My opinion: a pro se defendant needs a pro bono attorney

There is a case lingering in the ILND, Ingenuity 13 v Bradley Hellyer (12-cv-06131). The defendant represents himself, and he answered the complaint, even included some counterclaims. I believe that Prenda would be happy to get rid of this lawsuit, but it can’t do it easily since the complaint has been answered. Just last week the plaintiff managed to get the counterclaims dismissed; dismissing the entire lawsuit is much easier now.

After the March 11 hearing in Judge Wright’s chambers, Prenda filed many “notices of allegations” in AF Holdings and Ingenuity 13 cases. Duffy explained that the reason for these filings was his wide known candor and honesty. Nonetheless, note that no notice was filed in this case. In my opinion, the judge on this case, Judge Joan Lefkof, is lenient to trolls, but I can be wrong, just a gut feeling. The dismissal of counterclaims has nothing to do with this, though: those counterclaims were indeed weak: the plaintiff’s motion to dismiss was well written (if one wouldn’t know the circumstances).

Therefore, in light of the damning Judge Wright’s Order, the likelihood of winning legal fees is rather high, so I believe this is a great opportunity for an Illinois-licensed attorney to chime in and represent Bradley pro bono. Even if collecting potential fee awards is arguably problematic, there is a certain value in having a favorable judgment in a lawyer’s portfolio. This is not only my opinion, an attorney thinks the same way:


To be clear, defendant never contacted me or anyone I know, it was not his initiative.

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6 responses to ‘My opinion: a pro se defendant needs a pro bono attorney

  1. I’d be willing to review the case and talk to him.


    Wesley E. Johnson Goodman Tovrov

    Hardy & Johnson LLC 105 W. Madison, Suite 1500 Chicago, IL 60602 (312)752-4828 fax:(312)264-2535


    • Thank you.

      I just realized (and updated the post accordingly) that my post could create an impression that it was a defendant’s initiative. It is not: the defendant never contacted me or anyone I know.

  2. re: Header Statement “Demote to Endangered then Extinct”

    I would prefer that at least one member of the Species be preserved in captivity in a Federal Minimum Security Facility

    Possible Tax Fraud Genus?

  3. Had a suspicion this Doe might be a straw man used to defeat common affirmative defenses to troll lawsuits but that is not the case.

    Did find out in typical Prenda fashion he was served on 2-12-13 (substituted service on his mom) and yet the Return of Service was not filed until 4-18-13 after the Judge asked for it. Typical.

    • This case needs a lot more media coverage somehow. Feels like prenda is going to collect some useful ammo for their Appeal out of this.
      Someone needs to get this guy and Lead him to a lawyer. Plenty of serious debunking of prenda to be done otherwise they’ll get what they want and need…. Any sort of finding that questions the whole coopergate issue penned by a judge is in their favour going into Appeal.
      With what’s on offer from prenda in this case the door could be slammed shut on them but only with a lawyer.
      With them being so brazen in their filings abusing the fact Harris is pro se a decent lawyer showing up at this time will certainly have them scrambling.
      If all else fails then maybe 1,2 or a few dietrolldie style torpedoes from various fronts. Maybe even stuff Harris’s email full of info for him.
      Damn Harris get a lawyer ;)!!!

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