Judge strikes my motion to dismiss

The motion to dismiss had been struck on procedural grounds, which is fair: a serious judge won’t allow violations of court rules.

The idea of my motions was to inform the judge on what’s going on and create some publicity, I did not expect to be treated seriously as an anonymous party: I was even surprised that my motions were filed at all.

So I feel fine at this moment, despite the fact that I expect threatening letters and calls from the troll will start arriving soon.

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4 responses to ‘Judge strikes my motion to dismiss

  1. Apparently, I am one of the 244 Chosen Ones. I received a threatening letter today, threatening me that if I better cough up or they will sue me individually, by name. I have to admit to being tempted by the offer. Their claim against me is false. However, how much is it worth to avoid the hassle of a defense?

    • Dear Jean,

      The whole point of a troll’s strategy is to coerce you into settlement. Trolls intentionally set the settlement price below the cost of litigation. All the attorneys that I talked to said that settlement is definitely much easier for a defendant than fighting. So, it is your decision whether you want to help making trolling not as easy as the trolls want it to be. I personally do understand people who have decided to avoid all the hassle related to litigation. However, I don’t want to feed the troll. That is why I have been fighting. See whether you would like to communicate with me via e-mail in addition to this blog. I would recommend you open a separate anonymous account on aol, yahoo or another provider.

  2. I did not download or distribute any movies – I had a party where some people used a laptop someone had brought – can I be held liable? I need help!! I got this letter for Sperlein. Can anyone help me??? I got the letter yesterday late & that was the last day to settle…pls help

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