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  1. There is an ANSWER to Complaint in case 1:12-cv-10945 but access is denied in pacer. Any ideas what this may be?

    • Its from a doe who’s info got released late and received the scam letter in December, has some PII in there so I’d rather not post. Case was almost over the 120 days when his info was released, now we’re looking at more like 240 on this and other MA cases with no serving. Its really a shame to have such differing actions from judges like Boal vs the lackluster judging going on here. Cable seems to be pretty quiet lately, probably wised up with all the California business going on.

  2. Breaking Glass Pictures v. Swarm Sharing Hash File SHA1: A705C88ADACBD6B082C6800BEF09D4653AB6ECF1 et al so a new player on the scene????

  3. 3/28, Cable’s case that had been recommended for dismissal: MA CV 1:12-10532 was dismissed for failure to serve. Case has been Recapped.

    • Here’s the link to the Recap:

      At one point, there were other cases related to this one. I assume that they were all dismissed also. It’s not clear to me if that is the case.

      Associated Cases

      Related Cases Start Date End Date
      1:12-cv-10756-NMG Patrick Collins, Inc. v. Does 1 – 38 04/30/2012
      1:12-cv-10757-DPW Patrick Collins, Inc. v. Does 1 – 33 04/30/2012
      1:12-cv-10759-DPW Patrick Collins, Inc. v. Does 1 – 30 04/30/2012
      1:12-cv-10758-GAO Patrick Collins, Inc. v. Does 1 – 36 04/30/2012 03/28/2013

  4. Anyone have any idea what is going on with Cable’s cases. For instance, in case 1:12-cv-10804, Judge Saylor issued a motion which mentions the following:

    For the foregoing reasons, the claims against all of the “Doe” defendants are severed and
    all claims, except those against “Doe #1,” are hereby DISMISSED without prejudice.

    Then Marvin dismisses Doe 1 without prejudice. Could someone explain?

    • It means that lawsuit is now dead but Cable could always file individual lawsuits against the same Does. However given the repeated benchslaps Cable has received the chances of him refilling are very, very slight.

    • Not an easy thing to answer in a single sentence – or a few paragraphs. I will first assume that you (or the ISP subscriber) got the settlement demand letter/email. What I would first do is make sure your network is secure and there is no BT activity continuing on it. Some Trolls will continue to monitor the IP addresses and use continuing activity to push harder for settlement or increasing settlement demands. I don’t know what Mr. Cable has been up to as far a cases. Make sure you read up on these types of cases, as well as what Mr. Cable has been up to. I don’t think he has been naming and serving individuals with summons/complaint – someone correct me if I’m wrong.

      DTD 🙂

      • He has Mac and said there’s nothing on there. Basically comcast sent an email warning. I called to find out why I violated FCC. Said someone ATTEMPTED to download a “particular” movie. It was a warning etc. I made sure nothing happened again and secured wifi etc. then we get this letter saying our prev deadline is over(didn’t know about a deadline). And now we have one week to pay. I just talked to him and he’s an a&&hole. By going on some paying website they retrieved tons of info on my son. He was vague on the phone when I asked what would he do if I didn’t pay😳👎

        • You ought to tell SJD (PRIVATELY – not in a comment here) which case this is associated with (it should say on the paperwork) – to see if it’s one where the judge squashed the subpoenas and told MC he better not contact any of the people whose info he got, without refiling against them individually. That has happened , to the best of my knowledge, to most of his cases in MA, and it would be very naughty of him to be disobeying judges orders so blatantly.

        • It sounds like you got a CEG Email and you called Marvin Cable to prove your innocence. You gave them your phone number by calling, so they were able to get your name. You need to be clear if you are sued in a current case or you responded to an email. Did you get a subpoena through your ISP? I don’t think Cable is suing many if any nowadays, but calling him was a bad idea.

    • I’m really surprised this scumbug was not trumped by superior lawpower yet: roaches are survivable…

      Call one of the lawyers listed on this page, they are all good and most (if not all) won’t mind talking to you for free.

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