naming himself, the caller possesses the voice that is painfully familiar. The caller states that he is “from Prenda” and mentions Hard Drive Productions as his client (a dismissed case), and of course the target “is named in a lawsuit.” These imbecile clowns don’t get it: any call mentioning Hard Drive Productions communicates nothing but desperation.

Listen to the call recordings here. Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom, where Lutz fraudulently calls himself Jeff Schultz. I’m not sure it is legal, but those guys broke so many laws it is not surprising anymore.

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46 responses to ‘Where are you going, Mark? Why now?

  1. Apparently this really is Lutz’ phone number. I couldn’t make a 100% sure connection, but Googling the number brings up a snippet of a job ad with the same address as Prenda’s Miami office and a Mark Lutz as the contact.

    Didn’t Gibbs also state in one of his recent filings that he will be out of the country in the near future?

    Could it be the time has come for them to flee? Could Gibbs’ panic be a result of fear that he isn’t quite going to get away before the party van drives up?

    I would prefer to see them all arrested but am amused by the thought that recent revelations brought to light by commenters here are causing Prenda’s goons to liquidate their assets.

    Do we have anything on them that could get them arrested before they run?

    Anyone else think they might head to Mumbai and hunker down with Webbbbbbner?

    • If you look at the emergency motion to withdrawal filed by Matt Wasinger in the Sunlust vs. Nguyen, in Exhibit B, an email dated December 20th,2012 Mark Lutz writes to Matt Wasinger – “I’m having an issue calling you. Please call me at 305 815 2836”
      When doing a Craigslist search for that phone number in Miami it comes up with this list:
      Some of the older Craigslist posts have expired, including the Moving Sale post.

      • Nice work team!

        SJD, how do you get these leads? I know that many people have been affected by Prenda, but it is still remarkable that you or your readers can find for sale ads on Craigslist posted by Prenda’s goons.

        I wonder if Scriven and Seyfert will be interested to find out that one of the shady characters that tried to defraud the court is planning to leave the country.

        • The third word of your comment is the answer to the subsequent question.

          Syfert (and many, many others) read every comment, so no worries. In addition, Syfert is a good investigator: every his motion has some brilliant work and new revelations. The metadata blooper alone was a marvelous find.

  2. The one who really needs to beat it out of the country is John Steele. I’d bet money that the “upper echelon” Pretenda lawyers and other employees who might be material witnesses to Pretenda’s dealing with their so-called “clients” (including former paralegal Mark Lutz) and using the federal courts to commit their frauds all decide to leave the country before the discovery ordered by Judge Wright is due. That does not mean that investigations by state DAs and state bar association ethics boards could not proceed against these folks (I’d be curious to find out any updates on those), but I’d be surprised if Steele, Gibbs and crew were not unavailable due to “out of the country” “research opportunities” or “emergency medical care” for the next few months. Maybe someone needs to get Mark Lutz served with a subpoena duces tecum pronto to obtain all of his e-mails from Steele and Company regarding their so-called “clients” and whether or not the real motivating force behind all of these cases were the computer “experts” and the lawyers soliciting the pornographers. The Prentenda lawyers could also face bar complaints by the pornographers who probably were never informed that they could be on the hook for the defamation and abuse of process counterclaims by innocent Does whose lawyers are onto the Pretenda and Lipscomb “rackets.”

  3. I can’t help wondering if these ads are a prank being played on Lutz by some opposing troll.

    If it turns out they are real, the next question is, is there something we can charge him with so he can be prevented from leaving the country?

    • inclined to agree, could be anyone posting these ads. Easy practical joke to play on someone fielding his calls, or a reader of this site.

  4. Who would expect to be able to get much money out of a 42″ rear projection TV? I can’t imagine that this group is so hard up for cash that any of them would need to have a moving sale on craigslist.

    • 18 USC § 1073: Flight to avoid prosecution or giving testimony

      Whoever moves or travels in interstate or foreign commerce with intent either

      (1) to avoid prosecution, or custody or confinement after conviction, under the laws of the place from which he flees, for a crime, or an attempt to commit a crime, punishable by death or which is a felony under the laws of the place from which the fugitive flees, or

      (2) to avoid giving testimony in any criminal proceedings in such place in which the commission of an offense punishable by death or which is a felony under the laws of such place, is charged, or

      (3) to avoid service of, or contempt proceedings for alleged disobedience of, lawful process requiring attendance and the giving of testimony or the production of documentary evidence before an agency of a State empowered by the law of such State to conduct investigations of alleged criminal activities, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both. For the purposes of clause (3) of this paragraph, the term “State” includes a State of the United States, the District of Columbia, and any commonwealth, territory, or possession of the United States.

  5. Another update: Lutz has been arrested in Mexico

    According to rumors (but coming from more than one source, therefore seemingly credible), Mark Lutz has been arrested in Cabo, brought to Mexico city and held in jail for two days. When he was released, notoriously corrupt Mexican policemen had “lost” Lutz’s belongings, including credit cards. The reason for the arrest is not known at this time.

    • I got one too, must be doing his round of morning calls. I didn’t answer but he left a message identifying himself as Mark Lutz, but not from what company.

      • Personally, if this was the Minnesota case, I really wouldn’t be worried about anything. They’ve been sued in Minnesota. If I read correctly the judge is ready to throw the case out. Steele used an analogy to equate IP gathering to red light cameras, which are unconstitutional in Minnesota. And a whole bevy of other problems, just read the past couple posts from SJD on the topic.

        If you are really worried, there are a few lawyers that have free initial consults, like Erin Russell or Jordan Rushie or Jeffrey Antonelli etc.. I’m not sure if any of them do anything in Minnesota though.

        • Yeah, I’m in the midwest. Not even close to Minnesota. They’d have to bring charges down to Missouri in order to get me interested, yes?

  6. so Lutz is now working for a fictional company? someone should pay a settlement with fictional money (i.e. Monopoly board game)

    • More fun, the registrar on the domain is only about a month old. I’ve got to give prenda credit, they are good at building an empire of fake businesses to make themselves seem legit.

      • Yes, guys, this is a topic of my next bombshell post. Since the proverbial cat is out of the bag, I’ll make it ASAP, as early as tomorrow.

        • FWIW, that image of “Mark” came from istockphoto . Juan’s too probably I didn’t check. And see the text below Mark photo, “…and oversees the management of *Limewire* Holdings and its portfolio companies.”

          These guys are really something…

        • SJD, I see Merkel came forward about being a patsy. I posted a few rows up, that phone call I received was a fallout of the information discovery of that Minnesota case. Are these guys really that desperate, with their ship sinking, to shakedown a few more people?

        • Unbelievable. How long can they use my information? If the case is dismissed, am I off the hook? (Even if it is a very small hook)

  7. I have now received 2 calls from a man identifying himself as Mark Lutz claiming to be from Guava LLC. I cant keep track of who these guys work for!

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