Sperlein dismisses defendants, requests to enter default

IO Group v. Does 1-244.

Today (4 days past the deadline) Sperlein filed proof of service to 2 defendants:

  • MARIUSZ PRALAT (Doe # 1)

He voluntarily dismissed 5 defendants

With prejudice (cannot sue based on the same complaint):

  • ZHI NENG WU (Doe #29)
  • HAO XU (Doe # 33)

Without prejudice (can sue later based on the same complaint):

  • CAROL B. PEAL (Doe #27)
  • RUBEN MORENO (Doe #31)
  • SANG YEOL KIM (Doe #35)

Also he requested to enter default against

Which leaves one defendant in undetermined state:

  • CHUN RONG ZHENG (Doe #26) – this defendant had just filed very good response

I presume that this defendant is implicitly dismissed since no proof of service was filed.

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