Copyright trolls: Malibu Media sub-network

Lawyers and staff
  • Libscomb, Eisenberg & Baker — not officially a troll center since May 2016
    • M. Keith Lipscomb (FL) — ringleader
    • Angela Lipscomb (FL) — in charge of patent trolling, i.e. extorting small businesses, schools, non-profits, and hospitals over a bogus, vague, overboard patent
    • Steven Eisenberg (FL)
    • Deborah Baker (FL) — patent trolling
    • Jose Tavalera (FL)
    • Emilie Kennedy (FL) — moved to Pillar Law Group to continue being a coordinator of the network of local attorneys in a dozen of US states
    • Jason Cooper (FL) — resigned in February 2016
    • Jessica Fernandez (FL) — not listed on the LEB website wince May 2016
    • Aziza Elayan-Martinez (FL) — resigned in October 2015
    • Daniel C. Shatz (FL) &mdah; resigned in May 2016, currently works for Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP
    • Lisa Lehner (FL)
    • Rachel Walker (FL)
    • David Tamaroff (FL)
  • Elizabeth Jones — not a lawyer, formerly a “negotiator,” now a behind-the-scenes coordinator
  • Mike Thornton — not a lawyer, formerly a “negotiator,” now a behind-the-scenes coordinator
  • Jason Kotzker (CO)
  • Yousef Faroniya (OH)
  • Patrick J. Cerillo (NJ)
  • A. Jordan Rushie (NJ)
  • William E. Tabot (William E. Tabot PC, VA)
  • John Carlin Decker, II (VA)
  • Jon Hoppe (DC, MD)
  • Christopher Fiore (Fiore & Barber, LLC, PA)
  • Aman Barber III (Fiore & Barber, LLC, PA)
  • Jacqueline M. James (NY)
  • Kevin T.Conway (NY)
  • Paul Nicoletti (IL, IN, MI)
  • Darwin Leroy Burke (MI) (appeared in Malibu Media v. Raleigh post-dismissal)
  • Mary K. Schulz (IL, WI)
  • Michael Lowenberg (TX)
  • Andrew Kumar (TX)
  • Keith Vogt (IL — appeared in a Malibu case on behalf of Excipio)
  • Joel Bernier (Boroja, Bernier & Associates, MI)
  • Brenna Erlbaum (CA)
  • Brian Heit (CA)
  • Leemore Kushner (CA — no new cases since 9/2012)
  • Adam Silverstein (CA)
  • James White (NC — no new cases since 2011)
  • Waine O’Bryan (VA — no new cases since 2012)
  • Frederick Abramson (NY, quit trolling in 2011)
  • Lionel Martin (TX, quit trolling)
  • Ignatius Grande (NY, quit trolling in 2011)
  • Samantha Evans (NJ, quit trolling in 2011)
  • Bryan M. Knight (GA, quit trolling in 2011)
  • Plaintiffs
    • Plastic The Movie Limited
    • Manny Film, LLC
    • Good Man Productions, Inc.
    • Poplar Oaks, Inc.
    • Millionaire Media, LLC
    • Malibu Media, LLC (X-Art) — producer of “barely legal” short hardcore porn clips, the biggest filer of lawsuits in the US history
      • Brigham Field — owner
      • Colette Field (Pellisier) — owner
    • Hawk Technology Systems — patent trolling (Angela Lipscomb)
    • Patrick Collins, Inc.
    • Raw Films, Ltd
    • K-Beech, Inc. — a company ran by a Mafioso and a confessed domestic terrorist Kevin Beechum, who was caught attempting to bomb a Chicago adult bookstore, which resulted in a death of one of the conspirators
    • Third Degree Films
    • Diabolic Video Productions Inc.
    • Nucorp Ltd.
    • Berlin Media Art Jt Ek
    • Zero Tolerance Entertainment Inc.
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    7 responses to ‘Copyright trolls: Malibu Media sub-network

    1. IP enforcer behind Malibu is Excipio GmbH. wonder if they are behind all of these, or just some. to me, they seem to be the driving force

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