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Keith Lipscomb shakes down a family in extreme hardship

In every culture assaulting elderly and weak is the hallmark of evil. Michael Keith Lipscomb’s parents apparently failed him so miserably that he cannot tell right from wrong even in cases obvious to a kindergartener. Just like Prenda or Ira Siegel, Lipscomb, himself or through his goons, shook down elderly in the past, and he will continue doing so if not stopped.

In Good Man Productions v. John Doe (FLMD 14-cv-81507) the defendant, through his/her attorney (Matthew Sean Tucker) filed an omnibus motion to leave his family alone. The following quote is simply unreal:

In the instant case, JOHN DOE is seventy-four and a half (74-1/2) years old. […]

JOHN DOE lives with a spouse (hereafter “SPOUSE”) and two children (hereafter “CHILD 1” and “CHILD 2”). SPOUSE has late stages of Alzheimers and requires regular care of others. SPOUSE regularly has visitors to care for him/her. CHILD 1 is severally mentally retarded and therefore requires the care from others. CHILD 2 is severally disabled with mental disability. To make matters worse, JOHN DOE is in bad health due to a recent bout with cancer and the combination of his/her health and age makes him/her unable to care for the family. Because of JOHN DOE cannot provide adequate care for SPOUSE, CHILD 1, and CHILD 2, many other persons including medical professions, neighbors, cleaning professionals and their teenage children, and others regularly enter the home for lengthy periods of time and have access to the internet.

(Exhibit C: Declaration of John Doe)

To add insult to injury, the “plaintiff,” one of the numerous Voltage Pictures’ shells, is a dissolved entity that most likely has no standing to sue (at very least, Lipscomb continues to defraud the courts by not notifying judges about this fatal problem). Any competent defense attorney will have no issue crushing such a joke of a lawsuit.

As a rule, the defense attorney should have conferred about the motion prior to filing it. Although there is a slight possibility that it didn’t happen and Lipscomb had no idea about this Doe’s circumstances and will dismiss the case on Monday, something tells me that it won’t happen. In the past this moral castrate continued pursuing even clearly innocent people, threatening to ruin their lives.

Thanks to Raul for the find.



Wow. On 2/5/2015 Lipscomb replied to the defendant’s motion. He insists on dragging this family though a frivolous and fraudulent lawsuit. There must be a special place in hell for soulless scum like M. Keith Lipscomb:

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14 responses to ‘Keith Lipscomb shakes down a family in extreme hardship

  1. One of my cases was dismissed today due to Mr. Lipscomb’s firm’s failure to establish excusable neglect for failing to timely serve my client. This is a bitter-sweet result as I am glad the case was dismissed so that the plaintiff takes nothing by way of its lawsuit and my client can return to life without the threat of a civil suit, but I was looking forward to a court ruling on the defensive motion I filed.

  2. One of the cases I am defending was dismissed this week because Mr. Lipscombe failed to show good cause for not serving the defendant within the time proscribed under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. His firm claimed excusable neglect arising from a paralegal on maternity leave being replaced by an inexperienced paralegal. The court did not buy it. I’ll attach the Order, if possible.

  3. Anyone know how many years Lipscomb has been filing these multi-million dollar lawsuits and as of yet has never had the courage or integrity to take a single one to trial.

  4. Note in new motion Lipscomb refers to the Roldan case…whom he is also still going after even though he is not the ISP owner /or lives there. I hope that special case of hell doesn’t have to wait on Lipscomb and his bevy of lawyers, but karma catches up with them on earth (sooner the better). #MM too.

  5. Interesting comment about his parents. The apple doesn’t fall far from the morally bankrupt father tree.

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