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Sheer hypocrisy of a simple mind

Yesterday I tweeted a screenshot from an X-Art porno flick, one of dozens that have been illegally produced at the owners’ home. I stressed that two laws were violated: filming without permit in a residential area (where filming is not permitted at all), and the Ventura condom ordinance: breaking this law is a misdemeanor and pornographers can get as much as six months in jail per violation.

A guy who apparently was not familiar with XArt’s extortionate activity, reasonably asked:

I replied that my point was not to call out pornographers’ illegal activity per se, but sheer hypocrisy of Colette Field, XArt’s co-owner: in multiple comments and affidavits she pretended to be a victim of law breakers — evil pirates. On many occasions she justified ruining lives of thousands for sharing XArt’s smut over Bittorent networks, because

If you want to live in the United States you must abide by the laws of this country, no more, no less.

You can see the entire Twitter exchange here.

And hypocrisy was confirmed time and again: Colette has favorited the tweet pictured above:

What does it mean? Here is my interpretation of Colette’s point:

There are laws and there are laws. Some laws are stupid; specifically those that don’t let us make easy money. We are above such laws. But if a law allows us to easily extract, Mafioso-style, undeserved money from hardworking families, such law is sacred.

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6 responses to ‘Sheer hypocrisy of a simple mind

  1. The outrage is that Malibu Media / X-Art is willing to risk these young teenage porn actor of contracting Aides or STD. The hypocrisy is that Colette tells the court these teenage pornstars are like family to her. Some of us should write a letter to county officials asking why they are not enforcing the ordinace.

  2. I have questions as a parent in regard to the short films with the barely legal “kids”. Colette owns all rights to them, what happens in later years when those same “kids” don’t want this slip in their life showing up, maybe at the PTA meeting, the for promotion at work, their neighbors, co workers, family, kids seeing or knowing about it? For a few bucks at age 18, it seems like a lot of $$ or cool to do ,but can mean a big downside later. I agree with the producer that says at least 21 or even older to be in his films now. Each time I read about Colette gushing about how cute the young boyfriend and his girlfriend were who wanted to do this.How they were first very shy, then they really got into it and forgot about the camera. Really Colette? Did you ever think about peer pressure from one of them? Why not work with seasoned professionals instead of young kids who barely realize what effect it may have on their future? A lot changes between teenage couples, sometimes in days….does it then become a revenge porn thing? I don’t disagree with sex or even porn, but the use of “young barely legal” teens makes me want to ask Colette questions. Would you let your daughter do this the day she turned 18? Do you think your children ( if you had them) would be proud of what you do for a living and in your home like this? Sometimes things look and feel right at the time – but later, those same things can have bad consequences. Since the law “allows” an 18 year old to perform for you to make money off of them – have you lined up all of your and Brigham’s relatives to sign on the dotted line when they turn 18… its a good thing!!! Keep it legal Colette – in all ways, and go a little further and think of those “cute kids” years from now, since they are like “family”.
    Sorry this may not belong under this post and is simply my opinion.

    • You are wasting your time. A person needs a soul to appeal to his or conscience. Some people just want more and more money and the illness never ends. Consumed by greed, nothing else matters. It is a terrible existence and so if making a livelihood in photographing genitalia and of course fu*king. As the German Court found, there was no original content in these video clips. No sound, no dialog, no plot, no acting.

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