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  1. Hello, I have a question. Hard Drive Productions aka the notorious “John Steele” is trying to sue me. I received a subpoena regarding 3 ip addresses that are under the same ISP account. I was wondering since they filed 3 of my ips should i file 3 motion to quash for each IP address?

    • Thanks for the info. I read one complaint (v. Rhonda Patterson). What can I say? The defendant is one of previously sued in mass troll case that was started by mega-troll Dunlap and very unfortunately was assigned to infamous pro-troll judge Beryl A. Howell, former RIAA lobbyist.

      Why the defendant was singled out? We can only speculate. The worst I could suspect is that the defendant replied to a threatening letter or phone call and made self-incriminating statements. It is also possible that defendant is relatively wealthy, so trolls hope they could extort money from her.

      Nonetheless, Elizabeth A Morgan’s picture will soon find its proper place in the Hall of Shame

      By the way, the movie that was allegedly shared has 2.1/10 rating on IMDB, so the statement (found in the complaint) that the movie “… has significant value and has been produced and created at considerable expense.” is hogwash. So sad.

  2. Thank you very much for all you do. Can you current info on the class action lawsuit against Dunlap, Grubb & Weaver? I can’t seem to find any recent information about the case – I hope this firm gets not just the kitchen sink, but the full size refrigerator & oven/stove combo thrown at them too. Again, thank you.

    • Thank you for your kind words, I’m happy to be a thorn in trolls’ butts: I believe (not without merit!) that my work here is not in vain as I convinced many not to settle, thus damaging trolls’ “business model”. And the recent drama with Ira Siegel and judge Zimmerman was a priceless reward to my efforts.

      As for the class action lawsuit adainst DGW, the war is raging on, the last docket #76 was filed on 9/7. The battle is going on on higher grounds, I see the words in the motion names that I don’t understand. Downloading the documents from Pacer would probably bankrupt me at 0.08 per page 🙂

  3. Thank you for all your info and help. It is much appreciated. I am attempting to file a motion to quash in the Northern District of California (one of the Ira Siegel cases). Just wondering if you know the necessary steps to filing anonymously. It seems like I will have to mail it into the clerk’s office instead of filing electronically. I’ve been looking at their website, but I am somewhat confused by their instructions due to the fact that I am filing anonymously and that I am unfamiliar with the entire process and what needs to be done with what type of document.

  4. Thanks again for all you do. I just wanted to let you know that there’s an Adam M. Silverstein (latest troll?) that filed these 3 John Doe cases in California Southern District Court on Sep 15; the case numbers are 3:11-cv-02143-BEN-MDD, 3:11-cv-02140-JAH-BLM, 3:11-cv-02135-AJB-JMA. Something needs to be done to stop this worsening madness – What can we ordinary citizens do to stop this, or at least make lawmakers aware of the outright abuse/fleecing that is going on?

    • I’m thinking about it. Possible actions would be:

      – Complains to bar associations
      – Directly: I’m thinking about writing a couple of templates with instructions
      – Indirectly: employing online petition tools

      – Filing numerous complaints and reviews to legal sites like (suggested by Anonymous Helper) and

      – As Rob8urcakes suggested, sending complaints to Attorney General. I’m not sure it will work though: this scam is still technically legal.

      – Sending anonymous amicus briefs to courts: the chance that they will be filed is low, but at least judges will have an opportunity to read them

      – Contacting mainstream media with questions/requests to cover – if they receive hundreds or even tens of requests, there is a chance they will cover this topic. A single NPR program about patent trolls created huge waves in the society.

      – Contacting representatives

      All these initiatives require work, good writing skills, so this should be a collective effort, this task is much bigger than I can handle – remember, this site is just my side activity, paying a debt to society as I think about it, and I have friends, family, work: I simply can’t jeopardize my life by investing more time than I do now.

      I 100% agree that enough is enough and something should be done about this epidemic soon. I’ll make a post about it soon.

      • I have received a call from Lee at Patrick Collins in regards to this case. He offered to settle this outside of court and the fee was $3,200.00.. And then, he said I would have to send a money order by 3/31/2012 if I want to get out of this case. Here’s the link for this case;

        What should I do at the moment? Any suggestions?

        • This is for discussion purposes only and does not consitute legal advice.

          The sentiments of many blog posts are to not feed the trolls.

          The first 32 of 51 Does were dismissed in February. Was there a particular weak point in the original troll motion ?

          First, the troll deadline from “Lee” is the troll’s own invented decision. The case started 6 months ago.

          Second, some of the documents, if needed, are available for free here:

          You might take a look at gov.uscourts.casd.363443.29.1.pdf in the archive. There are arguments in that memorandum about vagueness and originality that might be added to other defense points.

          Third, do these trolls really want an open court case about something called Gangbanged? Would a real jury be sympathetic ?

          Fourth, consider looking a Patrick Collins/K-Beech/Frank Collins cases in this state and others to seeing how many Does were named and served.

          Fifth, consider looking at

          A defense forensic experts mentions points including:

          “The ISP cannot determine…:
          a. whether the device using the…connection is a computer, mobile device, tablet, router, etc.
          b. the precise location of the device, since the modem can be anywhere on a subnet
          c. How many devices maybe using a particular IP address…
          d. If the MAC address is…true…or that that is spoofed….”

        • Thanks for the quick reply. Does that mean I should wait for the hearing date? By the way, sorry how I approached the question.

        • I don’t know the details here. It looks like only one ISP (AT&T) is fighting the release of Doe information here. It’s possible that the work for the troll lawyers to respond to the ISP lawyers take away from actions against individuals.

          If the Collins troll muscle is calling, either the Doe information was turned over by another ISP, or the plaintiff trolls are fishing.

          If the troll “lawfully” got a Doe’s information, the worst case is that trolls would name and serve an individual Doe. This would cost a troll time and a bit of money, with the troll aiming to increase a Doe’s fear. It’s listed on this blog and other places how often trolls actually bring Does to trial (or not). If a Doe is actually served, a response to the court is needed.

          The past pattern is that a troll makes a demand for one date, and then “raises” their price when sending additional demands.

          It’s not clear that the fight by one ISP would slow the trolls’ demands to Does from other ISP’s in the same case. It costs trolls very little to make repeated demand phone calls or send repeated demand letters.

          Definitely document any letters, emails or calls. You can tell the trolls to stop calling (and they should comply) if you answer the phone directly. Otherwise, read DTD’s or SJD’s advice and say nothing to the trolls.

          It might be helpful to call one of the DEFENSE attorneys who filed responses in this case. If they would initially discuss things for free, they might know about the dismissal of the majority of Does and other details.

          Review the FAQ here, at DTD, at EFF and other places. Keep in mind that, if needed, some lawyers will give a first consultation for free.

          Successful blocking of Doe information release by an ISP would be a major blow to the trolls. It costs the ISP’s time and money to work on discovery information for the trolls. It also can antagonize ISP customers. As the troll cases pile up, it gets worse for ISP business.

          This is for discussion purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.

  5. First I would like to commend SJD and others for this resourceful blog.
    Last week I received a letter from my ISP informing me it is being subpoena as a part of 11-cv-04776 K. Beech, Inc v. John Does 1-39 case. I was rattled but reading through this blog helped me calm down. I have not downloaded anything and I have until mid -October to file motion to quash the Subpoena else my ISP will hand over my personal contact details to the plaintiff lawyers. It is a lat firm in NYC.

    What should I do if I dont want to be dragged into this legal mess. Shall I wait it out and settle or file a motion to quash that I am bit hesitant to do.

    Anyone has any updates on this case or has been named in this one? Any imput will be much appreciated.

  6. I received a letter from Siegel requesting 2,500$ for some release. for a movie from Third Degree FIlms. Do you know anything about this?

  7. the above comment refers to this case: RFC Case Number: C-T10-5862D
    Court Case Number: 5:10-cv-05862-HRL
    File Date: Thursday, December 23, 2010
    Plaintiff: Third Degree Films, Inc.
    Plaintiff Counsel: Ira M. Siegel of Law Offices of Ira M. Siegel
    Defendant: Does 1-2010
    Cause: 17:101 Copyright Infringement
    Court: California Northern District Court
    Judge: Magistrate Judge Howard R. Lloyd

    I never received notice of subpoena from my ISP. I’ve only received the letter from siegel demanding money….

  8. i have a letter from comcast af holdings v john does has filed in district of columbia . they have identified via ip address. in the subpoena says production. you are commanded to produce at the time date and place set forth in chicago,ill. it says subpoena to produce documents,informationation or objects

    my question to you is i am in different state other than chicago and i dont live in the house where the ip address is.

    they are other students leave they but the bill is on my name.they wanted me to keep it because it was a good my question is what should i do. they have given chicago address of a lawyer and date n time to come. should i call them or send them quash. do i need to send them fees for chicago along with it.

  9. I spoke to you not too long ago about a case brought by Mr. Ira M/. Siegel in Northern California. I filed my motion to quash timely, but nothing has shown up on their court dockets that I can see. I suppose they can pick and choose what documents to accept. I filed everything properly from what I understand. For now I will wait and see what happens with this case. I have no received any threatening phone calls or letters as of yet, and being that I am not located in the state of California it may take more time for those things to find their way to me should my information be given up to Siegel. I do however have a question about the judge presiding over this case. His name is Howard R. Lloyd. I have read a little about this judge, but was wondering if you know any information about him and his past rulings and how he might treat Siegel and this type of case. Hopefully he has takes the same path as Judge Bernard Zimmerman. Any information or input would be appreciated. Thank you and hope you are well.

    • No, I don’t know anything about judge Lloyd… And even if a judge has a history of allowing scumbags to proceed, it does not mean that he will do it again: as I see, most judges are simply not aware what’s going on, but as they become educated on the matter, they do change their opinions. That happens now.

      I’m really surprised that your motion was not filed. Usually courts file anything, I bet they are bound by law to do that. Maybe it was lost in mail?

      • No I’m sure they got it because I did delivery confirmation with UPS. Perhaps I made a mistake filing that I overlooked. Either way I know the court, Siegel, and my ISP all received a copy of my motion based on the delivery confirmation I used. Still have not heard anything, and hopefully I never will. Hope you are well SJD. I will keep posting on here with regard to my situation if more details unfold.

  10. Hello guys,

    Have you had any info re the Florida cases? I have not found much information about those. My clinet has cases pending against K-Beech, Patrick Collins studios. I am not in Florida, so I do not know much of what is going on there.

    BTW, THANK YOU for this blog. It is quite excellent.

    I am re-posting some of the decisions, as well as what is happening in my case in my blog.

    • Thank you for your kind words, I linked to your blog from my “resources” page.

      Florida cases have some specifics as they are based on a “bill of pure discovery”, which is a disgrace of legal system in my opinion 🙂

      In addition to difficulties fighting these cases, it is another hardship: it’s very difficult to get any information. Florida courts are not a part of Pacer. They do provide document texts, but only at a written (not e-mail!) requests, and it costs whooping $1 per page.

      There are many comments in this thread, which is the longest thread on the blog – 400+ comments. I plan to channel future discussion to multiple pages, it is already unmanageable….

    • im involved in a case with patrick collins as well. im in michigan and have no idea what to do. any idea where i should start?

  11. Hi, I’ve received a letter from my ISP regarding a subpoena to get my IP for the “Patrick Collins vs Does 1-2590” case apparently, and have been trying to do some research into it. I stumbled across this data on, which I believe is saying the Judge is denying Motions to Quash. Should I be concerned?

    Also, note that I am on the East Coast, not in California, and as far as I can tell, there is no related case in my District.

  12. Whats your opinion on some of these lawyers offering to defend/represent these does? I have seen some suggesting that you should immediately hire one of them the moment you discover your ISP is being subpoenaed or when you get your first threat letter. It seems to me that they are simply trying to cash in on the FUD. I cant see the wisdom in paying for a lawyer until you are actually named in a suit.

    • Lawyers are a very diverse crowd. Naturally they want to make some money on defending copyright troll victims, and I wouldn’t blame a lawyer who does not say “don’t hire a lawyer (yet)”.

      The devil is in details. Or nuances. Some will push you into settling, because it is an easy and cost effective way, yet it lacks dignity and ethics. I despise this category.

      Others will consult you for free and offer very reasonable fee schedule.

      …and everything in the middle.

      Think about lawyers as doctors. If you get a stomach flu, you go to a doctor and pay, and that’s perfectly normal. But if a doctor takes your money and shares it with a grocery store so they wouldn’t be so eager in washing vegetables, that’s bad.

  13. My family was targeted way back in one of the pre-porn cases, a Dunlap Grubb & Weaver case (Maverick Entertainment) filed in DC. We got the ISP letter. We ignored it. I followed the case along and discovered that we were dismissed without prejudice back in April, a week later we got their demand letter which we ignored as well. Haven’t heard a thing since.

    I have been following Maverick cases on PACER and other sites and see that only a very small number of the cases were filed against named people in Georgia (far away from me) by an entirely different firm and lawyer.

    Now one is hard pressed to to see any activity on copyright cases filed by DG&W or the US Copyright Group.I wonder what is going on. Did they decide to get out of the game and farm some of the data out to other lawyers? Did they just change names? Is the racketeering case against them causing them to phase this stuff out?

  14. Hi, first of all thanks for the wonderful information! I received a “MASS SUBPOENA NOTIFICATION” today from Cox Communications. It’s for:

    US District Court
    for the
    Northern District of Georgia

    Patrick Collins, Inc.
    DOES 1-2590

    Civil Action No. CV-11-2766-MEJ

    I’m not sure what it’s all about but I’ve read a ton about these types of things here as well as some other sites. It looks to be the same as the others I’ve read about. It says I have until November 27, 2011 to quash or Cox will release all of my information. I, like everyone else, am a bit freaked out since it is some big legal mess apparently.

    Have you heard anything about this case? It seems like many say to ignore it, but I can’t help but worry a little since it all reads so seriously. Any info or advice? Let me know if you need more info. Thanks in advance!!

    • That same lawsuit was files in northern California, but it says until October 31 they will release the defendant informations.
      Can they file the same lawsuit in different jurisdiction like that? While one Is already going on in another jurisdiction. BTW who is the plaintiff attorney in Georgia? It’s not ira m Siegel is it?

      • The lawsuit was not filed in Georgia, it was filed in California. Cox is based in Atlanta. So, it’s possible a subpoena was issued by that court. Not too sure on the logistics.

        Regardless, it is the same lawsuit and not a different one.

        • I just received the same mass subpoena from my ISP in my state I read that the case is in California and Texas and was not yet filed in my state. I spent some time looking into this and I became sort of worried. Although it from the things that I read I should be safe as long as the case never comes to my state. Does anyone have anymore information on this case. I have heard of horrible huge lawsuits and I am already broke. If you have any information would you please contact me at johndoe1.2590@gmail.​com. My case is with Ira M. Siegel too.

    • Thank you for visiting and bringing my attention to I heard about Getty Images cases, but did not have a chance to look at the details yet. Although we fight with different troll species, they all have many common features and use similar methods: the core of their “business” is based on the abuse of the law and tactics borrowed from the mafia.

      I’ll definitely stop by to say hello and read the discussions.

      Unethical greedy lawyers and companies are better equipped, but we have a powerful weapon in our disposal: publicity. I believe that victories on out frontiers benefit everyone, thus spreading the word is essential. Keep up the good fight,


      I linked your forums from my Resources page.

  15. hi, my name is gary from CANADA ,these trolls are in canada from the movie HURTLOCKER,i have no idea this is a big business in the U.S.what can canadian do to protest themself??

  16. SDJ, again THANKS for all you do! Florida’s bill of discovery is attracting all the trolls, & she’s being bombarded with case after case. Is there anything we, as a group could do to stem, stop, or curb this abuse of the legal system?

    Do you have any new information on the class action lawsuit against DGW & Co? There are more than a few Does waiting for a judgement against them, thus opening the payback door. Then it will be the Does turn to sue each & every troll!

    Keep fighting the good fight!

  17. I’m Canadian. What if I have an open wireless router and neighbors download a movie. And if I receive a lawsuit for example for downloading the Hurt Locker movie. What steps should one take? Thanks.

  18. We’re part of this law suit as well and we have nothing to do with this. It was my wife’s name that the law suit was issued to. I’m not even from Northern California. I’m glad that the Judge has issued this order. That troll has a couple of days to do what he needs to do and I hope and pray that he fails.

    • Thanks for posting about CV-11-2766-MEJ. I am involved as well and this order reads like good news to me. Please keep us all posted about future news associated with this case or inform us about the means to find updates for ourselves.

      Thanks again!

      • I’m also involved in the CV-11-2766-MEJ case, and there was an order issued today that I think effectively kills the current case, although it opens the avenue for multiple smaller cases in the appropriate jurisdictions. It also orders the troll to stop sending settlement demands, send everyone they have already demanded settlement from this order by the 14th, and renders settlements received on or after this date ineffective.

        Click to access gov.uscourts.cand.241533.77.0.pdf

        • Thanks for the post, I am also part of this catastrophe…I spoke to 2 lawyers and basically was told to pay them so they can settle for me…both links makes me somewhat hopeful, I really cant afford 5k to feed the lawyers esp in this economy especially when I didn’t download/have a bittorrent account. I hope the case will just fall to pcs…and be over with…

  19. Good read. I am glad I found this. When I was forwarded the extortion email from my isp I was immediately weary. I have the pleasure of dealing with Ira the troll. I am glad that I have more info on him that he will likely ever have on me. I cannot belive that what they are doing is legal. They are putting their own copyrighted material up for christs sake. Not to mention the vast majority of it is pornography that is open for download by anyone including children. This is dispicable. I hope these guys all fry. I wonder if the porn companies are even trying to sell their stuff anymore or if they are banking on making their money in court or through extortion. I will keep this site on my radar and just hope this all goes away.
    Keep fighting the good fight!

  20. I’m part of the CV-11-2766-MEJ also. received paperwork last week about ISP releasing information unless i quash. Should I do anything at this point? I’m been freaking out for last two days, having trouble sleeping all i can think about is this. I’m not in Cali either.

    • Don’t freak out. There’s really nothing you can do at this point except watch and wait and, most importantly, read up and learn. Peruse this site and the links it provides and be informed. The trolls getting your info is far from the end of the world. If they end up contacting you just don’t incriminate yourself or agree to settle with them. Save any letters they send you and if you find yourself on the phone simply state that you don’t know what they’re talking about and/or tell them they can speak to your attorney. The only time one should “freak” is if you receive an official direct court summons actually from the state court, but odds are this will never happen.

      • I want to send a quash, but confused on how to, do I just send the quash file modified to the court or do I also need some type of like cover letter? Also just sign it John doe? I know I also need to send one to the plaintiff. Check FAQ but i’m confused.

        Also when i send a copy for my ISP do i keep that one anonymous also?

  21. I have been reviewing the case History for K-Beech vs John Does 1-37, since I think I am John Doe # 36… forget at this point since all I have recieved until now are phone calls from Abramson’s office. My understanding is, that K-beech did not own a copyright at the time of the alleged offences. I cannot afford an attorney, I understand that you cannot provide legal advice. But the truth has to count for something I imagine. My question. Since K-beech has dismissed many cases on this issue already from previous John Does that have moved to quash this, can I simply appear in court if summoned and ask the judge to dismiss this case on the grounds that when the offence took place K – beech did not hold a copywrite to the offending material? Do I have to submit any memos or paperwork etc? Thanking anyone with helpful Information…

  22. Thanks for your insights, I am one of those guys who should have read information here first and taken no action later. I responded to the web site, “Copyright Enforcement Group” informing them that I had an open network at our restaurant and that I had no idea that someone had downloaded copyrighted material. [ What I wrote: (“We operate a restaurant and have had open WI-FI for our guests. Apparently this is not a good idea. I have suspended the open network until we can get some type of control (perhaps a password system for guests, Thanks for bringing this to our attention we do not condone this abuse of our open network)].

    I feel real silly that I am always telling my employees to not react, but to respond to situations. I think the idea that I am personally innocent of this copyright infringement allegation (and if I was guilty I would pay) really bothered me and the fear really began to motivate me to seek some solution (reacting).

    Probably I will be ignoring this unless something else develops. I am just now concerned that these guys know more about me and I am a better target.

    • Your response included good faith and a sense of fairness. The troll tactics usually rely on other means, which is one reason they are trolls.

      The trolls may call with demands. The cost of making demands is low, compared to a few payouts They may call everyone anyway.

      They may make the argument that the WiFi should have been secured, so you should pay. That bad reasoning would make any public WiFi provider a defendant. Would they sue Starbucks? That would be a hard case to make.

      You have more information now, so it would be an uphill battle for the trolls.

  23. i have been issued copies of a supoena from patrick collins to my internet provider. they want my information from them. my internet provider said if i dont file to quash, they will provide it to them. what would be my first step at adressing this issue? not sure what to do, but im leaning toward just ignoring it. i would hate to have it bite me in the ass later though. any sugestions or thoughts welcome and appreciated. ……..thanks,

  24. Try this one from

    The Motion to quash can be found here but be sure to modify it to the allegations of the complaint

    I’m not sure what state you reside in but this may be applicable as well if you live in a state that follows the copyright “application approach” when it comes to quashing subpoenas
    and this

    Good luck with your motion!

  25. Hello,
    I have recevd my letter from Prenda()they have my name address and email address. The letter has the form demand letter which states thesuit was filed in the northern district of California, but the suiot was filed in DC. It is the AF Holdings v Does 1-1140. Cox is the isp. The letter has a settlement agreement that says teh venue is Northern District of Illinois, and I am a resident ogf Arizona. From what I have been reading it seems my best option right ow is a motion to dismiss for lack of personal jurisdiction. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Also is there a template for this motion and how & where do i file it
    Thank you!

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  27. Can you send a motion to quash to comcast without actually filing it? This way Comcast knows you filed or about too…and prenda law can’t do anything until the court forces them to do so?

    • Comcast probably double checks the court docket and the troll is hounding the ISP for the info so I doubt a simple ruse like that would work.

  28. In a letter from my internet company RCN~ Neustar, the designated agent of RCN Telecom Services ~was supposedly authorized to respond to a civil proceeding supoena from attorney Alejandra Albuerne and that questions should be directed to him. Then a Bill Higgins, who supposedly is a representative of the client ~ “Third Degree Films, Inc” called saying that “a settlement agreement” of $2,840.00 was to be paid to the law firm of Keith Lipsomb, Esq. They’re saying we illegally download a pornographic film, Sunday, 8/28/11 @ 2:23pm. They say they got this info from our IP address. This is a scam and we didn’t do this. A lawyer we saw will charge twice this amount to handle our case and will “talk them down” to anywhere around $1000. We were mortified. We responded to an email that we know nothing of this, it could be a scam and they’d be hearing from our lawyer. Since they haven’t heard back from us, we’ve gotten 2 calls saying they haven’t hear from us. What will happen if we just don’t respond? They check is due this Monday, 2/27/12. Please advise.

    • Welcome to the club of 250,000+ extortion victims… Read FAQ, articles and comments, especially “Florida cases“. In the Florida discussion pay attention to comments by Richard M. Viscasillas, Esq. He is an attorney who handles these cases efficiently, i.e. tries to pool defendants to split the costs.

      Also you could elect to do nothing – it is not the worst case of action if a) you are strong enough to withstand harassing calls and don’t tell anything self-incriminating (see a great DieTrollDie’s advice); and b) your alleged(!) connection to a porn case won’t damage your reputation: crooks can call your work and relatives, so it is advisable to educate your co-workers about the scam in advance (trolls’ collection methods are extremely error-prone, so it shouldn’t be difficult to convince people that you are innocent).

      Never contact a troll by yourself.

      Again, read more, find yourself converted from “scared” to “pissed off”, don’t allow crooks to impact your life. Spread the word.

    • If you miss the deadline they just threaten you more. Then threaten you more. And that’s pretty much it. They probably use lies, misrepresentation and fraud in their correspondence as well. These scumbags have opened themselves to a lot of liability and their time is coming.

    • Right. The “deadlines” the troll callers mention are concocted by them. As friend Anonymous says, the threats continue, usually with escalating money demands to make the threats seem more serious. I agree with SJD’s perspective.

      Also, a defense lawyer asking $5600 to negotiate down a troll extortion fee in a Doe case is a ridiculous rate. Even for a distinguished intellectual property lawyer with a boutique practice, it’s really high. The time for negotiations might amount at a couple thousand dollars per hour to your attorney. Maybe the attorney was talking about a refundable retainer where the actual work would be billed at a much lower hourly rate, with the rest returned.

  29. Would you please email me the file for the “Motion to Quash/Modify Subpoena”? I need to file a motion to modify a client’s subpoena. Ever time I try and access it from your page your site causes my computer to lock up and crash. I’ve attempted this a dozen times on your site and the same thing happens every time.



  30. I would like to be added to you Resource list as an attorney available to represent individuals accused of having illegally uploaded and downloaded copyrighted works in violation of copyright law. I have practiced Internet and copyright law for more than a decade. My office is located in Tallahassee, Florida.
    Thank you for your kind consideration,
    William R. Wohlsifer, Esq.

  31. I settled out of court with Third Degree Films. Now Patrick Collins is wanting their pound of flesh.
    Can I expect to be bled dry, one after another?

  32. I want to sue the you know what out of Prenda Law Firm for harassment, legal extortion and whatever else I can come up with. We are part of the John Doe 1140. But the curious thing is this, during the time this supposedly happened, we had a huge storm and NO POWER! We lost all of our fish and food as the power was out for three days. This Mark Lutz continues to call my personal cell phone number instead of the one given us by Comcast and I finally called back to tell him to stop calling my number as it is my husband he is suing and we ARE NOT playing his extortion games. I also told him that I was sure I was on a recorded line and that he needed to cease and desist all telephonic communications and only send correspondence by mail. He began to ask me if my husband wanted to go to court for the next three years and I told him we weren’t going to court that the case was dismissed! He then started to ask if we owned a home, a car, and I cut him off right away and told him not to call me and that none of that was his business! I was very snarly and I ended up cussing him out! Probably not smart on my part, but nonetheless, he angered me! So, with that being said who can I contact to file a class action law counter suit against him and his cronies to set an example of how these idiots try to take good people and extort money from them. My son battled cancer for two years, I am out of work because of it and now some low life troll wants to make us miserable with his foolish and insignificant threats! I just would like to have some information as to a good lawyer that wants to make a name for themselves as well as set an example. I live in Georgia! Thank you so much for your helpful blog! Its good to know we are not the only ones being harassed by this pig!

    • You can also go to the section on Georgia for this blog. On the Discussions tab at the top of the pages, selecting cases by state, and then Georgia.

      Graham Syfert is admitted practice in Georgia & Florida. Look at the list under resources at the top of the page. He provided motion to quash document forms for Doe defendants working on their own (“pro se”). I have no direct experience with him. Check the links above for other choices

      Keep records as much as you can about the phone calls, and even look into recording future calls if they come.

      You can contact the George Governor’s Office of Consumer Protection-there are laws (both state and federal) that restrict what a creditor can do after they have been told to stop calling:

  33. My ISP was subpoena’d to give up my information by a company accusing me of downloading a film on bittorrent. I spoke with a lawyer and decided it would be in my best interests to settle, so I called the attorney of the plaintiff. I gave them my IP address, not my name or address or any other information. They reduced my settlement amount from $2900 to $2000, told me that my ISP would be releasing my information in a week(2 months ago) and that I would receive a second letter from them around 3/10/12 describing my options of either settling for the $2000, paid in one payment or two $1000 payments, or I could take the issue to court.

    She said I would have 2 weeks after I received the letter to make those payments. I did not receive the second letter, and still have not heard back from the plaintiff’s attorney since I made my phone call.

    Should I call them back? Could I have been dropped from the case? Could my ISP have decided not to give up my information? Or is this just being delayed, and I should continue to wait for the letter?

    • This comment is for discussion purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.

      Some ideas for Comment 7609:

      -Whether you have decided or not to make any contact and dealings with the trolls, be very careful. There was no good faith by the troll in starting the case. It’s risky to depend on good faith by trolls along the way.

      -I’m not sure how you called the trolls and received mail from the troll without giving information about yourself. Keep information about yourself hidden if you decide to make more contact.

      -Troll plaintiffs and troll lawyers pulling strings (maybe not the attorney on record) differ from case to case. Some things will vary group to troll group.

      -If there has been a reliable lawyer advising you, how about contacting them again for guidance ? If your lawyer does not have copyright experience and experience in these video troll cases, call one or more who do. Many give free initial consultations.

      -If you are not doing this already, follow your case on RFC Express, PACER and the web.
      Go to the Discussions tab at the top of this page, choose DISCUSSIONS BY STATE, chose your state and reader what others have to say. If you like, join in.

      -You can look for other cases by the same troll plaintiff or the same troll lawyer. See what’s happened in your state and other states.

      -Based on other reports, it is suspicious that a troll gives a large price drop to a Doe making contact directly. The pattern reported by some is that lawyers for the Doe defendants arrange lower settlement offers than individual Does.

      Checking the case may give some clue about a delay in the troll offer. There could be a court of judge who tends to rule in favor of the Does, a weakness in the case, a challenge to the trolls that is a problem or something else behind the trolls lowering their price. Maybe the trolls are disorganized and busy making trouble for other citizens.

      This is even more reason to FOLLOW your case and get advice from one or more lawyers with experience in these cases.

      -If needed, the option of using a lawyer to contact or deflect (or fight) the trolls or negotiate with trolls remains open.

      -The troll cash machine wants to move quickly to collect. Maybe something is going on. Getting more information and expert advice may help.

      • I received a letter from my ISP, not the plaintiff, stating that they were going to release my information in a certain number of days because of a subpoena for this case. I contacted the lawyers from an unlisted number to negotiate my settlement amount. I got lucky early on and was able to talk with a pretty well known copyright lawyer and receive some free consultation, but I’m afraid that if I go back to him again the consultation won’t be so free.

        I’ve been following the case, but I’m really not sure what all the jargon means.

        Also, there isn’t a listing for my state above(I’m certainly not in maryland or D.C. where the subpoena came from).

        • Welcome to the club of 250,000+, I’m sure you’ll find yourself relatively at ease after you read and understand more about this ongoing mega-scam.

          It does not matter where you are from (well, it does since it is clearly a wrong jurisdiction situation), discussions are organized by the state where lawsuits are filed. So your case is discussed in the “Maryland” thread.

          Your state only matters if the crooks decide to go after you individually in proper jurisdiction. To do that they have to have a local troll lawyer. Some states are full of trolls, but some are clean of that disease so far. I’m not aware of any trolling case in your state, so in my opinion waiting it out is the best strategy (you will be a subject to harassing calls, but if you follow a simple rule – don’t talk to them, or say only absolute minimum).

  34. Hey I need a little help. My younger sister is being sued for over $1 million dollars by Charter Communications because I believe they are being sued by a porn company. Before you jump to conclusions about my 20 year old sister, she hasn’t been living at this apartment since mid December. She was a sophomore at University of Nevada Reno but came back home to live with my parents and attend a local junior college. The internet bill was in her name when they moved in back in August and remained in her name even after she moved out. Her roommates just sent her money each month. My sister lived with 3 other girls so i doubt any of them were downloading porn either. Maybe they’re wireless network got hacked by a neighbo? Maybe a boyfriend was coming over and downloading porn? Any advice or insight would be helpful

    • I think it’s unlikely that she is being sued by anyone for 1MM at this point. You may want to share more details of the paperwork received, without posting anything that can personally identify them or their location. The way you described the situation, it would not be a good one for the trolls to press towards litigation. They don’t want an IP that is being accessed by a large number of people. You may want to instruct the roomates not to talk to anyone. None of this is legal advice. Many of the lawyers discussed on this site will give free initial consultations.

      • Actually there are people being sued for $1M…way more than $1M. Take a look at this one:

        Bubble Gum Productions, LLC v. Does 1 – 60
        Assigned to: Judge Nancy F. Atlas
        Demand: $100,000,000

        That’s in Texas. The troll McIntyre should be thrown in the nut hut because $100M in statutory damages is in-fucking-sane. There’s another Bubble Gum Productions case in ILND but I can’t see what the demand is. I think it was $100M as well, but it’s not on the docket. Duffy’s the lead on that one.

    • Agree. Need a little more information to make a proper assessment. Find out the case number and we can take a look. As the DMCA protects service providers unless they fail to take action against a complaint, I doubt the ISP is being sued. More likely one of the standard copyright troll cases against John Does. Pass her the link to this site and mine – A good place to start is at

      • This is also not legal advice, only for discussion.

        Make sure your sister understands to AVOID speaking to the troll lawyers or representatives. Even though innocent, they may try to find words to use against a Doe.

        If it’s her name on the account, the emphasis is on responding if necessary to the allegation. Consider putting aside a search for an alleged infringer. Some trolls have felt free to go after account holder anyway:

        It costs a troll extortion racket almost nothing to make phone calls or send emails with cash demands. A young adult probably has little experience with nasty abusers of legal process.

        If your sister did not receive a document from the ISP with case number information and some date and time of the allegation, she should contact her ISP’s legal department (not the Troll attorney) to get the information.

        You can look for case information on RFC, select the state involved from the drop down menu:

      • Thanks guys, I will pass along the information to my sister and parents. I will also post more information/specifics here as I receive it from my sister. I’m going to have them scan and email me the letter that they got a couple weeks ago from the ISP (Charter). Fortunately, it’s in my sisters name and her assets are pretty non-existent.

        My sister said the porno company troll gave her a call on her cell phone today, so Charter must have released her info to them. The troll told her that she needed to get a lawyer and there was a court date set for April 13th.

        • Alright I got some details. Case number is 11-42403 CA06. The plaintiff is Nucorp LTD. I also have the name of the law firm as well as the name of the lawyer that spoke with my sister this morning (not sure if that will be helpful to anyone)

          I think my parents and sister didn’t know WTF the letter from Charter was about a few weeks ago so they didn’t respond to it, and then of course Charter released my sister’s info. I only found out about this today. Wish I had known about it when the initial letter came. I’m a noob at this obviously, but I would told them to contact the ISP immediately.

        • Thanks everyone for your help, especially Joe, DTD, and sophisticatedjanedoe. I took the time to read all of the links you guys provided and some outside other outside sites that this site and and DTD link to.

          Please, anyone, correct me if I’m wrong, but this is my I understanding of what’s going on:

          Lipscomb, Eisenberg, and Baker, P.L. (the Trolls) on behalf of NuCorp LTD (The Porn Company and the plaintiff) are taking advantage of a State of Florida law called the “Pure Bill of Discovery” to subpoena ISPs to get them to release the personal information of their allegedly infringing subscribers.

          Now that the Trolls have my sister’s information, the case (meaning the “Pure Bill of Discovery”) is over and all the Trolls can really do is harass her by calling her cell phone and sending letters in the mail.

          And in order to recover “damages” they would need to file a separate federal civil lawsuit in the proper jurisdiction, which would likely be Nevada. From what you guys are telling me, it is very unlikely that the Trolls aren’t going to file a civil case in the proper Federal Court. Why is that? Why is it unlikely? I understand that these scumbag lawyer Trolls make a business model out of scaring and intimidating ordinary citizens into settling out of court because harassing people doesn’t cost a whole lot of money on their end, but what can stop them from pursuing it?

          I’m trying to convince my parents to not do anything. They, especially my Mom, want to pay a $1200 flat rate to have Lalchandani-Simon ( represent my sister and get them to try to get the Trolls to dismiss this. Lalchandani and Simon seem like pretty reputable and legitimate lawyers who want to stop this kind of BS from happening, but I figure why spend any money at all when the Trolls most likely won’t decide to file a Federal civil case in Nevada. If my sister’s information wasn’t already revealed, I’d probably have a different opinion, but since it already is, it’s to late to have them file a Motion to Quash. The way I see it is do nothing and the Troll will do nothing, or pay Lalchandani and Simon $1200 to spare my sister a couple months worth of harassment and the Troll will do nothing. Am I right in thinking this/feeling this way?

          Also, I guess the Troll that my sister talked to said that on April 13th the Trolls will be having a “Suit Review” of the 246 different people. Not sure exactly what the means, but I’m guessing that where they decided which ones to pursue and file a Federal civil suit against.

  35. Alright I got some details. Case number is 11-42403 CA06. The plaintiff is Nucorp LTD. I also have the name of the law firm as well as the name of the lawyer that spoke with my sister this morning (not sure if that will be helpful to anyone)

    I think my parents and sister didn’t know WTF the letter from Charter was about a few weeks ago so they didn’t respond to it, and then of course Charter released my sister’s info. I only found out about this today. Wish I had known about it when the initial letter came. I’m a noob at this obviously, but I would told them to contact the ISP immediately.

  36. Has your sister returned to Nevada? It would be useful to know in which state your sister resides because quite a few states have very limited or nonexistent trolling activity which, in turn, informs a risk assessment.

    • For determining jurisdiction, the address of the allegedly infringing IP account may be more important. Otherwise, a doe would move to a not many lawyers, not many civil cases, troll free state.

    • She is and always has been a California resident. Since leaving Reno in December, she has returned to CA and has not returned to NV. The allegedly infringing IP address that Charter released to the trolls is in NV. They also have her cell phone and I’m assuming they probably also have the address she was living at in Reno

      • Brian, In the interest of saving you a little research time ( but at the risk of being redundant )… I will restate: The Pure Bill of Discovery cases are simply that – Discovery ( of IP owner’s info, in this case ). They would need to file a separate lawsuit to actually recover “damages”. To be of much concern, that suit would need to have proper jurisdiction ( likely NV ). Doesn’t look like much troll activity in NV. Righthaven LLC and Liberty Media, but not recent ( 7/11 most recent ).

  37. My family has been received a subpoena notice from my cable company from Florida. I was had a few questions. Does anyone have news on the lawsuit in Miami-Dade County or know where I can stay updated on that particular case? We received the letter a couple weeks ago. Should I contact an attorney in MI, where I live, or FL? So far we received one phone call that I know of and no settlement letters that I know of. Any advice?

  38. This is going to be a dumb question so I apologize in advance. I wanted to ask advice on a particular case but I’m not seeing an email address for the nice people offering to help.

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