John Steele unsuccessfully attempts to avoid facing Judge Wright

As you know from the previous posts here and a never-ending Popehat thread, after four clowns (Steele, Paul and Peter Hansmeiers, Mark Lutz) unwisely submitted frivolous motions claiming that they were not properly served by the opposition in the “Star Trek” case (and demanding sanctions against Pietz and Ranallo), Judge Wright set a hearing on these motions to this Friday, July 12. In the meantime, Pietz and Ranallo have lawyered up and delivered a sledgehammer response.

It was not unexpected that Steele would ask the Court to appear telephonically, and he did ask to appear by phone without specifying the phone (no email was provided either — only a Regus virtual office address):


Equally not unexpectedly, this motion was denied almost immediately:


Note that according to the order, the clerk did not advise Steele to file this motion while he claimed just the opposite.

Now, we are all used to Steele’s lies, nothing is surprising anymore, except maybe the fact that John chose the most self-destructing path to go. Maybe he still thinks it’s a poker game and there is a room for bluff? But is he the only one who doesn’t see that mirrors are everywhere, and everyone knows that his cards are crap?

Claiming that he was not aware of the hearing prior to Monday? Bullshit: I know, John, you check our blogs and Twitter a couple of times a day and learn the news in real time. Who will believe you? This is the most important case in your life: many things, including your freedom, are at stake. While I called you derogatory names, I always thought that your IQ is above average, but seeing your latest actions, I have started to doubt it.

Now, a poll:



  • ArsTechnica: Prenda’s motion to reduce $238,000 appeal bond falls flat by Joe Mullin. I liked one reader comment in particular. AaronLeeR wrote:

    “[S]everal of the pro se persons in this matter are of limited income and cannot afford the extreme financial hardship associated with missing work and flying across the country on 3 days notice.”

    Financial hardships didn’t seem to be a concern when they were extorting people for cash. What goes around….

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    40 responses to ‘John Steele unsuccessfully attempts to avoid facing Judge Wright

    1. Of course Steele wanted to appear by Telephone, this way he wouldn’t have to actually fact the wrath of Judge Wright. I would have to think it was also so he isnt having to say anything under oath but also so if things get too hot for him he could claim he lost his phone connection with the court or was unable to understand what was being said due to a phone issue.

      Steele is still playing games, the virtual office bit is too funny but I believe that is more of a way to give credence to his claim that he isn’t at this telephone number, has no office address, no physical address for service etc. (you can see where that is going)

      Steele knows that Judge Wright will question him on the things he stated in his request for re-consideration (begging to be left off the hook) and you can bet Judge Wright would love to quiz him on things that have gone with the bond etc, so of course Steele wants no part of that especially if he gets sworn in under oath.

      We will see what happens, but Judge Wright I doubt will let the Prenda gang off the hook here, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some more sanctions and financial penalties assessed to the Prenda gang

    2. As I see it Steele has to come. He is risking contempt if he doesn’t come, with such a clear demand by the court. Once he comes, he will be asked to testify about the subject of his motions under oath. He will have three options:

      1) Admit that–at best–his motions regarding inadequate service were “misleading.”

      2) Perjure himself

      3) Take the Fifth AGAIN.

      Could be interesting

    3. If he shows up, he’s just going to argue that his most recent filings and actions were a result of inadequate representation by counsel.

      • It’s impossible to predict what arguments he will use, that’s why, instead of being a parasite, Steele would serve the society as a fiction writer: unexpected plot twists are really appreciated by the public 🙂

        • True, true.
          Since he frequently changes arguments, perhaps he could work in the “Choose your own adventure” genre. (Although, lately, I suspect each choice would lead to a page with a single word: “DENIED.”)

    4. I’s only $99 a month for a maildrop at that address, but it’s $219 a month for phone service as well. Perhaps that’s why he doesn’t have a phone number for his virtual office…….

      • He doesn’t need a phone number at a virtual office. A cell phone only used for work would suffice as a contact phone number and could be gotten for much cheaper per month. For that matter, if he doesn’t mind getting work and personal calls on the same phone, he could just use his existing cell phone number.

    5. Two kings on the same side of the board
      a check on one leads to the taking of a pawn
      an unreasonable demand draws attention
      new instruments are drawn
      a late appearance is fashionable
      if you have the brawn

      My signature is a number
      a meaning portending the end
      every thing I have fortold
      save two, has happened

      a lonely poet sits and waits
      for visions conjured in pools of toil
      fruition peeking into reality
      as Steele is embroiled

      Three mistakes will follow you: An empty home, An empty tomb, An empty safe
      The two that turned, will not go down quietly
      But who will betray themselves?
      claiming blind piety
      “It’s not who you’d expect,” said the vision inchoate
      “Turn, Brother, Turn,” said the sibling with haste

      For the letter you get
      will not be an out
      but a way
      to lose all clout

      Delay, conquer, divide.
      Or the media blitz that was tried
      Hansmeier’s attempt to save face
      lost the race
      All privacy lost
      by claiming he’s the boss

      Eat now and fill your belly
      You’re about to get a lot more slim
      about one man you should take great warning
      and his name is Jim
      drink up your booze, break out the champagne
      For it will never be this sweet again

    6. @owlcat,

      As far as I can tell the OSC is just the proposed order that Harris submitted at the same time he files his motion for Equitable Estoppel.

        • WDS,
          You are correct, that is a proposed order required by the court rules to be filed with a motion requesting relief. The OSC hearing is actually July 19th @ 11:15am.
          Judge Snow in essence has estopped the case by granting Mr. Ticen’s Motion to Stay.
          It seems awfully curious Judge Wright would order these wise guys to appear before him in person, knowing, IMO, if they do say anything it will not be to his liking . . . the United States Attorney for the Central District of California has been working on a case against these wise guys for how long now? Oh ya, Judge Wright referred it to them the first week of May, but that’s probably not enough time for a Grand Jury indictment or a PC affidavit, is it? One thing is for sure: You don’t hear ‘remanded’ much in civil actions.

    7. So, he is complaining that he can’t attend a hearing which he himself requested, for consideration of 9paraphrased) “his very important interests and his FIRST EVAR!!! opportunity to respond to pleadings” (other than the hearing he skipped, and the one he took the 5th in)?

      So is it important or is it not important? You would think that since he wants opposing counsel to attend and answer for their lawful actions, that he would want to see them in person. How effective is any attorney over a phone from a virtual office in determining the disposition of the people he is questioning?

      It’s really REALLY important to him though, but a lot less so than whatever family thingy he has going on. Maybe the Judge thinks that his own time is also valuable, that of attorneys Pietz and Ranallo, and of their attorneys. Everyone’s actions are being scrutinized by the Prenda gang, including the Judge via the constant string of appeals for all manner of wrong doing, but he can’t be bothered to show up for things he demanded?

      It should be so simple, if it isn’t important enough for Steele to show up, then it isn’t important enough for anyone elses time and money either.

    8. (repost of my Popehat comment)
      It just occurred to me that Steele is claiming that the hearing is too soon, and he didn’t get enough notice to appear, but the hearing is to reconsider something that goes into effect the next business day after the hearing. It seems to me that Judge Wright gave them as much time as he possible could. If you file a motion to reconsider something that is set to happen on a specific date, wouldn’t you normal expect the hearing about it to happen before the effective date of the original order.

      • I guess Steele is technically requesting Wright reconsider his denial of Steels original Motion to Reconsider. That’s a lot of reconsideration.

    9. Have we forgotten the best portion?
      They have claimed all along that they are on the correct side of truth, justice, blah blah blah.
      Why are they so afraid now? They get the bond back if they win.

      • Yeah, after all, it’s not like they have a chance of losing, right? “If we found your IP address, obviously your son must have done it”… right?

      • Well, obviously the court is prejudiced against copyright enforcement and Judge Wright is pursuing a personal vendetta against our saintly martyr, one Mr. John Steele. I mean, anyone who’s not a pimply nerd-faced kid who illegally downloads porn from his mom’s basement can see that.

    10. I though he already came before the judge. Are they just dragging this dog and pony show out further to give the illusion there is a thing called justice? Not buying it. not buying it at all. Wright will just keep issuing threats with no teeth behind it. But God help you if you jaywalk. They will cut your nuts off in front of your family. and send to to a re-education camp.

    11. Click to access gov.uscourts.azd.732217.85.5.pdf

      Harris has just found out what a little editing can do!!!! He wins, and goodhue has until today or tomorrow to refute the assertions of felony copyright infringement before judge refers it to AG.

      Order is dated 7/4 and gives Goodhue 7 days!! (and I buy the popcorn for whomever first corrects my dating on the deadline)

        • Alas, I was silly!!! My hopes got the best of my judgement there, just like DarkMoe.
          @SJD, mea culpa…. What is the best way to privately contact you and leave the Prenda parties in the dark?? I am having a nightmare involving soggy wet popcorn that I’d like you to put to rest.

          The e-mail I have been posting with works fine, if a bit slowly.

          • SJD has her email in a link on the sidebar. Good private contact point, though she’s probably swamped with email there.

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