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  1. highly concerned that the judges in Northern District of Illinois are not as well acquainted about the “scheme” as some of the other court systems are in the other parts of the country. The 39 cases (to date) pending in NDIL have been singularly assigned to many different Judges effectively camouflaging each case from the others. (On a side note we noticed that Ms. Schulz is using two slightly differing versions of her name in her filings in Illinois and the 9) new cases filed in eastern Wisconsin.)

  2. Does any of the Prenda Law drama affect Malibu Media cases? Didn’t Prenda represent some Malibu cases (I could be wrong)? If Prenda Law did represent Malibu cases at some point does that in anyway ammunition to current defendants?

  3. LW Systems letter received. What I find especially hilarious is the fact that the letter states that it would not be appropriate to name the title of the content in the letter but encourages me to send LW a sheet with my credit card information. Furthermore the letter references a wikepedia page so we can read up on a different lawsuit… Wikepedia. They think we are idiots. Personally, I am doing nothing. This whole thing is silly. I Just do not hope those who have not read the threads are sending them money. How else can we get the word out? I would also like to scan this letter for posting here.

    • I had to redact your name out. Trolls are frequent lurkers here, and Steele & gang are especially vindictive: there were cases when he singled out commenters for individual lawsuits: although these lawsuits are meritless and frivolous, no one wants to go through the hassle.

    • Also, there is a typo. It is supposed to say that i DO NOT hope those who have not
      read the threads are sending them money.

        • Its says I was “caught stealing” content from the servers of LW-systems. Which is ridiculous because they are also claiming that I got the content from a torrent. Aren’t those two different things? Downloading from a third party is not the same as accessing their server.

        • If it’s a multiple doe case, they might be alleging that one of the many does is the original uploader of said files. Insinuating that they got the video file from their site, hence, “stealing” from their servers. More likely, though, is that they just copied and pasted stuff from previous filings in separate cases and didn’t care or want to remove the charge of accessing their systems.

    • Received the same letter… It is not me that is getting subpoenaed, the defendant is Christopher Hubbard, and they are saying I either downloaded or uploaded a movie on 11/30/2012. What do I do? Nothing? Should I contact a lawyer? I have no clue what this is even about, it doesn’t say the name of the movie or anything.

        • Thanks. I posted it by mistake. The case isn’t from Prenda though… It’s from LW Systems, LLC. I’m assuming its the same thing?. Coincidentally the lawyer for the defendant “Christopher Hubbard” is Adam E. Urbanczyk, I just noticed this.

      • I would do nothing: this is suspected to be a sham (collusive) lawsuit, and Prenda now is in the hot water: a California judge is serious about going to the bottom of things (just read about the recent events on the blog). If ISP reveals your info, prepare for harassing scary calls and letters, but I assure you — these threats are empty.

  4. I just received a letter through UPS from Comcast’s legal department on behalf of LW Systems. It is one of the ones where they are trying to get Comcast to release my name and address and whatnot. I’ll be filling my motion to quash tomorrow.

    Here is a fun quote from this mess of papers, The plaintiff in this lawsuit alleges that the defendant and his co-conspirators unlawfully used and damaged Plaintiff’s computers for their personal financial gain, while willfully disregarding Plaintiff’s rights to use and enjoy his personal property.

    What a crock of shoot. There is no claim as to what was actually downloaded.

  5. I’d be interested in a MTQ is I could do it on my own … Though Jeff Antelloni(spelling??) seemed very legit when speaking with him and chances of a MTQ to be accepted

  6. I got a notice today about LW Systems LLC. v. Christopher Hubbard. Anyone else get this one? I’ve heard that filing a motion to quash has a low chance of working and likely just delays them finding you. I see for $500-$600 you can get an attorney to help you settle. For how much I do not know. I’ve heard at least $1K. I see some of you have letters demanding payment. What are you going to do?

    • I got the same letter. Do not settle with them. If you want you can just ignore the letter. If the ISP does release your information, the worst that can happen is you getting some scary letters, or phone calls. They also have a lawyer working with them and telling people to settle, his name is Adam Urbanczyk, he is actually listed as the attorney for the defendant Christopher Hubbard in the paperwork they send you. When you search the name of the case in Google, his poorly made website is the first result, and coincidentally it’s titled “Torrent Litigation”. This is obviously a ploy to scare people into paying money, because there is absolutely no case if they were to target you individually, they don’t even mention the copyright that you “infringed”. So either file a MTQ, or just ignore any letters you get afterwards.

      • the worst that can happen is you getting some scary letters, or phone calls.

        Woah woah, there. The worst that can happen is that they actually name you in a case. Although rare, it *has* happened. Let’s not lull people into a completely false sense of security, here.

        My advice is do your ABC’s: ALWAYS BE CHECKING! Check RFCexpress to see if the case has indeed moved forward. Check all the blogs (this one, DTD, Copyright Clerk, etc) to see if there’s any action, check pacer if anything is filed.

        • That’s why I said, if it even gets to the point of where they actually name you, 99% of the time all that happens is you get phone calls, and scare-mail.

        • Quoting SJD

          “I would do nothing: this is suspected to be a sham (collusive) lawsuit, and Prenda now is in the hot water: a California judge is serious about going to the bottom of things (just read about the recent events on the blog). If ISP reveals your info, prepare for harassing scary calls and letters, but I assure you — these threats are empty.”

  7. I too received letter from Comcast via ups regarding LW systems LLC. What are people doing here? Who does LW systems even represent?

    • Can’t we just contact Comcast and threatened to cancel our service if they release our information to these people?

      Does a motion to quash Stop Comcast from sending our information or does it just delay them from sending it In hopes that the case never goes through??

      • Anon 12:08,

        If you are new to the trolling crapola, it would be helpful to review FAQ & basics here, at DTD, & at EFF.

        There’s no evidence AFAIK that Comcast would change its policies based on a few households changing providers. It’s possible, in regions where Comcast has heavyweight rival ISP’s, that a large boycott might influence Comcast. It hasn’t been tried.

        An MTQ awaiting a judge’s ruling will generally delay the ISP’s release of info to the trolls. A ruling on the MTQ in favor of a Doe should prevent the release. (Other rulings in a case might prevent info release, so follow the docket.) It’s generally best to check directly with your ISP’s legal department about actions regarding an individual account. It’s probably best to confirm court actions with the ISP legal dept that could delay or stop release of info to trolls.

        I wonder if anyone so far has sent or faxed info on the California court revelations of dubious Prenda activity to the judge’s chambers and/or clerks of court for the state cases. State court judges should be informed, if they haven’t been so far.

        • i also wonder if anyone has sent something. We need a big collaboration of information that is well sorted and organized and send it. The stuff that they might get away with makes me sick

  8. I read an article from last summer that Comcast had refused to supply identifying information for these types of court subpoenas. One of their grounds was that the defendants do not even live in the court jurisdiction from which they are being sued. My case, LW Systems vs. Christopher Hubbard, is filed in the 20th district and I do not live in this district. Has anyone heard of an individual quashing the subpoena based on what court district they live in?

  9. I just got a subpoena notice from LW Systems, LLC through Comcast yesterday. Mine doesn’t mention hacking but instead copyright infringement buy downloading or uploading a movie without permission. The docket is 13-L-0015 but mine was filed on 1/22 and not on 1/09 like the one I found on a link from this website. I’m wondering if they are rewording the same 1/09 case or taking a different approach? I immediately Googled this case as soon as I received the letter and did hours of reading, mainly on this site. I am still nervous but I do think that this is a bunch of hooey. It does seem a bit scammish and that they are playing a game of numbers and preying on the uninformed. I have read Steve Lightspeed’s list and the comments and it seems that these people are really reaching or just plain wrong. I even checked ScanEye and they are not accurate. I think that I will not reply or quash and just ride out the harassment. I will consult an attorney to get more information and a better scope because I know nothing of the law regarding this matter.

    Still I wonder about the 1/22 filing and if anyone knows more about this different approach? Thanks! I’m so glad this website is here!

  10. lw systems, llc, vs. Christopher Hubbard

    Got the info from Comcast this morning. No idea what is was. Been reading the site since. I won’t be intimidated. Ignoring it.

  11. I got a letter from comcast today too. Same thing as the rest of you. I checked eyescan and the ip address provided in the letter is not even mine.

    • Your ip might be dynamic which is why it won’t match your current one it comes with a time stamp right? Like they say you did this on 1/13/12 at 15:31:20 ? Don’t post your time stamp but if so that was your ip at that time and Comcast ips are Dynamic so they change after some time

      Someone can correct me if I’m wrong

    • An IP address is not like a phone number. It changes. Have a power outage? IP address will change. Reset your router? IP address will change. Have troubles with the Internet and your provider helped you? IP address will change.

      Most of the letters they send are about an IP you might have had a year or two ago. I can almost guarantee your IP address isn’t static (dynamic.)

  12. Just got a Subpoena in the mail today. I’ve read through the comments on what I should do but it’s pretty split in the middle between do nothing or seek an attorney. I’ve never had any legal troubles so I really don’t know what to do. The info on what I received today was LW Systems, LLC v. Christopher Hubbard, Docket No.: 13-L-0015. It was filed on Jan 22, 2013 and It states that I am commanded to appear and give my deposition testimony before a Notary Public on April 8, 2013. What should I do? Any help on that matter will be greatly appreciated. I’m glad I came across this forum.

    • No, you are not commanded to appear, Comcast IS commanded to appear. General consensus that I am getting is that there are 2 main options at this point. Settle or ignore. MTQ from what I have read can be very risky and might single you out. Settlement in my case is $2500 thats including lawyer fees. I very much do not want to do this but its always the easy way out..

      • Lol is it me or are there more and more people on here urging people to settle? Seems a little fishy here… Anyways, I wouldn’t even consider settling as an option. Okay you get named by the ISP… Then what? You get calls and mail? Yeah I’d rather pay the $2,500 so that I don’t get the calls I won’t ever answer or get the mail I will never read anyways. Ridiculous…

        • I don’t think that is why people settle. The main reason is probably something along the lines they have a reputation to maintain, a career that could be affected and a marriage that also could be affected. For a lot of people settling is the easiest way out of this mess and it also gives them peace of mind.

    • That is not a notice for you to appear…. It is a copy of the court documents for Christopher Hubbard. That’s at least what I received. Does it say your name on that notice?

      • No it doesn’t say my name. None the less I’m certain most of us felt that disguting feeling when we received and open the notice. Thanks for the response.

        • Yes I felt quite the disgusting feeling, and shock as well. The whole thing is absurd. I’m thinking about filing a MTQ, but will probably just end up ignoring the whole thing. They can’t get any money from me if I don’t have any.

  13. Got my LW Systems v Hubbard Comcast notice yesterday and have some questions on how to proceed.

    So to file my own MTQ against this case, would it be appropriate to copy and paste the most relevant pieces of some of the other motions that have been listed? I have no legal background, and need to know if I can directly use pieces of old MTQ’s such as

    Click to access 17-12-l-7363-motion-to-quash-and-for-protective-order.pdf


    Click to access guava-v-comcast-motion-to-quash.pdf

    I cant just ignore this, but at the same time I do not have the money for a lawyer to put a document together for me.

    • I am in the same boat.

      People who have filed there own MTQs in IL- Were they successful? What judge did you have? did you copy other MTQ examples? Is there any special formatting we should be aware of in IL?

      Thank you

      • It is easy to file MTQ and it gives you some satisfaction to fight back against the trolls. For example for me the Northern District of IL clerk office basically told me the address where to mail the MTQ and how many copies (original +2 copies) to send and that a notarization was not needed. I sent a copy to the troll as well. That is it. I never filed one of these before and it was scary at first but at this point it is no big deal. There a lot of examples out there just use one of those or look at example in other copyright cases. After mailing it takes about 1 to 2 weeks for it to show up on RFC Express You never know if it will work or not but it does give you a chance to educate the judge as to what is going on.

        The logic that if you file a MTQ or some other motion that the troll will go after you I don’t buy. They are already going after you. They want easy money and if they face some resistance they will move on to the next pray. There is nothing in it for them to fight the hard fight.

  14. If my letter from Comcast is saying they will release my info unless I file a MTQ, can that be ignored or should I file the MTQ (I’m in Illinois)? The subpoena that came with the Comcast letter is saying that I would have to give my testimony to a Notary. Can all of this just be ignored or should I actually do something?

    • Please read all the comments on this page as they can be very useful. I too received the letter and after reading further they are NOT commanding YOU to show up, that part is for Comcast. From what I’ve read on other very similar cases MTQ will be pretty risky and they can and have singled people out who have MTQ’d. That leaves 2 viable options from what I understand. Settle or ignore. If anyone thinks differently please correct me but that’s from what I understand of it. If you settle it is recommended that you do it through a lawyer. A lawyer will generally charge around $500 and the settlement for this particular case is going around $2000.

      If you choose to ignore your ISP will release your personal information to LW systems llc aka Prenda. From there (again from what I’ve read and understood) is that they make scary calls and harass you to try and make you give in and send you scary letters. The general consensus is to talk to NO ONE that has to do with LW Systems. From that point they can serve you but from my understandings this is fairly rare.

      • So what exactly was downloaded in this case? It does not say what was downloaded, just an ip address with a timestamp…

        How can they prove we downloaded anything? I dont understand how they can make someone pay a settlement without proving that we did anything.

        Its crazy the courts let these trolls get away with shit like this, funny shit lol.

        • Im guessing your apart of th LW Systems no one knows i think what was downloaded in my settlement letters they also say distributing the illegal downloads or files but doest name anything a site or files or to what the downloads are exactly just an IP and a Time stamp for all i know the Time stamp can be made up which is what i have been trying to figure out by reading more but i don’t know if they ever took someone to court idk if you can use these letters to make them seem like they don’t know what they are talking about cause they never told me what was downloaded or what computers were breached for all i know you could have accidentally went to a site and that’s how they got peoples ips and time stamps cause as far as the titles of movies go for all i know they are hiding it cause they don’t own the rights to the video and just wanna say hey we know you downloaded something we are not sure what but we know you did the illegal download and it was on this date at this exact time, Seems to suspicious and i think people have called them and said when they called they wouldn’t tell them the name of a site or video so its anybody’s guess at this point…Im not involved in the LW Systems case im involved in a different one but same trolls…But like i said i would think if they “EVER” sued anyone you could show the court the letters and go yeah they asked me for money and accused me of something but wouldn’t go into specifics about it…By the way i would not call them and try to explain that you are innocent cause even if you are they don’t care

        • So I got a letter from UPS now another from Comcast both are the same thing. Anyone else get 2 notices? Same letters

        • I also got both, one UPS and one regular mail. Same IP on both. Very concerned. No interest in fighting, but also no interest in settling.

        • I just got the second notice through USPS (white envelope, so I assume it’s USPS) with the same notice with the same IP and time stamp.

          I don’t feel like I should be worried. The more I research about the plaintiff and companies, it seems just like a big scare tactic. I’m also thinking about contacting one of the lawyers mentioned above to see what they think.

        • This claims that settling doesn’t guarantee they won’t come after you for copyright infringement. Does the settlement language allow for this possibility, and has it ever happened before? I also wonder if you can settle anonymously before your information is released.

        • If you just settle by sending them your credit card information on the sheet they attach to the letter, then yes, there is a possibility they can come after you later.

          Half of the settlement agreements that I’ve seen attached to the letters are either invalid or improperly worded. There is a high probability that they can come after you. The settlement “agreements” are usually boilerplate copy/paste letters that do not even list what you’re being accused of. Which is why people always suggest hiring a lawyer if you’re going to settle.

          And yes, with a lawyer, it is possible to settle anonymously.

      • I strongly urge all of you to read up on the latest Prenda developments happening across the country. Use sites like this and to your advantage. If you want day to day news your best bet is to follow @fightcopytrolls on twitter.

        You will see that Prenda is dismissing lawsuits in several states including Illinois. Wonder why…? While this is good news, I still remain pessimistic on the LW systems v hubbard case. This case is filed in one of the biggest notriously known corrupt court in st clair county. People apart of this case need to get word to the judge or whoever they can the current state of whats happening with Prenda or whatever else that may be relevant.

  15. If my letter from Comcast is saying they will release my info unless I file a MTQ, can that be ignored or should I file the MTQ (I’m in Illinois)? The subpoena that came with the Comcast letter is saying that I would have to give my testimony to a Notary. Can all of this just be ignored or should I actually do something?

    • I got my second letter today. It was sent in a different package. Appears they just sent it again. I already have a lawyer. I talked to a few before I picked one. One of them represents Mr. Hubbard, but I didn’t choose him. Seems like a conflict.

  16. “Tru dat” however the “Lipscomb’s” are another crew ( Might get some precedences from it but they are still a different group of lawyers/plaintiffs and even use a different company as their supposed “forensic software” called International IPTracker v1.2.1. So we will need the community, defense attorneys and Judges on this side of the mountains to play hard ball with them, too.

  17. I Get It!
    I received the comcast letter via UPS related to LW Systems v. Christopher Hubbard 4 days ago. Contacted my personal attorney who told me just to wait but knew nothing about the case. I even pulled police reports from identity theft on myself thinking…someone did this to me and I have to get proof I’m innocent.
    BOY…The information on this site is spectacular.
    The link to
    really made things clear to me.
    Same attorneys Duffy and Hoerner on my documents.
    These people should really pay for the panic and emotional stress they are putting people through.
    I’m a youth group organizer and all I kept thinking until reading from this site in detail was that I really enjoy my work and this is either going to cost me money I can’t afford or a job I enjoy where I feel I help a lot of family’s and kids.
    On another note, I have also contacted two of the recommended attorneys to help me on this site. Neither has returned my calls so I’m hoping they are thinking this might all end very soon anyway.
    Thanks for putting this site together. I feel compelled to donate but have to wait to see how much this is going to cost me.

  18. I received a letter regarding the LW Systems and Hubbard case. I will be filing a motion to quash with the St. Clair County Clerk in the morning, and will specifically mentioning action being taken in the California cases, as well as other tactics these people have used.

    I’m a second year law student with a lot of law professor’s who I’ve spoken to on the matter, with three offering to represent me pro-bono if I want to go that route. I’m not going to lie down with this one. This filing motion and allegations are ridiculous.

    I’ll post a copy of my motion to quash, somewhat redacted, after it is accepted by the clerk.

    • Awesome! That’d be great if you can post a copy of your motion to quash. I looked at a few examples to get myself going but they seem much more difficult to write up than I have anticipated.

    • Let’s say you (or other attorneys) are successful in your motions to quash. What does that mean for those of us who do nothing? Will Comcast still release our names? Or will the quash benefit everyone?

      • I’m fairly certain that a MTQ only pertains to the person that it’s filed for – it doesn’t transfer to others. Also, from what I’ve read, the chances of it being successful are very low anyway.

    • I live in St. Clair IL and also received the LW Systems V Hubbard letter from the local ISP here (Charter). If you need help, or local legwork let me know. The courthouse isn’t far from me at all. Email me at my anon email I sent up for this via stclairdoe [at] I also plan to file the quash, but need to do so by this week (so any help with that would be appreciated)!

      • Very nice!! Is this for your information or all the Doe’s (it seemed to be both at times). Sorry … I don’t translate judicial jargon well.

      • Hello, is anyone still reading this? I spoke with the St. Clair County office today because I wanted to know if there were any fees I should pay, etc. And an office person in the civil division told me that they are being told that in their county they will not accept a motion without a signature on it and so they are being collected as “letters” (whatever that means). And then she said that they had received a lot of them. It is far too late for me to have an attorney file this for me because it has been nearly 30 days since I received my notice. So I am going to send in mine anyway, but I guess I’ll have to be prepared for harassing phone calls, etc.

    • Hi
      can you tell me, after filing a motion to quash is it then necessary to appear before the judge? I live no where near St. Clair County (5+ hour drive) and this will be cost prohibitive if I retain a lawyer and difficult for me even if I file the motion myself.

      • I filed multiple motions in a different copyright trolling case and have not been asked to go to court (it has been 3 months). I simply copied what was on the web edited is a bit and mailed 3 copies to the court and 1 to the toll.

  19. Got my first phone call from the Anti-Piracy Law Group yesterday. The man said that they were calling to answer any questions I might have about the letter. I may have made a mistake in acknowledging that I have received the letter but I told him that I would call him back. (of course I did not) Does anyone have advice on dealing with these folks over the phone, besides not answering of course.

  20. Can anyone document calls from Lutz on Monday, March 11?

    It would be very interesting to establish where he was and what he was doing when he was supposed to be in Judge Wright’s courtroom. Sitting at home on the phone carrying on as usual doesn’t sound like a good excuse.

    Maybe contact SJD directly if you have relevant information, we wouldn’t want to give him too much opportunity to have his story straight.

  21. Does anybody know if there is a way to inform the judge in an IL case about Booth Sweet LLP filling in response to a court inquisition request in the Malibu Media, LLC v. John Doe Cases in the District of Maryland?

    Click to access gov.uscourts.mdd.227254.13.3.pdf

    (Thanks Raul for the information/link)

    I have already filed a MTQ and the plaintiff has responded and I responded to the plaintiff response by the due date so at this point we are waiting for the judge to rule on the motions. But I would really like the judge to see the information Booth Sweet LLP found about IPP. Just not sure how or what to call it when I send it to the court. Or if it is allowed. Any suggestion?

    • Disclaimer: I don’t know the most effective way, and would guess it depends on the specific court and judge.

      If not already done, check the docket for a list of defense attorneys for other Does and call them up. If the defense lawyer finds the info of interest, the lawyer may file it in the interest of their client(s). An attorney’s filing may get a judge’s ear quicker, and would relieve you of figuring out how best to file at that site.

      How about checking with the Clerk of the district court where the case is considered? Sometimes there are “individual” phone numbers also listed for a presiding judge.

      I know of cases where it’s been possible to fax documents to a judge’s chambers.

      Thanks for making the motion and disseminating information about questionable troll antics.

  22. Section 230 of the CDA does not provide immunity to this blog, because the blog develops the content. The blog is liable for the defamatory comments of all the comments. The John Doe comments are also liable for defamation. A subpoena can be issued for your IP address. Keep it up.

    • I’m making an assumption you’re one of the plantiffs by your wording. I decided to look up Section 230 of the CDA on wikipedia:

      It seems the commenters would definitely be covered under such an act. However, your comment seems to be out of place as nobody in this particular thread was discussing Section 230. There are other threads more recent and relevant on the front page, which cover a wide variety of defenses on the speech including, but not limited to: Anti-Slapp laws, the first amendment, the fact that what was filed contained heavily edited comments without the full context of comments, etc. etc. – it’s not like they’re standing specifically on the CDA (and I’m not sure they even mention it.) That said, the CDA would provide immunity towards the suit John Steele himself dismissed voluntarily. (Perhaps that’s why he dismissed it, maybe he was unfamiliar with said act, and then removed the suit.)

      But, like I said, your comment would be more in place with the most recent article on the main page. Govern yourself accordingly and go to the main page. lol

      • According to IP address, I strongly believe this is Meanith Huon (as well as “Jesus” below — kind of defamatory to Christians in my opinion). There are certain public documents alleging certain attorney’s certain conduct: linking to public documents is certainly not defamatory, and any attempts to suppress such linking is absolutely protected by Anti-SLAPP laws. I hope that this attorney is not eager to learn about the Streisand Effect the hard way.

        Correction: I added “I strongly believe,” since I cannot be 100% sure. IP address is not equal to a person.

        • Well SJD a simple google search of this Chicago Attorney Meanith Huon brings back this:
          Wild and Crazy Chicago Lawyer! Meanith Huon is a Chicago Lawyer on trial for abduction and rape. According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch

          Why would you go around posting on blogs that deal with IT/IP stuff when you have something like that in your closet? I mean it is the first thing that comes up when you google his name…..

        • Anony Mouse: You are very right, he was acquitted and I believe in the judicial process…. I was just statin’ my opinion – I wouldn’t go around posting on other people’s blogs where they commonly talk about IP/Tech stuff if my name was splattered on the internet like his. Shoot I probably wouldn’t go on the interwebs at all! 😉

  23. Can you defame someone when they explicitly give you permission to do so? After all, he directed the bloggers here to defame him. “keep it up”. 🙂

  24. Got my second call today. These guys are something else. First it was the Anti-Piracy Group…then the same voice the next week calling from LW Systems. I showed my lawyer friends the initial letter and after a few minutes of laughter they directed me here. They also told me ignore unless served.

  25. I received a letter from Comast regarding Hubbard case. I did find that a couple appliances I own have software pre-installed. Western Digital Media Player and Netgear NAS both have application screens for downloading torrent. It’s like smith and wesson sending you a gun in the mail and not telling you, you could kill someone with it.

  26. I also received a target letter from comcast regarding lw system. llc. there is about two weeks left. Is it possible for me to catch up the deadline, if I file motion to quash in the next
    few days? I am just start it.

  27. I got two copys of the lw systems llc case from comcast. The deadline of releasing my personal information is close. I am not sure ignoring it or file mtq. According to some post, it seems that file mtq may bring you into a lot of trouble so do ignoring. Any latest update of this case? I tried the court’s website for case record, but found nothing. where can I find latest update of this case?

  28. Just read that Morgan Pietz is getting involved in the Illinois LW Systems case. My regular attorney told me to sit and wait but now that I see his name, I’m going to give him a call. Not sure how he represents Illinois residents being in California but I guess I’ll find out.

    • he will use local council to file paperwork, etc. i think anyone who chooses to fight (and i think EVERYONE should choose to fight but that is my own opinion) needs to hire a lawyer who is already very knowledgeable about these cases. mr. pietz handled my case and i have been very happy with my decision to hire him.
      good luck. i am now on the “other side” (except for the whole 3 years to re-file). I was a named and served Doe so it got pretty scary for me.

      • I’ve always been a little confused on this…

        Is it three years from date of alleged offense to re-file or three years from date of original court filing to re-file?

        For example, let’s use one of the more popular cases HDP v. Does-1,495. I think the alleged infringement dates were, let’s say, June 1st, 2011 5:00PM (that date/time came from my butt lol.) Then Prenda files for discovery of Does on Sep 27, 2011 (not from my butt, pacer!) Then they terminated it without prejudice on Dec 12, 2012. So, which is the final date to refile for plantiff?:

        Three years from date of infringement (June 1st, 2014)
        Three years from date of filing (Sep 27, 2014)
        Three years from date of dismissal (Dec 12, 2015)

        I would think it’s the first.

    • To write motions one doesn’t have to be on the site. As for the appearances, he will travel (he did it already in the Guava v. Comcast case), but to make it economically feasible, he needs clients. Usually ~5 clients justify travel.

  29. Ha!! If there was only one admendment … which one would I choose??? I plead the fifth! I plead the fifth! 😛

  30. Can anyone make out what the 04/01/13 Order is on the LW Systems V. Hubbard case.
    It’s hand written and very faint. I have about a week before comcast releases my info. My attorney (local not informed about ISP cases) told me to sit tight and just wait but if motions to quash are being accepted, I might go that route instead of waiting.

    • Where is everyone finding the copies of the documents for the LW Systems case V Hubbard Case? I can see the records registrar but I cant find the documents.

  31. If a judge order says Motions to Quash will be decided June 27th for the LW Systems Case, does that mean ISP’s will hold off on sending subscriber information to LW until the judge gives his decision? I’m referring to the 04/01/13 ORDER posted on this site under the LW Systems Docket Links. Is this an Order I should print and send to comcast as my info is to be release April 12th?

      • Tried Photoshoping it, increasing contrast and such so could make out some of it, then found facebook page for urbanski where he listed “#LWSystems, motions to quash to be decided June 27th” It’s still very hard to read but the dates and some words match up to urbanski so figured he was accurate.

    • Can you post the modified document on this page so others filing MTQ and notifying Comcast can send it through?

  32. What are peoples opinions on what took place with these cases both before “Honorable Robert M. Dow, Jr.” Northern District of IL


    In both these cases the judge ruled “(1) Possibility of settlement in the case; (2) If no possibility of settlement exists, the nature and length of discovery necessary to get the case ready for trial. Plaintiff is to advise all other parties of the courts action herein. Lead counsel is directed to appear at this status hearing. Parties to prepare and submit a joint status report at least two days prior to set status. ”

    After the judge made that ruling approximately a month later in each case Malibu dismissed the remaining defendants.

    What is different in those cases compared too 1:12-cv-06676 (john does 1-49)? Nothing has taken place in 1:12-cv-06676 in a while and I am wondering what is going on. In the other two cases it doesn’t seem like defendants posted MTQ’s or responses but in the 1:12-cv-06676 they did and yet that cases seems to be in limbo.

  33. Is there any information yet on the ruling with malibu media (if one was made) by Roger W. Titus and Paul W. Grimm?

    Also does anyone have a link to John C. Lowe’s letter: of rebuttal to Ira M. Siegel’s amicus letter.?

    The one referenced in my link (you can also view it by googling “Roger W Titus malibu media”

  34. I settled with William J. Mills as my lawyer and I highly recommend him for anyone who goes this route. I wish I could have fought it, but I wasn’t in a position to do so… I really do hope others fight it, but I really just wanted to give Mr. Mills the recommendation because he was very good.

    • I settled also. I wish you good luck if you fight. Does anyone know what the title was that this case was about? I didn’t think to ask. Just wondering what I just paid out the ass for.

      • They don’t ever tell anyone if they call 4rm what I’ve heard this isn’t even a copyright case it’s a hacking case anyone correct me if I’m wrong please

      • I was wondering that too? Did anyone get them down on their demand (without disclosing the exact settlement terms). Did your attorney at least draft a custom release contract? Is your IP Address vulnerable of a “double tap” claim? Any doe’s input is greatly appreciated as it will help some of us out.

        • a. My lawyer negotiated the settlement down to a lower price. Based on my observations you will save substantial money overall by paying a lawyer to negotiate for you. But this might be different after your identity is released.

          b. My case was dismissed with prejudice. My understanding is this means they can’t bring further charges against the IP relating to the charges. I don’t know much more about the legal details.

      • 1500 to settle, plus the lawyer fees. Total just under 2k. I’m told this is what almost all these cases settle for at this stage. Take it for what it’s worth.

        • Wow Thanks that makes this seem a little easier than 4k (if it comes to settling) Did they tell you which websites LWsystems own or titles? Our notice is very unclear and has no specifics, I hear Lightspeed is LW Systems, but not sure.

  35. Received my ransom letter today from duffey. 2400.00 . I did not realize that our names were released.I been following all this extortion for weeks now. I wont give these thugs a penny. Just like the guy who was accused of using ccleaner if had had done anything wrong I would use that delete key on my keyboard in hope that duffey would drop my case too. I do not understand why Charter lets these thugs harasses their customers. Charter have lawyers why not use them to squash all this BS.

    • I rec’d the same letter today and for only $2400 these piles of stool would free me from all charges against me … I am also with Charter and can’t believe how fast they turned over our info … I called them and they told me they had no other option but to turn it over because of the court order to do so … When I mentioned other ISP’s were standing up to these losers they said they couldn’t comment on them … I also asked if he was aware of the whole copyright trolls, he acted like I was speaking Klingon. With all the info coming out of California after April 2nd. I’m surprised to rec’d the letter … Why wouldn’t the trolls be dropping these cases?

      • Got the same letter today as well. They make a particular mention not to trust the legal advice of “blog websites.” They also say that you can call to find out information on which movies that were downloaded. And to be honest, even though the letter is signed, is first class mail, and the fact that it is from a law group, the whole packet seems way to much alike to a scam from the Internet. Like one of those “you are related to an oil prince” crap. Oh well.

  36. Well … got my letter today. Did Duffy change his name from Prenda to Duffy Law Group? Due to bad press maybe? I thought he would be worried about continueing with cases but I guess he needs to fund his own legal defense! Good luck Mr. Duffy 😉 You will not be hearing from me as I’m sure this (Hubbard case) will be dismissed with time …

    • Guys, I would like to have a copy. We need to put last nails to their coffin. I have to write a post so others searching WTF it is about find the explanation and refrain from hasty decisions. “Duffy Law Group” was involuntarily dissolved on April 12! It is not only scam but fraud (IMO) to sign this way, if the date is past 12.

      I’ll do everything to redact the document and strip metadata. And, unlike 2012, the likelihood of vindictive action is near zero.

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