Court awards attorney fees against AF Holdings in the amount of $9,425

There has been a hearing today in a precedent-setting copyright trolling lawsuit where motion to post an undertaking was granted (AF Holdings, LLC v. Trinh, 12-cv-02393). After Prenda unsuccessfully tried to reverse judge’s decision, on 3/8/2012 Judge Breyer issued a judgement with prejudice against the Plaintiff. The concern of today’s hearing was the motion for attorney fees. Paul Duffy appeared by phone. EFF’s Kurt Opsahl was at the hearing, and minutes ago he tweeted:

Minor congratulations to Nick Ranallo! (I’ll extend my major one when he is able to collect.)

ArsTechnica’s coverage (link below) contains a brief interview with Kurt:

In a brief interview, Opsahl told Ars the judge was “businesslike” during the short hearing, only asking whether the Wright sanctions order had been appealed (it has). Duffy then spent some time arguing the amount of sanctions was too high, as Ranallo could use similar arguments in his other cases.

“For what its worth, $9,400 for the amount of work Ranallo put in was a bargain,” opined Opsahl. “Any major law firm would have charged three or four times that amount, and the court probably wouldn’t have batted an eye.”


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13 responses to ‘Court awards attorney fees against AF Holdings in the amount of $9,425

  1. Nice to see, but will Paul Duffy and the boys ignore this order just like they have Judge Wrights? More to come on this I’m sure.

  2. Nick/Trinh may never collect, BUT Duffy will always have the order hanging over his head. Can Nick put a lien of some sort on Duffy?

    • Kurt subsequent tweet was mysterious:

      They may have to auction off AF Holdings assets (copyrights).

      I replied that… but… but… during the deposition Hansmeier said that these copyrights worth nothing: according to him it was the entire point of Prenda. Hansmeier said that the older Spock told him these copyrights will be golden in the future.

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