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IBM to sue Marvin Cable for trademark infringement

Poor copyright troll from Massachusetts Marvin Cable has had enough troubles recently. I wrote about his failures here, here and here, but after a while, MA judges’ rulings became so consistently and predictably anti-troll that they lost their newsworthiness.

It is possible that current Marvin Cable’s losses soon be eclipsed by a mega trouble. According to my confidential source in the IBM’s legal department, this corporate giant is mulling the possibility of suing Law Offices of Marvin Cable for trademark infringement.

IBM has been always very protective about its trademarks:

IBM trademarks include the famous IBM eight-bar logo and other designs and logos owned and used by IBM, as well as IBM product and service names. IBM takes great care in the development and protection of its trademarks and reserves all rights of ownership of its trademarks.

I don’t think that there is anyone on this planet who is not familiar with the iconic 3-letter logo:

Now visit Marvin’s law firm’s webpage or its Twitter avatar and compare:


Despite the difference in color, it is obvious that an outspoken fighter against the theft of intellectual property shamelessly pilfered a part of the IBM’s logo (“M”). The aggravating factor is that his law firm is a lucrative commercial enterprise, and the Lahman act’s maximum statutory fine for the willful commercial infringement is $2,000,000. According to the same source, IBM will be asking for $666,666.67: only one third of the logo was “stolen.” Additionally, IBM may demand monetary compensation for the insult caused by the terrible, amateurish, tasteless “C” next to the misappropriated yet flawless “M.”

My source does not know anything about a possible settlement offer, but he is positive that it will be just a little bit less than the cost of litigation. In addition, the inevitable demand letter will threaten to call Cable’s neighbors, parents and bar buddies — telling them that he is engaged in the dirty business of IP theft, and that because of his irresponsible (and illegal) actions children of IBM factory workers in Vietnam and Malaysia suffer from malnutrition.

(Mind the date of the publication.)


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11 responses to ‘IBM to sue Marvin Cable for trademark infringement

  1. I thought this article (and day) would be the appropriate place for this song which is basically fully descriptive of everything Prenda, Marvin, and other ‘copyright troll’ *fools* are all about.

    Happy Darwin Award day everyone 😉

    • The old SNL commercial for First Citiwide Change Bank popped into my head…

      “All the time our customers ask us, how do you make money doing this? The answer is simple, volume.”

  2. A lawsuit has already been filed against Marvin Cable, 1:13-cv-10315, it’s pro se but it looks interesting.

  3. This story is strikingly reminiscent of a parable from the bible, and frankly looks like no more than the Marvin guy deserves

    (here’s the parable, paraphrased):

    A rich man forgives a ten-thousand dollar debt his butler owes him.

    The butler goes out, celebrates, and sees a man that owes him a hundred dollars.

    The butler goes over to the man, pushes him against the wall, and demands his money.

    The rich man happens to see this, and changes his mind about forgiving the butler’s debt; because if the butler cannot forgive a small debt, then how can he expect to be forgiven?

    (The rich man being IBM, the butler being Marvin Cable, and the other guy being Does #1-8675309

  4. If only… IBM has ridiculous amounts of lawyers, even lawyers who destroy copyright trolls (see the SCO case).

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