Case “IO Group v. Does 1-50 Inclusive” has been voluntarily dismissed

One of few remaining IO Group v. Does cases was voluntarily dismissed this week. Congratulations to those victims who did not succumb to threats. This case was dismissed without prejudice, but today it does not make any difference: copyright trolling “business model” in failing miserably and it is not plausible that anyone from this case will be pursued in the future.

This case was somewhat famous because of two defendants:

An interesting fact is that default was entered as to 5 defendants earlier, two of them were dismissed with prejudice later, defendant Young Lin was even dismissed twice: in Document 44 and Document 52. (Effectively Mr. Sperlein invented a new legal concept — double escape from jeopardy.)

So what about the remaining three? Seems that Mr. Sperlein completely lost interest in copyright trolling, otherwise I don’t think he would miss this chance to straighten his weapon of fear.

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