Nicholas Ranallo offers inexpensive legal help to p2p defendants

If you read TorrentFreak regularly, you probably did not miss a recent discussion about accountability of open WiFi owners whose internet accounts were used for file sharing by someone else :

The last article is rather long and complex, but if you made an effort to read it, I bet you enjoyed the precise and powerful way Randazza’s “theory” of negligence was crushed to dust. As a commenter noticed,

You have not simply debunked Randazza’s theory of negligence: you have debunked Randazza himself. All of us with an interest in this matter — and his current and potential victims especially — must surely owe you a great debt of gratitude.

Thank you, Mr Ranallo.
We’re all very much obliged to you.

I was glad to learn that Nicholas Randallo not only writes excellent articles, but also offers inexpensive legal help to copyright troll’s victims, eliminating one of the major trolls’ weapons of fear: their claim that fighting in court is more expensive than to settling.

Nicholas Ranallo introduces himself.

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