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X-Art shakes down yet another ill and broke victim

We don’t want to ruin someone’s life,” Field asserted. “I do not want to cause anyone financial hardship.
From X-Art’s owner Colette Field’s interview (9/27/2014)

This is a situation when I feel obliged to say something, but I don’t know what… I’m out of words and emotions. A pro se defendant’s Request for pro bono attorney in Malibu Media v Andrew Days (NJD 14-cv-05337) is just two paragraphs. However, those two paragraphs tell volumes about the unbearable pain lawbreaking pornographers, greedy attorneys and their German friends continue inflicting upon US citizens and residents.

I am requesting a Pro Bono attorney because I am unemployed and on Medicaid. For the last 28 years I have been suffering from chronic Lyme disease and now cancer as well. I cannot afford an attorney and this case has been causing me a great deal of additional emotional stress. Please help.

I am willing to provide tax returns and any doctor’s documents showing the state of affairs that I’m in. Keep in mind I am not even the subscriber of the IP address in question.

Andrew Days

You know what… I don’t have an illusion that the crooks will drop this lawsuit. This is not the first time a disgrace like this happened (and continues to happen). Sure, according to Keith Lipscomb, “Prenda’s story [is] not Malibu Media’s story by any stretch.”

Or is it?



Today the crooks let this guy go. Did this post help? I don’t know… While I hope it is the case, it is rather irrelevant: what’s important is that the nightmare is over for Andrew. I wish him all the best.

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13 responses to ‘X-Art shakes down yet another ill and broke victim

  1. Your post brought to mind the old PRENDA suit (it was either Bubblegum or Boy Racer) in FL where they targeted a senior citizen in a senior citizen facility. Yet another new low for Malibu Media and the general cottage industry.

  2. Today’s docket-only entry:

    CLERK’S NOTATION: (23) Application for Pro Bono Counsel by ANDREW DAYS. HAS BEEN REFERRED TO MAGISTRATE JUDGE WALDOR (tt, ) (Entered: 04/30/2015)

  3. He mentions that he isn’t the subscriber, does anybody know how they picked him out of the hat, oh I mean how their careful investigative work pegged him as the infringer?

  4. These disgusting fucking extortionists have no shame.

    Watch them fight this one as hard as they can, showing us all that they are not only don’t really care who they go after, but at the same time showing themselves to be among the worst wretched excuses for human beings that most of us will ever see.

    Great investigative work Malibu and Lipscomb, picking this guy out of the crowd on nothing but having a penis apparently, terrorizing him and making his life hell…..its obvious this guy has nothing and doesn’t even come close to understanding what is going on.

  5. So…..makes you wonder if MM let this guy off because he really had no earthly clue what was going on and it was the right and moral thing to do (besides having nothing to his name)…………OR,…..did they let him off because he has nothing to this name and no matter what the final outcome MM and Lipscomb wouldn’t get any $$ from their morally-bankrupt pretend-to-be-about-copyright lawsuit?

    Same outcome, but I think we all know this was not dropped because it was the right thing to do. Hell….if doing the right and moral and ethical thing was a decision variable to these vermin at all, none of these extortionate lawsuits would be going on anyway. It’s not about copyright…’s about twisted pleadings, bullshit untried so-called evidence, greed, and about getting undeserved money for shitty porn.

    Yep. “It’s all about protecting copyright, not making money.” Yeah. Right. Yeah, Fucking Right! Tell us all another story!

  6. “Did this post help? I don’t know… While I hope it is the case, it is rather irrelevant:”

    SJD, While the amount that your post helped might be in question, I don’t think there is any doubt that it helped. Even if it was to just give the defendant (victim) a little encouragement so he knew that someone else cared. I’m guessing it was actually more than that, but we will probably never know.

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