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“The court is not an ex-girlfriend’s Facebook wall,” judge teaches a troll Douglas McIntyre


Copyright trolls are so busy extorting their fellow countrymen they have hard time keeping up with the court rules. Not all the judges tolerate sloppiness though. Copyright troll from Houston, Douglas McIntyre, a local goon for multiple troll masters (including Prenda and DGW), was lashed by a district judge Lynn N. Hughes in a short-but-sweet fashion:

To those who can’t read the embedded document:

Case 4:11-cv-04431 Document 11 Filed in TXSD on 03/16/12
First Time Videos, LLC, Plaintiff, versus Does 1-46, Defendant.

Order Striking Report

The court ordered First Time Videos to report by March 7, 2012. When it had not reported by March 15, the court called its counsel to ask on the status of the case. A few hours later, First Time sent an e-mail to the court’s case manager attaching a three week old report. The next day, Fist Time filed it without a caption or a signature by counsel,

The court is not an ex-girlfriend’s Facebook wall. All documents must be filed with the court, captioned, signed by counsel, and with service certified.

The report filed by First Time on March 16, 2012, is struck

Signed on March 16, 2012, at Houston, Texas

Lynn N. Hughes
United States District Judge



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22 responses to ‘“The court is not an ex-girlfriend’s Facebook wall,” judge teaches a troll Douglas McIntyre

  1. This and Judge’s Brown’s order in New York must be the result of Buffy jet-setting around the country whispering tips to his minions…

  2. At least he’s getting smacked somewhere, hasn’t seemed to have much of a problem in the one I’m involved in.

  3. Obviously inconveniencing a judge is not helpful for the trolls. As in other cases, they may be just trying to see how much they can get away with in distorting legal process.

    Two possibilities may be a good sign for Does. Maybe the plaintiff is trying to hurry to get names quickly, because of setbacks in other places. Maybe Steele/Prenda feels pressured to hurry and is bypassing the middle man.

  4. An order like this doesnt likely come from just one incident. It may well be a build up of disdain or multiple incidences of sloppiness.

  5. Anyone else observe the status report?

    Click to access gov.uscourts.txsd.940033.12.0.pdf

    Troll is selectively choosing ISPs and IPs to serve. Why the discrimination? One Doe is one Doe. The fact of this bias moreover shows there is no intent to litigate. Judge should ask why troll did not serve and why the troll will not serve.

    This troll’s case load is quite extensive so there is no surprise about cases falling through the cracks.

    • Yeah, I pointed out this in my original comments on the Texas page which prompted this post. Its clear evidence that Trolls just care about expediency and the all mighty $

  6. douglas mcintyre, you look like an embalmed constipated troll in that picture; we know you’re way uglier in real life (inside & out)!

  7. Please fix your transcription: it’s “counsel”, not “councel” (the original document is correct). Minor, but you don’t want to make the judge look as amateurish as the troll lawyers, right?

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