Two more IO Group cases were voluntarily dismissed

IO Group v. Does 1-34 was dismissed on 7/13/11

11 defendants were dismissed earlier from this case with prejudice, which indicates settlement rate of 30% or $20,000 in ransom cash. It was a perfect case for Sperlein: no one fought, judge did not care much and let Sperlein threaten victims again and again. Remaining defendants were dismissed without prejudice.

IO Group v. Does 1-65 was dismissed on 7/15/11

Nothing indicates that Cox Communications released subpoenaed names. Cox does not cough. Case was dismissed without prejudice, so future harassment of victims is possible in theory.

My theory is that these two cases were bound to inevitable dismissal by the judges, hence Sperlein would lose ability to extort defendants from these cases. By dismissing without prejudice, he retained his rights for the second round of harassment. Let me know if you think that my speculations are wrong.

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