Lightspeed Media Corporation v. John Doe: a quick Q & A

This is the first post by a long-time reader (and valuable contributor to the discussions) Raul. I hope he will be back soon to share more of his thoughts in the form of another (and another) blog post.

Disclaimer: This post in a way constitutes legal advice but is being submitted for discussion purposes only.

I wanted to write my first post and try to keep it simple about the case entitled Lightspeed Media Corporation v. John Doe currently pending in the Circuit Court of the Twentieth Judicial Circuit, St. Clair County, Illinois (complaint is embedded below). Don’t let the title deceive you : this is not a lawsuit against a single malicious hacker, but a mere fishing expedition, which has a sole goal to obtain contact information of 6,500 Internet users and start extortion racket. Naming one person and burying hundreds, and (like in this case) thousands, of subscribers in a complaint is one of the new sleazy tactics employed by trolls in order to deceive both courts and public.

Who is Lightspeed Media Corporation?
Pornographer Steve Jones

Lightspeed Media Corporation (LMC) is a pornography enterprise located in Phoenix, Arizona. It is owned by Steve Jones, a former computer consultant who, along with his wife,

…publishes photos and videos of youthful models, and has long used terms such as “barely legal” and “barely 18″ in its marketing. Users pay between $30 and $40 a month, depending on how many sites they want to access.”

(According to Wall Street Journal.)

Today Steve Jones charges (NSFW link) either $34.95 or $39.95.

Who is LMC’s troll?
Former judge Michael O’Malley

LMC is being represented by an attorney affiliated¹ with Prenda Law by the name of Michael O’ Malley, who until August 2010 was a judge in the court where this lawsuit is pending. Undoubtedly he is on friendly terms with the judge who has been assigned to this case in what American Tort Reform Foundation has identified as being in the top list of “judicial hellholes” in the USA.

Who is LMC’s Forensic Computer Expert?

Quick answer: Steve Jones. According to the complaint at paragraph 14,

Plaintiff retained Arcadia Data Security Consultants, LLC (“Arcadia”) to identify IP addresses associated with hackers that use hacked passwords and the Internet to access Plaintiff’s private website and content.

[to do this] Arcadia used forensic software named Trader Hacker and Intruder Evidence Finder 2.0 (T.H.I.E.F.) to detect hacking, unauthorized access, and password sharing activity on Plaintiff’s websites.

address is the same address for LMC. Arcadia’s sole member is Steve Jones (likewise Matthew P. Collins is the Organizer of Arcadia and Attorney of Record for LMC).

Furthermore, guess who owns, markets and likely commissioned the creation of the forensic software? Yup, Steve Jones ( ²). So a more accurate statement of paragraph 14 would be “Plaintiff’s principal, Steve Jones, retained Steve Jones to use Steve Jones’s forensic software to identify…”. No reports, investigations or testimony would be admissible in an honest court because they would be found to have been issued or given by a “biased expert” or one who has a financial interest in the outcome of the lawsuit.

What is the Amount of Money Involved In This Lawsuit?

LMC is claiming damages in excess of $100,000 plus attorney’s fees and costs. Back to reality, Buffy the Pirate Hunter (a.k.a. John Steele) has threatened to sue individuals and if that is the case then, in my opinion, LMC’s damages would be the cost of a lost monthly membership ($34.95 – $39.95) if a case actually went to trial.

What of Earth is Going on With Count I of the Complaint?

LMC’s troll is bringing lawsuit in a state court based upon a federal statute known as the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) on the ground that John Doe and his 6,500 co-conspirators used hacked passwords to access his websites (how this could happen to a former computer consultant who has been working in online porno business since 1999 is beyond me). On its face it looks a little scary but I do not believe the troll has pleaded a claim that would survive a motion to dismiss. This is because to make such a case the troll has to prove that his client sustained “damage” or “loss” of at least $5,000 which I think is not realistic.

The CFAA states that “damage” means any impairment to the integrity or availability of data, a program, a system, or information and “loss” means any reasonable cost to any victim, including the cost of responding to an offense, conducting a damage assessment, and restoring the data, program, system, or information to its condition prior to the offense, and any revenue lost, cost incurred, or other consequential damages incurred because of interruption of service. In plain English and within the context of this lawsuit it means that the Troll has to show that LMC spent at least $5,000 to repair and/or re-secure his websites. The complaint claims it can reach this amount “in the form of actual damages, statutory damages, and reputational injury” but there are no statutory damages contained in the CFAA and as to reputational injuries to a pornographer that uses models/actresses who are barely 18… good luck with that.

What About the state claims of conversion, unjust enrichment, breach of contract and civil Conspiracy?

The simpler ones (conversion and unjust enrichment) are arguably valid but the damages are small ($34.95 – $39.95). The other two causes of action (breach of Contract and civil conspiracy), in my opinion, are laughable under the circumstances of this lawsuit.


I will keep an eye on these cases and, if the need arises, write a post about personal jurisdiction and removal under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. In the meantime, do not feed the trolls.

Thanks to On2ndthought for unearthing some interesting facts presented in this post.


A resource and discussion page dedicated to Lightspeed “hacking” cases.

4/16/2012: A follow-up post: Attorney’s opinion: Lightspeed’s claim is a farce.
5/5/2012: Another follow-up post by Raul: Lightspeed Media Corporation v. John Doe: a quick follow-up Q & A.

Here is an interesting blog post about St. Clair county and its public servants.

¹ Pay attention to the address where deposition is set to take place: this is the official Prenda Law headquarters (a.k.a Troll Central).

² Initially I linked to, but it was brought to my attention that Steve Jones redirects to a Google image search for “gay love”. Is this how a mature individual behaves? You decide. Update: now it redirects to the Facebook main page; also, Steve Jones’s name is not listed in the domain name registration anymore: don’t worry, we have plenty of screenshots.

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841 responses to ‘Lightspeed Media Corporation v. John Doe: a quick Q & A

  1. Nice summary.

    One other point: the allegation of a legal “connection” between alleged infringers is much more shaky than the weak bittorrent argument. The grouping of defendants in legal terms is joinder.

    A rough comparison: If 6000 people in 6000 cities all park too long at one kind of parking meter, would their cases be prosecuted by one lawyer and decided in one traffic court of one city ?

    And somehow a pornographer is the technomastermind of infallible forensic software which is not described let alone tested ? And the porno mastermind supposedly impartially applies his untested stuff to his own material ?

    This junk would seem crazy even presented as fiction.

    • Yep, it is quite clear that this case is a pure bluff mixed with judicial corruption.

      This case has so many wrongs that if all of them are covered diligently, it would be a novel.

      Unfortunately there is still a LOT of people who never dealt with con artists before and who will believe that this bluff is real. And pay.

    • I did not get into joinder because yesterday Buffy claimed he was going to name individuals and file 100 suits and I took him on his word. He almost has to do this to salvage his business enterpriisen with the most recent development in CA.

  2. One thing is certain: trolls read this site daily and they are on the run: they expose themselves by trying to mitigate damage. If they would stay cool, it would actually be better for them because “where there’s smoke, there’s fire”.

    – Immediately after DieTrollDie published a post about the fraudalent registration, Lipscomb rushed to declare a re-packaged video as a “derivative”.

    – Immediately after I mentioned in the comments who the owner of Arcadia Security is, the contact address on the magically changed from to (some time after 4/8)

    Don’t worry, scammers, I do have plenty of screenshots 🙂 and I save you twenty bucks and a hassle of registering WhoisGuard:
    Arcadia Security Whois

  3. Thanks for the great summary, Raul. How did you determine there were 6,500 “co-conspirators”? Is the IP list available?

  4. I have been expermenting with DNS servers that supposidly protect you from “bad” sites. The last set of DNS servers I had this computer set to were provided by Norton, you know the one that used to have a great anti virus. At any rate, it would not allow me to access dietrolldie claiming it is a porn site?

    Needless to say I have removed Norton as my DNS server and went back to the one my ISP provided. Makes you wonder who reported this to Norton so it could be blocked by them?

    • Well, talking about DNS providers, filters and other censorware, our friends at TorrentFreak can tell a lot of such stories 🙂
      On a serious note, I doubt that they will let us know who reported this site (it may be just a keyword filter – dealing with porn was not my or DieTrollDie’s choice, yet we have to use certain words), but it worth contacting them so they remove this false block.

  5. has anyone thought to send postcards with steve and his wife’s(he has said in multiple interviews that she is often around to comfort the girls during their initial shoots) picture and a brief description of what they do there to all of his neighbors in that nice neighborhood? i know i would be pissed if i spent high 6-7 figures on a house only to find my neighbor actively films porn. also that property does not in any way look zoned for a commercial business, perhaps complaints to the phoenix zoning commission would force them to move. just a thought.

    you can file a zoning complaint here

    according to maricopa’ assessor’s site ( )this property is owned by steve/sharon jones and is zoned as a primary residence. not commercial,

    this is all public record so do with it what you will. 🙂

    • on that note you could send letters to the local area highschools pta’s explaining that he recruits highschool girls and they it would behoove them to ask the schools to put in some sort of program clearly explaining the pitfalls of the porn industry. use “jordan capri” as an example since leaving lightspeed she has been arrested multiple times for drug related charges, and it is RUMORED that she got hooked while in the employ of lightspeed.

    • It’s just like Hard Drive’s operation. I used Google Street Maps (or whatever the hell it’s called) to find the address and a picture of the house where HDP films its smut…there is a school crossing at the intersection about 100 feet from the house. I would be up in arms if my kid was going to school that close to where porn is produced. First of all, the houses aren’t zoned for that use. Second, they’re filming porn pretty damn close to schools. It’s deeply disturbing.

      • arizona state law requres that they be 1/4 mile from alot of stuff

        “3-1422. Adult oriented businesses; location; hours of operation; injunction; classification; definitions
        A. An adult oriented business shall not be located within one-fourth mile of a child care facility, a private, public or charter school, a public playground, a public recreational facility, a residence or a place of worship. For the purposes of this subsection, measurements shall be made in a straight line in all directions,”

        i am sure many other states have similar laws.

        • A lot of these porn companies film the girls walking around in public and flashing when no one is looking. I would be curious to know if any of Lightspeed’s sites engage in this kind of productions…

        • If this statement of 1/4 of a mile is correct. That would mean a distance of 1,320 feet. Based on my graphic calculations his house is less than 1,000 feet away from Hopi Elementary School to the Southeast. And some were around 1,300 feet from Arcadia High School to Southwest. Considering all distances msre in a strate line

        • Sorry pre-posted….

          Considering all the distances are in a straight line from his property and Googles ability to put an accurate scale on there maps.

  6. I don’t think this is a good idea to do but letting people on the same page with him. I is better to deal a legal thing with the law and leave their family out of it.

      • Because troll lawsuits are only as good as the underlying copyright and the forensic software used to ID IP addresses both need to be examined. Usually it is difficult to locate who caused the creation of the forensic software, who owns it and where it can be located for examination; not in this case.

        • Raul. I do follow you. As you said, it would be a legal problem (at least for a layman like me) if the owner of the software co belongs to the same person suing people, and the company address matches his residence. However, I’m aware that people from here might email neighbors or other offices over the possibility that he shot a movie at his home. It is a hunch not supported with facts. That’s what I’m concerned.

    • Or the cost of a single membership. This would be the most logical solution as it would rightly compensate what he felt he lost and it would not set the does back too much. Unfortunately the plaintiff and his attorney are not that smart and are in this for pure greed and want the hugest pot possible even though they run the risk of federal investigation down the road and possible legal sanctions which can include massive fines and possible jail time. But then again these sorts live their entire lives on the fringes of legal and illegal and so that line is too blury for them. They are of the mind set to live like a king for a week rather than live well and modest for many many years. It is not at all possible to converse with them on any sane or realistic and logical level. They are coming after you and will use all dirty tricks they can conjur up to exploit you and threaten you and do whatever it takes to bleed you dry.

      If only Steve would use a half a brain cell and just for a moment to lay it out fairly for all on the table. He could go back to his magical drug ridden and slut filled life and we could get back to ours. Instead this will end poorly for all involved, especially them. And I say that becasue once careers are ruined and reputations shot, the big boys in the law field will come forth and go after them with a lack of mercy not seen since the old testament. that pic of Steve’s home looks mighty apetizing to me.
      I am saving all the tidbits of info gathered from this site and others to use as evidence against them when my day in court cometh, and I promise you, it shall cometh. Everything from the true proprietors of Steve’s magical software and then some. I would highly encourage others to do the same.

  7. LOL at the people worried about filming porn. Not like the kids are going to walk to school and hop the fence or go look in the windows at the porn being filmed. OMG he is filming sex. Guess the people that are Having sex but NOT filming it are just fine? HAHAH anyway What about toher Home Based Business, hope no one in the area is doing any MLM’s HAHAHA

  8. I believe DTD tipped off SJD who tipped me off about the fact that at, which is a forum for the porno industry, you can view comments in which Steve Jones and John Steele are back slapping each other about the IP addresses they were harvesting and the money they were going to make from their speculative invoicing enterprise which is here If you look at Steve Jone’s comments you can see that he has posted under them his Arcadia THIEF v2 logo. These comments were posted back on 9-15-2010 when Steele’s trolling business was just getting off the ground so it made me wonder if the proprietory forensic software that Steele/Prenda uses is Steve Jones’ Arcadia THIEF v2? If so, that would create some of serious problems in all of Prenda’s pending lawsuits. Yuen are you reading this?

    • Yuen maybe reading and maybe not, but I have substantial traffic from GFY.

      If anyone of GFY dwellers are willing to comment/discuss (civilly of course), they are welcome: I do not moderate anything except spam, clearly illegal stuff and really-really gross trolling. I cannot return the pleasure though: GFY is a member only for commenting (open for reading), I applied once but never heard back from them: apparently they don’t want to hear dissenting voices.

      As for the Raul’s idea, no: bittorent and webserver harvesting software are different, and THIEF cannot be potentially used in harvesting bittorent IP addresses.

      • But if Steve Jones can program and is one of Steele’s first clients with a mutual financial interest could he have developed Steele/Prenda’s forensic software back in the Fall of 2010? I harbor very dark suspicions about the coincidences.

        • Every time I check out I come away truly impressed with the honesty, compassion and respect that community celebrates hand truly cherishes.

          • I double your words. And, given my professional interest, I must add that honest and compassionate people are usually very artsy. I’m humbled by that forum’s gorgeous and tasteful design. It’s fascinating how diligently participants follow the design guidelines imposed on them when creating their beautiful signatures. Especially I like the signature of one of the most respected community members, baddog, who is “Providing Internet branding solutions since 2003”: no doubt I will beg him do create branding for my next startup.

        • I doubt Jones is smart enough to develop software like that, even though a sophomore CS major could do it. Remember who we’re dealing with. He likely farmed it out to a firm that does custom work. Plenty of those exist, all you gotta do is say “I want this program to do this, this, this, and this” and then they write the software for you and it’s as good as yours. Steve Jones would effectively own the software and anything associated with it.

        • OK, I stand corrected my statement in the post should read : “Furthermore, guess who owns, markets and likely commissioned the creation of the forensic software?” SJD-help, again; and have you seen this ? What a sweet Dad who would contractually bind 18 year old girls to perform in porn.

        • Well I don’t know for a fact that he didn’t write it, it’s just an educated guess. I know there are plenty of custom software firms out there. They’ll charge you a pretty penny but you’ll get customized software that does whatever you want. I love the THIEF page, especially the part about how it tracks settlements with the lawyer. Tell me that wasn’t designed for a copyright troll. Any evidence gathered in these cases should not be admissible in a civil case. He runs the site(s), he owns the software company that gathers the info (it’s named after the street he lives on for God’s sake), and he is the owner of the software itself. That reeks of conflict of interest.

          At least Hansmeier is separate from the site owners (even though I doubt he’s licensed…inadmissible and violation of criminal statutes). Definitely not a licensed investigator conducting the investigation (unless Jones has a PI license along with his current “license to be a piece of shit”).

      • You should apply again. Under the new ownership, GFY is letting anyone with a keyboard join.

        Not all GFY’ers agree with what Lightspeed is doing. It’s mostly the has beens and the life long wannabes like Baddog that kiss his ass.

        • Not Markham,

          Reading confirms that Steve Jones’ approach to the poaching of content is not universally admired nor embraced. Thank God, because these tactics are throttling an industry that needs to resurrect the good will seen back in the 1970’s. Suing consumers is not the way, there has to be a way for the industry to reinvent itself. IMHO I’m afraid Steve Jones is now too old and greedy to see this, otherwise he would reinvent his content.

        • Baddog’s a joke.

          Those who can, do.
          Those who can’t, teach.
          Those who can’t even teach, pretend to be bad ass bikers, hang around at adult industry events, take pictures and pretend to be seo and branding experts.

  9. Raul, regarding your statement, “No reports, investigations or testimony would be admissible in an honest court because they would be found to have been issued or given by a “biased expert” or one who has a financial interest in the outcome of the lawsuit.”, I would like to point out that this has always been the case, AFAIK, with John Steele’s cases. The “expert” witness was Paul Hansmeier = John Steelee’s business partner; the firm was called Steele Hansmeier.

    • 6881 Forensics LLC (Peter Hansmeier) are still very quiet. Peter Hansmeier still signs his documents as he is still in MN. John Steele does not reply to questions or comments concerning 6881 Forensics or its relationship with him and Prenda. The silence speaks volumes and Mr. Yuen will be sure to throw some hard questions to this “expert” using forensic software when the deposition starts.

      DTD 🙂

    • Yes. Baddog is a red nick troll. He hangs around at conferences and acts all tough on He has never contributed anything useful. He runs a shitty seo hosting company, but everything he knows about seo can be found in a 2002 free ebook. He pretends to be a big bad biker, but actually is a big coward. He never has an opinion of his own and will always side with the Bros. When those Bros fall out of grace, he will pretend he has always been against them.

  10. Although we joked about board, I would rather disagree with Raul: many people there are quite informed about the subject and able to think critically. Many comments there are very thoughtful.

    I am not new to accusations that this site’s community is just a bunch of “freetards” and advocate “thievery”. Nothing can be farther from truth. No article, no comment has ever encouraged breaking the law.

    This site is about scumbag lawyers who abuse the law, about many innocents who are locked in this immoral scheme and must either pay for the “crime” they never committed, or spend even more on a lawyer. No honest developer can claim that his software is free of false positives. Even 2% of false positives (and it’s a very conservative estimate) translates to 5,000 falsely accused in 2011 alone.

    I also care about not-so-innocent defendants: you may call them thieves, you may demand compensation, but any sane person would agree that threatening an alleged infringer with the amount equal to an average American family lifetime savings ($150,000) for a single instance of the very minor violation of the copyright law is plain evil. Arguably, no defendant was ever fined that much, yet mostly everyone was threatened with that amount, thus experienced his share of a major nightmare: it is like a fake execution for double-parking. This insane fine was obviously designed to be used against commercial-scale infringement, not individuals: otherwise it clearly violates the 8th Amendment of the US Constitution.

    Another predatory feature of these lawsuits is threats to let person’s family, friends and coworkers know about defendants’ porn habits — a dirty, inhuman tactics openly advocated by Steve Jones (remember how many innocents are involved!). I am aware of instances when people considered suicide in order not to be publicly associated with gay pornography.

    We are not enemies of the adult industry either. I am even sympathetic to their problems stemmed from the explosion in Internet technologies, resulting in mass infringement. Yet it is not an excuse to resort to extortion-like practices: two wrongs do not make a right. In addition, if litigation is a part of your business model, your business is undoubtedly a failure.

    In fact, at least half of xbiz producers do not approve current litigation campaign and think that it is counterproductive. This is exactly how I feel: adult industry is shooting itself in the foot by allowing ethically challenged lawyers to run this racket. There were 250,000 copyright trolling victims in 2011 alone; it is not implausible to assume that for each victim there are at least 3 people who know about the scam and they are furious. Therefore, adult industry got itself at least one million new enemies. It is not only one million lost potential customers: arguably, it may constitute just a tiny fraction of their customer base, but it is more than that: for example, many people were largely indifferent to Lightspeed’s shenanigans, but now, given an opportunity, will be glad to destroy his business. As one GFY member cleverly noticed (comment #53), replying to a comment about what Jones’s home is worth,

    What’s it worth when 6,500 people your blackmailing have that address?

    Those pissed off people are also voters, and they would praise California’s new condom law, or encourage Arizona’s GA to enforce AZ anti-porn laws — just out of revenge.

    If you are a part of xbiz, think about it.

    • I agree that they are shooting themselves in the foot. Take for example a hypothetical scenario………You got this porn guy who also just so happens to be a computer programmer known for producing IP harvesting and capturing programs. I cannot even begin to calculate the damage to a complete industry if a very public scare were to erupt that these IP harvesting programs were attached directly to all porn sites to log all IP’s of mere visitors to the site, and the fear that these recorded IP’s ultimately result in Neustar letters and threats. With hundreds of thousands of logged IP’s and letters already, I can realistically see a very public and mainstream newsworthy scare erupting. Just pure speculation here. Not accusing anyone of anything or making any claims at all. Do they really want to go down that road???? Sure seems like they do. This is building up to be the largest scam in the history of scams. I wonder how long it will take the Feds to do some looking into their offshore accounts and holdings.

      • That is one reason people in the industry hate what lightspeed is doing. A decade ago, the guy ran a popular site and affiliate program. Now he is a joke. He has no clue how to make a buck selling adult content in a 2012 market. So he resorts to legal extortion.

  11. i suppose from a purely financial standpoint i can see why they do this 6,500 people @$3,400 per settlement. if even only 10% of these people settle out of fear that would be over $2million dollars. or in another view it would be over 55,000 monthly memberships sold. looking at the settlement numbers he is trying to say that he lost over HALF A MILLION worth of monthly memberships because 6,500 people “stole” 1 months worth of membership. hooray for 1000% markup. who cares if it cannot stand up to a real lawsuit, it doesn’t have to when you are talking that kind of settlement money.

    i second this statement

    “Those pissed off people are also voters, and they would praise California’s new condom law, or encourage Arizona’s GA to enforce anti-porn laws — just out of revenge.

    If you are a part of xbiz, think about it.”

    • It will be interest to see what settlement amount they plan to seek. As this is a Prenda operation, I’m sure we will see the standard Prenda settlement letter tweaked a bit to refer to unauthorized access. Can’t wait to read the nexst “Smegma Law” settlement letter. It will be interesting to see what they claim they can go after the Does with in court. I personally think the early settlement amount will be in the 35-40% range. That is a probably a conservative estimate to.

      Lets go with 35% at $3400. Thank works out to $7,735,000. OK, Lightspeed gets 60% – $4,641,000 AND Prenda gets 40% – $3,094,000. WOW!!!!! And for what effort and cost to Prenda and its crew. If they spent $100,000, I would be shocked.

      I do think there is more interesting things to come out of Prenda on this case. Steele is a sneaky one and I believe he and Lightspeed have some new tricks up their sleeves. Not that will be any kind of a knock-out blow, just something we will adjust to and counter. Once they bring it out into the light, the any shock value will be quickly lost. As Steele’s ego does get the better of him, we are bound to see some interesting screw ups. Even with his screw ups, he knows he is still raking in the cash, so his ego rationalizes his behavior and all is good for him.

      DTD 🙂

      • I’m not so pessimistic in settlement rate estimations. I believe that the picture has changed dramatically. 30-40% was a settlement rate a year ago in gay porno cases, and at that time it was hard to find really useful web resource prior to the triumph of the FUD. Just look at latest mass cass and count dismissals with prejudice. Or are you talking about “individual cases”?

        • Well I could be wrong, just an estimate for the overall situation. I would love to hear the trolls provide some true numbers, but that is only a dream. Cut it down to 20% for early and late settlements and you still have one hell of a profit margin off a case of this size. I do think we have put some dent in the amount of money they make, as well as how much work they have to put in it just to get it.

          DTD 🙂

  12. Raul,
    Any thoughts about using the National and State “Do Not Call” laws with regard to these issues? Fines of 16k for each instance. How is “speculative invoicing” not considered a commercial enterprise?

    • It is a good idea but I think because it is not, strictly speaking, telemarketing the FTC would let it slide. Worth a try though.

      • Not so sure I would give up so easily on this. By my understanding, the FTC does not have to take action, but an individual can. From the FTC website:

        What calls are covered?

        The do not call provisions of the TSR cover any plan, program or campaign to sell goods or services through interstate phone calls. This includes calls by telemarketers who solicit consumers, often on behalf of third party sellers. It also includes sellers who are paid to provide, offer to provide, or arrange to provide goods or services to consumers.

        • My understanding is that an individual can file in state court. Small claims court is ripe for this. Small filing fee. Troll would have to show up or be subject to a default judgement.

        • There are also laws in many states that protect citizens against repeated and harassing calls from creditors.

          Either the troll callers are trying to “offer to provide” a resolution, or there are trying to collect an alleged debt. There are potential grounds to object either through FTC or consumer protection regulations.

      • Very interesting tidbit there:

        “Lightspeed Media stopped filing torrent lawsuits last year,” he told YNOT, referring to the more common practice of pursuing those who post stolen content on bit-torrent networks and other sharing platforms. “Instead, we decided to work on thwarting password traders. On our network of sites, we discovered thousands of unauthorized passwords being used by one or more people.”

        Since the GFY archives make it clear that Lightspeed was one of Steele’s first clients, if not a charter member of the scam, it is very interesting news indeed if he has decided to move on from BitTorrent suits. Of course it could be half-true if he is involved in the offshore shell companies that have been springing up to bring Prenda’s cases, or he feels that going with this password-hacking angle has a chance at freshening the scam up and getting them a reset on the legal issues that have become obstacles in the BT suits. Still, if the BT cases were pulling in a reliable stream of cash there would be no motivation to pull the plug, right? And if Steve and Steele were in bed together from the beginning, chances are none of the plaintiffs get a better deal than Lightspeed…

        In any case it doesn’t sound like a vote of confidence for BitTorrent trolling from one of the originals. This guy doesn’t know when to stop talking, especially after that WSJ profile where he talked about how much he likes to keep a low profile so his neighbors don’t find out he’s a pornographer, then goes into business blackmailing people semi-randomly.

        Funny to see how much hostility there is towards him on GFY. Seriously, everyone should take a look at that thread.

    • You are aware that Steve has not shot porn in years? Those photos on the LightSpeed websites that say they are “Newest Updates” are many years old.

      See the U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement at the bottom of any LightSpeed Website.

      • Model Age Verification

      All visual depictions displayed on this Web site, whether of actual sexually explicit conduct, simulated sexual content or otherwise, are visual depictions of persons who were at least 18 years of age when those visual depictions were created.

      All other visual depictions displayed on this Web site are exempt from 18 U.S.C. Section 2257 and 28 C.F.R. Part 75 because said visual depictions are not visual depictions of conduct specifically listed in 18 U.S.C Section 2256 (2) (A)-(D), but are merely depictions of non-sexually explicit nudity, or are depictions of simulated sexual conduct, or are otherwise exempt because the visual depictions were created prior to November 1, 1990, or were produced, manufactured, published, duplicated, reproduced, or reissued before May 26, 1992.

      • If you click on “noticed” in SJD’s post of 4-15-12 @ 1:21 pm you see some commenter at making the same point and questioning Steve Jone’s wisdom and ethics in bringing this particular lawsuit.

  13. To those who are skeptical that anyone really uses neighbor’s wi-fi to torrent: today Arstechnica wrote about a hacker who was caught recently in Toledo:

    Investigators also subpoenaed Twitter for information linked to a user named @ItsKahuna, who used the account to announce the website intrusions and communicate with journalists covering the resulting information dumps. All four of the IP addresses that had been used to access the Twitter account had ties to Borell, Zimmerman said. One belonged to a Toledo resident who lived about 300 feet from him. During the time it was assigned to the resident, ItsKahuna issued a tweet that read: “Neighbors I thank you for installing a new router today and choosing WEP to protect it. I much appreciate the extra bandwidth for torrents.” (Short for Wired Equivalent Privacy, WEP has long suffered from weaknesses that make it easy to break the cryptography protecting wireless traffic.)

    • The person who would take steps to disguise their illegal activity and try to pin it on an innocent bystander is EXACTLY the same kind of person who would perform that illegal activity in the first place.
      The sad thing is that the lawyers who are chasing the dollars, bulk-printing settlement letters are just as dirty-handed as the perpetrators who downloaded the material and left the digital trail pointing to their neighbors! The lawyers don’t care about any story other than an all out confession – they just want their money! If they cared about the John Doe story, they would actually argue one of these “tough nut” cases in a courtroom.

      And who is getting it from all ends? The poor schmo who bought an overpriced router from Best Buy and plugged it in. Taken advantage of by the downloader who piggybacked their connection, and taken advantage of by the lawyer who just wants a payday.

      • Here’s a thought: If being involved in porn embarrasses your family, perhaps you should choose a different line of work. You have embarrassed your family, not the person who exposes what you do.
        And if being a lawyer with no morals or ethics embarrasses your family, this is the choice you made. You have to live with the consequences. I know if I was Mama Steele, I’d be so ashamed of the way my son turned out.
        Pissing off thousands of people is probably not wise. There are plenty of vengeful people out there.

    • Piggy backing onto a neighbor’s WiFi connection is so easy. I have screenshots from my WiFi device showing my neighbor (I believe it is my neighbor). If the connection is “open,” the neighbor may not even know he is using another’s network. Starting at page 6 of the following document, I have listed a couple good cases/incidents where a person’s home WiFi connection was abused by another person. [Sources are cited at the bottom of page 7] And lets not forget the WPS hack that most of the newer WiFi Firewall/Routers are vulnerable to. Have a supper hard WPA2 password/passphrase? The WPS vulnerability can negate the strength that WPA2 provides.

      What I really get a kick out of is when the Trolls respond that they will send an agent to measure the signal strength of the Does WiFi device to show it is unlikely that a neighbor did it. Maybe if you live in a rural area with no neighbors you might not identify other networks, but in a city environment you are going to see many WiFi networks. The Troll also forgets to mention that directional antennas are cheap and you can even build one out of a Pringles can. Hell, then you can reach out to more networks normally outside your range. Here is an old article (2001) on how one person made a Yagi antenna out of one –

      DTD 🙂

      • lol my friend made one of those pringles can antenas to see just how far he could go, they actually work quite well.

    • Especially since it’s an affluent neighborhood. They have the resources to fight this asshat…and (wild guess here) win. What I’d truly love is to find out he’s making his smut AT his house. That’d be icing on the cake. Making porn near a high school…that’s like having a crack house near a high school.

      • I’m afraid it will be difficult to prove, according to a quick glance over GFY discussions, he did not produce anything for ages. On the other hand, some indirect red flags can be used as an evidence: remember, his neighbor and another blackmailer, Paul Pilcher (HDP), in 2004, upgraded the electrical in the house to 200 amps. Why?

      • If you would like to see the back yard in HD just google images “Jordan Capri pool” and you will find your answer.

    • Did anyone send a link to this site to pto members? If not, I’m going to, just don’t want to do redundand work.

      • i did it… sent a mass email to PTO addresses explaining their neighbor’s occupation, hinting that he may be actually shooting porn at home. I’m sure that in this posh nebohood there are some powerful peple amonf parents.

        received a couple of replies. parents are really concerned and eager to discuss this topic on the nearest meeting

        notified lightspeed and steele.. steele replied angrily threatening with fbi having no problem getting my info from my ISP.. my ISP is TOR, moron! and my actions are 100% legal and ethical anyways I’m not going to stoop onto his level.

        Next in line – Paul Pilcher.

        • LOL, they are not gonna like becoming ground zero for porn land, even if he does not shoot porn there currently, it is quite obvious he used to. Any idiot can look at some of the vids and then google earth and quite easily see it’s the same backyard. I have a funny feeling though he was probably planning a move anyway. This may just speed the process along a bit.

        • here ‘s steele’s reply:

          Because you are upset at Mr. Jones lawsuit against hackers in St. Clair county, you (and your associate) have:

          -threatened to kill me
          -told one attorney who is in remission from brain cancer that you hope he dies soon
          -emailed false statements to Steve Jones neighbors to embarrass him
          -made countless false calls to brothels, hotels, etc in our names to harass us
          -filed numerous complaints with various bar associations (which were all thrown out)

          and we both know this is a small sample of what you are up to.

          And you do all this from behind your ISP since they refuse to give up your information. Some day soon you will no longer be able to hide behind your ISP and anonymous email accounts.

          I suggest you stop trying to go after people’s families before you make this a more serious matter and the authorities get involved. I doubt the FBI will have a problem getting your information from your ISP.

          PS. You should be ashamed of yourself for terrorizing people’s wives and children.

  14. OK. Is there any way they can defend leaving the passwords open just to collect IP addresses? It makes sense that if a name/password is compromised, it should shut down. I just don’t understand how they can fish like this. If the software was SO advanced, shouldn’t it be able to shut down after the first IP discrepancy? If they didn’t want to lose money, shut down the password.

    • As this case will never see an actual trial, the Troll and Steve Jones are not really worried about that issue. In the extremely odd chance it ever reaches a trial, the issue could be brought up, as it shows Plaintiff is not taking simple logical steps to protect his property. Why??? Because they want people to enter the site without authorization so they can harvest the public IP addresses. It raises some serious doubts. Yes, this software (or some other) could be set to lock-out accounts that appear to be compromised.

      What is another simple step they should have done (I highly doubt they have)? Send the ISPs a complaint stating that a public IP address belonging to one of their customers has used the ISPs network to gain unauthorized access to a protected network IAW Title 18, section 1030 (Fraud and related activity in connection with computers). This is much like the DMCA Take-Down letters to ISPs. It gives the ISPs achance to try and stop this activity. When the Trolls do IP address look-ups, they can easily find out where to send abuse complaints. Here is one for COMCAST – The COMCAST Legal Dept in NJ. The Trolls probably know that address and telephone number by heart.

      DTD 🙂

      • Ok. Then why didn’t the judge dismiss all but the first offenders who accessed the websites? The range of dates go from October to December. Plus since it is so advanced they’d know who is “sharing” by just looking up the name and password, with their site connected to it, and AGAIN close off the account if they are so worried about losing revenue.

        • I explained this as well: it is a state court, where judges usually don’t read what they sign yet trust lawyers. In this case the lawyer is a former judge – do you think that the judge presiding on this case had a moment of a doubt whose proposed order to sign?

        • I doubt the judge in the St. Clair County case even looked at the motion before signing the order for discovery simply because the troll is a former judge. I also doubt that these state court judges are familiar with what’s going on in the federal courts. But they will become familiar as this becomes more and more prevalent.

      • Also, in that GFY thread people discuss a software solution called “strongbox” – according to some using this software is easy and it can prevent widely shared passwords to be used. I don’t know the details, though for me it is not terribly difficult to come up with a solution that detects multiple IP addresses using the same password simultaneously and disabling these passwords / sending warnings to the original password owner.

        Provocation is no less disgusting that the crime provoked.

        • Strongbox is just a CAPTCHA based authorization system. It can be broken quite easily. In fact, the CAPTCHA part isn’t even enabled by default and most admins never bother to change it. It protects against brute force attacks by banning an IP that tries to login multiple times with bad username/password combos. BUT the catch is that the administrator has to set up most of it. The admin can set tolerances, such as how many bad login attempts (brute force attack) before the offending IP is banned, how many IPs can be logged in under the same username/pass combo, etc. He probably set it to “unlimited.”

    • Good point. As every site owner will tell you, password sharing is no longer an issue. Programs like Strongbox has eradicated that problem.

    • me too! Thoughts on this anyone? I don’t have a couple thousand to fight this. But others have repeatedly said it usually goes no where since they have to file against you in EVERY jurisdiction they are accusing people. True? So if you “clicked” on a link randomly once…then the odds are?

  15. Hi, my IP address is also one of the addresses targeted and I’m being asked to either file a MTQ by May 20th, or Comcast will provide my identification details to Lightspeed. What have the rest of you guys done who were targeted? Is it worth hiring a lawyer and if so, does anyone have any recommendations? This is the first time anything like this has ever happened to me. Thanks

    • I’m convinced that this lawsuit is a pure bluff and is built entirely on the premise of corrupt and/or understaffed and/or incompetent county court. It won’t survive a single hearing on the federal level. The allegations are federal, so potential individual lawsuits must be filed in federal courts that can exercise proper jurisdiction (100-mile radius), but again, I don’t believe trolls are so stupid to go that route. Most likely they won’t do anything beyond harassment. Given the number of putative defendants, even if a small percentage settle, trolls will call this extortion campaign a success.

      I’m not a prophet, what I said its just my educated guess, and it happened in the past that I was wrong with my predictions. Anyway, hiring a lawyer is premature unless you a re a school teacher or in a similar sensitive predicament and a mere association with pornography can jeopardize your employment.

      • That does make sense, thank you for your reply. However is it worth it for me to try to file an MTQ so that my info is not released? From the letter it appears Comcast had filed an MTQ and it was denied, so now the ball is in my court whether to file one and I’m guessing I’d need an attorney to do so.

    • I’ also listed in 11-L-683 and the date has passed from my ISP letter….talked to many attorney’s from EFF and I’m just gonna wait it out. I could care less about this as I am certain it wasn’t done in this househould….certain. I only hope I am named and can go head to head with their weak security firm (guy)

      • you said you contacted attorneys…i’ve initiated that process, what typically have they said is the best course of action? MTQ? Nothing?

  16. Ha! My humble person got a dedicated thread on GFY:

    Who owns

    That’s funny: a bunch of pornographers ask each other questions about me and this site, while they can come here and get the answers directly from me: I do not require registration, I do not censor opinions, and I do reply to even hostile comments.

    Another funny thing is that some imbeciles trying to charge us with “outing” their hero. The irony is that Raul has never mentioned that it was the Lightspeed’s personal address: the address he has posted is a publicly available address of two registered businesses that a four-grader can find in 5 minutes.

    And that’s supposed to be a forum for “webmasters”, i.e. people who know a bit about the Internet? Jeez.

      • Hard to believe these guys could be that clueless. You can’t exactly sue someone anonymously, did they really think it is possible to sue thousands of people semi-randomly and nobody would ask questions? Especially running their businesses out of their houses like Steve Jones and Paul Pilcher. What did they think would happen if and when they ended up naming, serving and trying a defendant, as John claims (several times a year) is coming any day now? Didn’t John explain that their businesses and therefore their homes and families would be subject to discovery, scrutiny, media attention, etc. when it came time to follow through on the threats? He’s already making national news with the Wong v. HDP case and its assertion that porn is not copyrightable.

        SJD is just one of what, 250,000? And she was one of the earliest Does. There are legions of Does now, these guys have made an army of enemies! They should brace for a tsunami!

        Their reaction makes it clear – priority should be on running exposés of the plaintiffs. The focus on Troll lawyers is great, and for “reputable” guys like Peiffer and Abramson may be enough to make them pawn their cases off on subordinates. But these guys scurry from the light like cockroaches, and in cases like Jones and Pilcher where they may be operating in violation of state and local laws and endangering children in the process, we have a duty to bring it to light.

      • What is also worth noting about the YNOT interview is that Steve Jones indicated that he discovered the password hacking in December of 2010, collected data and filed the lawsuit in December of 2011. The statute of limitations for the CFAA is 2 years and that “claim” will be time barred, as to the earliest discovered Does, sometime in December of 2012. The trolls have 8 months to work through their list of 6,500 unless they wish to confront a statute of limitations defense…good luck with that.

        Jones is also going to be answerable to the defense that he did not mitigate his alleged damages by allowing the hacking of his sites for a one year period.

        • Come to think of it the 2 year statute of limitations would also apply to the unjust enrichment and conversion causes of action. This complaint is even more of a POS the more you look at it.

  17. A recent federal opinion (from March 2012) in the northern district of Illinois is very helpful to anyone fighting this lawsuit. Pacific Century Intern Ltd (represented by Steele Hansmeier of LMC fame) filed a suit against a John Doe then sought to discover the names of his unnamed, non-party, co-conspirators, just as in the LMC case. The judge denied the subpoena and said Pacific Century couldn’t “improperly use court processes by attempting to gain information about hundreds of IP addresses located all over the country in a single action, especially when many of those addresses fall outside of the court’s jursidiction.” Pacific Century v. Does 1 – 37, 2012 WL 1072312. The judge specifically called out the trolls change in tactics to try and get around joinder and personal jurisdiction issues.

    • But how will that help with the issue of COX getting ready to hand over our information in a day or two? They have already decided and the Florida State court has already ordered them to do so. Once the personal info has been released it’s a done deal. If this federal decision was indeed made then how is it that the State can rule otherwise? And more importantly, how can a State court order info released for someone who lives in another State? I really do not understand how a Florida State judge can order the release of personal information for a person who lives in Wyoming. Think of the constitutional violations that would immediately arise. It’s beyond crazy.

      • Crazy is the right word. You’re right that the only thing that will stop Cox is to receive a copy of a motion to quash from the customer. There are several motions on file to quash the subpoena in Florida so one could ultimately be protected if the Court grants those. It would stop Cox from handing over any information requested in the subpoena whether or not a specific subscriber filed the motion.

        As for the impact of the federal court decision, a state court isn’t bound by it. Most states, Illinois and Florida included, give great weight to a federal decision interpreting a federal rule similar to a state rule. The judges should look to this decision and follow it, but they don’t have to.

        And you’re right, there’s no basis for being able to sue someone in a state court in Florida or Illinois when that person has no contacts with either state and in fact lives somewhere else. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop someone from filing a lawsuit even if it’s not proper. A court can toss a case if it’s apparent there’s no jurisdiction, but where the defendants are anonymous, it’s up to them to come forward and state the case should be thrown out. It’s a terrible Catch-22 and amounts to legalized blackmail, which is why these guys do it.

          • It could be easily filed, but you’d want a form motion or something from a website so you make sure you cover the right basis for quashing the motion or asking that the complaint be dismissed. Also, you’d want to be careful in revealing your identity when filing. I’m not sure how you’d get around having to give your name as a unrepresented defendant other than filing a motion for protective order asking the Court to conceal your identity from the plaintiffs.

  18. OK so I should have done this earlier (maybe I did) and and going to post this comment on all 3 of SJD’s discussions regarding Lightspeed. Also I hope the Doe attorneys of record in the Illinois lawsuit appreciate it because I think they are about to get a few phone calls.

    The attorneys of record forthe Does in the Lightspeed Media lawsuit pending in St. Clair County (case no. 11-L-0683) are:

    Andrew J. Rankin

    Karen E. Scanlan

    Douglas A. Stultz

    Celestine Dotson

    If you do contact an attorney about Lightspeed Media be sure to let them know about this blog as we would love to hear from them and they might get some business in return.

    • Is anyone aware that Atty Michael O’Malley (representing Lightspeed in St.Clair County, Il), used to be the Judge of that court.He is friends with the current Judge Robert LeChien. Coincident that motions to quash subpoenas filed by the ISPs were denied?? Maybe this needs checking into?!!

  19. A thought that for some reason was not articulated yet. As it is written on Jones’s own site,

    After a long period of trading pictures on the Web via newsgroups and chat rooms, Jones’ archive eventually grew quite large.

    So, basically Steve Lighspeed admitted that he was actively “stealing” (using his own vocabulary) other people’s works, and today he is comfortable with accusing file-sharers… A pure extract of hypocrisy.

  20. Also wondering if said CFO is reconsidering her husband’s wisdom and that of his lawyer in embarking on a two part media announcement of their reign of terror for 6500 Does on April 13. Pretty stupid IMHO.

  21. I am one of the Does in the Lightspeed IL case. My deadline to settle in the letter is May 10, 2012. What happens if I do not settle by then? They already have my name or else I would not have received a letter. Has anyone tried to settle for less than what the demand was?

    • what settlement amount are they asking for? also a Doe in the IL case, i’m expecting a demand letter by the end of May

    • oddly, my attorney yesterday said I could make the matter go away before discovery for $4k, so I guess if it is important to folks to not get a demand letter, that seems to be the price

      do they specifically state what you did in the demand letter? to this date, i’m still confused as to what i’m being accused of which makes the whole scam so disturbing

  22. I already received a demand letter saying someone on my IP used a password to hack into the system. I cannot afford to do a misjoinder motion or MTQ and would rather pay to make it go away – although i think the case is legal extortion. I just wanted to see if it was worth offering less than the demand. If anyone had experience who actually settled.

    • my attorney explained filing MTQ would be in the neighborhood of $4k-$5k, which wouldn’t make sense if one could settle before discovery for the same amount

      so all it said in your demand letter was that you “hacked” into their website? that’s the basis for your inclusion in the suit?

  23. the general pattern in the bittorrent cases is demand letter with a “pay by or else” date, then another letter with a new date, than perhaps another, by which point other doe’s lawyers have gotten involved and the motions have started to be argued b4 the judge at which point he realizes this case is retarded and starts severing people at which point you can file your own motion to sever or the judge will use his authority to sever everyone. all the while for the next year you will get the letters or phone calls every 2-4 months. they have 2 years from when they caught “YOUR” ip address to bring suit in your state against you so once that date passes it will all be over. i know it sounds grimm but in all reality it is not that big of a deal.

  24. i tried to talk them down and the lowest they would go was $3400, i had a lawyer tell me that when he negociates settlements they are generally 2500-3000 plust his fee to negiciate. so 3-4k is about as cheap as you can expect the cost to settle to be. i would reccommend you file your own motion to sever/quash/dismiss (if they already have your info) and see what happens.

    • can negotiation be done without an attorney? for example, respond to the letter with a counter offer, send a check for said counter offer, and explain if they cash the check that is their acceptance of the counter offer

      if later they refute it constituted any offer, could you sue in small claims?

      • Don’t play these games. The scumbags will find a way to outfox you: they will post your check and wrestle you to pay even more. They are con artists, they are perfect at their art of defrauding genuous folks.

        Anyway, the best counteroffer you can think about is “eat me!”

  25. I received one of these and had to google what it was about. My Wireless internet could have been used by anyone driving down the road, or sitting in the Store’s parking lot next door. Im held responsible because the Internet Account is in my name? Thats BS.

    • i’m in the same boat, didn’t have a clue until I Googled the case…and i’m considering all my options

      $4k is too high a number, I might as well spend that on lawyer fees to defend myself, they should consider half that amount as i’d consider settling for $2k based on costs calculated to file a motion to dismiss (still extorsion, however, money spent using the judicial system is acceptable to me when you’re blatantly not involved)

  26. It makes me sad seeing that people do consider settling after reading this and other articles. Please do not jump to conclusions. This lawsuit is a pure bluff. At the very minimum this case will crumble once it is moved to federal court (where it belongs), maximum — a full blown investigation and/or class action counter lawsuit.

    Lawyers that advise you to settle are not familiar with this type of extortion scam. I’m 100% sure about that. Ask the same lawyer (given he really dedicates some time doing research) a week later and you’ll hear a very different advice.

    Don’t let these crooks frighten you. At very least sleep it over: I’m sure that most of you will look at this case with different eyes when logic common sense takes over fear. Don’t rush the events. Oh yeah, they impose “deadlines”. Question: why? The only reason is to rush you to make an uneducated decision you will later regret. It’s a cheap trick, and it is as old as the world. Time share salesman and other con artists use it all the time. You would never fall for a Nigerian scam. Why your senses betray you here?

    This lawsuit is a farce. Don’t enable its continuation. We have had enough already.

    Ans don’t talk to the crooks without a lawyer, never!

  27. Im 800-900 miles away from IL. I never tried to hack his site. Why the hell would I settle for something that I didn’t do. I never saved porn to my hard drive and to be quite honest, I had no idea what lightspeed was until I got this letter. I had a friend who deals with computer stuff look into this and he found this guy’s stuff is already on mass porn sites for free streaming. My main question is, what is this guy’s point for the law suit?

    • The point, of course, is money; lot of it. If Steele/Jonres can get just 30% of the 6500 Does to cough up $4,000 they will have made $7,800,000.

    • Steve Lightspeed used to make some serious cash with his pay sites back in 2000 – 2004. Now, he’s nothing. He’s unable to compete so he tries to make his money another way. Extortion under the color of law seems to be his new game.

    • and now he’s suing everybody who clicked links in these forums? it’s like entrapment

      a car forum I even belong to is on that list, WTF

      • And Baidu? Does he have any idea how dumb that makes him look? Like he and Steele have what it takes to take on a Chinese search giant?

        Love the guys who point out that this information is trivially available by running a few unix commands on server logs.

        This guy is a laughingstock and rightfully so; he doesn’t appear to have learned anything about web design, technology or business since the 1990s, then he comes in and drops something that would take today’s admins 30 seconds and expects everyone to be in awe?


  28. Steve Jones is a hypocrite. He is a thief himself. He is using an unlicensed version of JW Player to stream flash videos on his sites. How nice would it be for him to be threatened with a lawsuit?

  29. I am not a victim at this point, as a matter of fact I knew nothing of these cases until a few days ago when I heard someone talking about the St.Clair, Il. case.I was so appalled….the whole thing seems so unreal to be true that I started reading up on it and have become consumed with this in-despicable scam.To abuse the legal system and tax payers money is unacceptable.After reviewing Judge Robert P. LaChein’s position on this case, it appears to me that he is supporting Lightspeed’s legal actions against innocent Does.It appears that Judge LaChein is porn friendly. I believe his actions of denying motions to quash ISPs supeonas questions his integrity, since his peers in other courts have ruled differently. What are his motives?….does he have a financial interest?? My advice to all, is to start writing letters to the local papers of St.Clair County/Belleville, Il. to have this man voted out!!

  30. Numbers talk!!….there are 6500 of you Does (on this case alone)…start exposing this corruption and extortion! Write to the papers, post blogs, inform others, to get these kinds of individuals out of our judical system! Has any innocent Doe thought about notifing the News Media?? Surely the media would love to know about this scam and that Steve Jones is running Porn out of his house by a school!!

  31. Since there has yet to be a publicly released does list from either the IL 683 case or the Miami Dade case I am wondering, what are the chances that we are dealing with the same doe list for both cases? Can they do that? I mean, if the Florida case is a pure bill of discovery case then wouldn’t that be feasible if not sensible on the trolls part. I can just picture them being annoyed by the delays in the Illinois case that they said screw it and found a different outlet for the same information. Just throwing that out there. Don’t even know if that makes sense.


    Years ago I was part of a group of multi-state individuals that had to get organized to sue a corporation that was screwing us. But the reverse will work as well. This is how you do it:

    1. Sorry SJD-You need to create a seperate website for the 6500 that is identity and password protected. Use SJD’s site as a launching pad. As a kindness report back occassionally.

    2. Have telephone conferences with everyone who signs up for the new website.. Gather phone numbers of those individuals who are qualified and want to be leaders within that website to form a Board that speaks on behalf of all and have weekly meetings. In our case, the initial Board that represented hundreds was 6.

    3. Have everyone pool say $1500 to retain counsel. If only 100 Does chip in out of the 6500 you have $150,000 for a war chest to wage a major legal battle.

    4. Hire the absolute best law firm.

    • BTW-I was on the Board and the destination club I was pissed off at refunded most of my groups’s monies before going into bankruptcy. The dirt that my attorney and myself (do you doubt it?) put into the group complaint made my nemisis cry surrender immediatley. The destination club would be Ultimate Escapes.

      The point is for new Does, SJD, DTD and myself are not passing happy pills here; most of us are speaking behind hard earned experience and you would be foolish to ignore it.

    • Why sorry? I have absolutely zero ego in this activity. Sites are just technology bits that serve our goals, not the other way around.

      Although I’m a bit skeptical about this idea, I’m all for it and will do my best to help if anyone is willing to take it off the ground, in any way I can.

        • I’m not even involved in this (I’m in another large doe case) and I’d happily pay into this cause. Just tell me how it’s going and let me live vicariously through the website 🙂

  33. Dear experienced Does. I am currently one of the wrongfully accused in this lightspeed case. I did not hack, look, share any of lightspeed’s material. I am hundreds of miles away from IL and would rather burn 4000 dollars, then give it some sick pervert who shoots porn at his home. If I pay, it shows that I am guilty and I am not. I am currently in the process of filing a MTQ or MTD. What will happen if my motion is denied? Am I forced to pay or what is the best course of action?

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