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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I’m so grateful to everyone involved in the fight against copyright trolls: lawyers, regular commenters and contributors, even newbie Does who were scared after receiving a Halloween card from the crooks, but met us and calmed down, resolving not to feed the extortion machine.

Thank you, everyone!

Enjoy the song with an appropriate title “Thank you.”


It takes only 6 minutes to walk from the House of Blues, where the magic took place, to the Troll Central at 161 North Clark. A different kind of “magic” happens there: Prenda Law throws a karaoke party and a special guest Daniel Ruggiero sings in Jersey anything’s legal as long as you don’t get caught. Their superband “AF Holdings” plays loud Halloween music, not knowing that the cover hiding the fraud it is based on has already developed serious cracks and is about to break.

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3 responses to ‘Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Hi all i just wanted to thank everyone who is educating all us does out there. I know me and so many others have found some peace of mind thanks to you all. SJD TaC TaD DTD Raul AC Marble Mr. Cashman Doecumb Copyrightclerk. Hell i know i am probably forgetting some and im sorry for that. Thank you all for what you do! Thank you so very much.

    • They like me they really really like me! 🙂

      I am thankful for SJD and DTD. Without them most of my snarky comments would still be in the dark parts of the net. They provide the playground for my inner child to run around mocking trolls (and sometimes I even make lucid points).

      I am thankful for everyone who has found this little oasis in the terror and did not let the fear make the decisions for them.
      I am thankful for Steele, without him there would be so much less laughter.
      I am thankful for Raul, Mr. Cashman. CopyrightClerk, and everyone else who is doing the long boring hard work for everyone, there are so many cases we might have missed without them.
      I am thankful for TaD, Marble, Doecumb, and every other person who has come and helped others be less afraid.
      I am thankful for those Does who went from terrified, to educated, to angry and are paying that education forward to the new stream of Does who arrive here almost daily.
      I am thankful for Judges who question these cases and the merits of them.
      I am thankful every time a troll goes to far, they are slowly working on becoming extinct at their own greedy claws.
      Everytime a bell rings, a young lawyer get a conscience and stops doing this work… isn’t that right Jordan? 😀
      Hell I’m even grateful for Pookie, my nemesis, without him I would have kept thinking all trolls were as stupid as Stone… and made far fewer tugboat jokes this year.

      I am thankful for all of you who can see this message. It gives me hope that next year we can be thankful that copyright trolling is dead.

      I remain…

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