Nicholas Ranallo

I am developing a program to systematically defend mass p2p copyright suits that attempts to provide cost certainty for defendants. Plaintiffs want you to believe that there is no way to obtain adequate representation for the cost of a settlement, and it’s therefore best if you just settle and make it go away. I want you to know that isn’t true. I can provide reduced fee and flat-fee representation* for some classes of p2p defendants, neutralizing one of the troll’s biggest threats. And here’s another little secret. Troll plaintiffs often threaten that you may be responsible for their attorney’s fees and costs, but the inverse is also true. In many circumstances, if you successfully defend yourself from the troll’s charges, they will be responsible for your fees. Copyright Act §505 works both ways. Ultimately, defendants who successfully defend themselves against meritless accusations will be the downfall of the copyright troll.

I’m licensed in California, Washington and New York, and am physically located in the Northern District of California — ground zero for many of these cases. Call me before you settle, I won’t charge you for a chat. Or visit the “California and New York P2P Copyright Defense” page on my website for more information.

Nicholas Ranallo, Attorney at Law

* Defendants would still be responsible for “costs” associated with litigation, though it is possible that these costs could be shifted to plaintiff, as mentioned above. “Costs” include anything that’s not paid to me (i.e. for filing fees to the court, costs for expert witnesses, etc.). I know this sucks, but I can only do so much. 😦

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31 responses to ‘Nicholas Ranallo

  1. I came across this looking for some help and information of what to do next. I contacted Nicholas and he was really great in helping explain options and outcomes to me. If you are on the edge of getting an attorney do you self a favor and Give Nick a call I am sure he will give you great representation and fair pricing! I have done plenty of research online and he is by far the most helpful person I have come across by far.

  2. Nick is great! I spoke to him today and he was really helpful. He is on top of all the developments in these cases and didn’t try to push me into anything.

  3. Mr. Ranallo is a great guy. We haven’t had a chance too talk much, but I definitely respect the time and effort he has been putting into helping others with these cases. His MCGIP article was probably the greatest damage I’ve seen done to John Steele and other troll scams in a long time. Definitely worth a call

  4. I just wanted to second that Mr. Ranallo really is tremendously helpful. I contacted him for a free initial consultation and, even though it was over the holidays, took the time to look at the specific case I would be involved in, and explain things to me. He also laid out what my current options, and a history of what has happened in cases involving the same plaintiffs. I am very early on (have received nothing beyond subpoena), but if I do need representation later on, I would definitely call him up.

    • Nick really is a great guy and very knowledgeable as well in this matter. If anyone is considering legal representation in California, have no doubt in his ability to defend you.

  5. Anything every come from this?

    Most attornies want between $500 and $1000 to file an MTQ. A bit too high for most people.

  6. I am in PA and got troll phone calls from CA. So I talked to Nick today. He was very helpful and gave me some useful information. I am feeling much better now and have an idea of what I should be doing next.

  7. After getting the subpoena notice in the mail I started doing some research on my own into the nature of these cases. I knew I needed professional legal advice so I took other people’s recommendation from this site and called Nick. Not only was the initial consultation free, it was incredibly helpful and informative. Even though I had done 5-10 hours of comprehensive research on my own, Nick’s experience in this area of law clearly showed and he was able to give me guidance in making the best decision for my specific situation. He was always friendly and helpful, never pushy. His rates are INCREDIBLY fair and his willingness to help apparent. I strongly recommend giving Nick a call, he helped me achieve peace of mind in the face of an inheritably stressful situation and it’s hard to put a price tag on that.

    • Apparently Saddam Hussain hid all his WMD at Nick’s office because he delivered one down in LA the other day. Great job, well done!

      • Thats an exciting read! Nice to see Mr Ranallo move so quickly…hopefully the judge will act quickly as well.

  8. I can’t recommend Nick enough. He’s represented me efficiently and successfully, and he’s also given me great legal advice.

    He knows his case law and is damn good at what his does. He also has a real understanding of the technology involved.

    What impressed me most about working with him is that he actually seemed genuine in wanting to help me (as opposed to just getting paid). In one situation, he almost went out of his way to avoid taking my money. In summary, he’s good at his job AND he’s a good dude.

    If you’re in California and need a lawyer that does what Nick practices in, he should be your first stop. Simple as that.

  9. Came here to share my experience working with Nick and saw that everyone else had already said the same things. Nick was extremely helpful for me. Like others mentioned it was obvious that he genuinely cared about my situation. Ultimately, Nick doesn’t practice in my state so I was unable to hire him. Even after discovering this he took the time to listen to my story and point me in the direction of an attorney in my state.

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