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    • With the positive news about Magistrate Judge Brown’s opinion in NY, I hope this does not get lost:

      Paul A. Lesko of Simmons Cooper LLC is filing a claim for the porn studio West Coast Productions for the “useful work” ‘Super Anal Black Cougars’.

      Does a firm ( Simmons Cooper LLC) that claims $ 4 billion in settlements need to be doing this stuff ?

      This is a MASS case-442 Does-with improper jurisdiction. The plaintiff’s filing indicates numerous Does are out of state and some are in the Missouri Western Court’s jurisdiction.

      The filing essentially admits improper jurisdiction, and is misleading the court:

      “This court has personal jurisdiction over Defendants because not only are SOME of the Defendants residents of this State, including upon information and belief in this District, but because all of the Defendants conspired….” [capitalization of “some” added]


      Click to access gov.uscourts.moed.120099.1.0.pdf

      Trolls trying to pull the same failed tricks in different jurisdictions. Will Federal Court judges get outraged that trolls are forum shopping their deceptions for two years ?

        • From last night’s pro-troll rant over a t DTD:

          “I hear he even appears at other hearings and whispers little helpful tidbits in other Trolls ears in certain Western states (which is why they are starting to work even there)”

          Any thoughts from a troll intelligence expert? Could there be some sort of affiliation as Lesko and O’Malley practice law (troll) in St. Clair County? Is this yet another situation where someone at Prenda stupidly gives us info which can be developed and shoved up their ass?

        • Anyone know where John Steele honeymooned last year? Could it have been the Seychelles? I have never been but have heard they are lovely.

  1. Paul (Anal) Lesko strikes again with a new XPAYS, INC case in the Missouri Eastern District Court.


    The film is probably the Paris Hilton sex tape again.

    As far as I can tell XPAYS, INC does not actual produce anything, they appear to be just some adult webmaster compnay.

    Also they were sued by Microsoft back in 2003 for their unsolicited spamming practices using Hotmail.

    Click to access msxpays61603cmp.pdf

  2. Also of noticeable mention, several IP addresses were dismissed by the plaintiff in July. They were all Sprint PCS customers and most of them were from Kansas City, MO or outlying areas. I wonder if Sprint contacted the troll and had them removed or settled upon, or are those IP addresses related to the troll somehow and are those IP addresses perhaps a source of the data fishing attack? Could it be that those IP addresses were controlled by the plaintiff as a decoy or a setup?

  3. Paul “Anal” Lesko filed another suit in MO today. Plaintiff I’ve never heard of and as far as I can tell, it’s their first suit:

    Immoral Productions, LLC v. Does 1-29

  4. Paul “Anal” Lesko is at it again. He filed two new suits in Missiouri today. The plaintiff is Purzel Video GmbH. They have a classy website that I can’t post but it’s described as “Purzel Video ist deutscher Amateur Erotik und Porno DVD Produzent”. I don’t understand how they can file for a foreign company. How is anyone supposed to depose the plaintiff is they pull a Fantalis? I can’t even find that company in the US Copyright database.

  5. Paul “Anal” Lesko is now filing on behalf of reFX software. Two suits filed today aginst 80 and 100 does. It looks like they make mixing software for music. No offense, but who the hell is monitroing downloads of this stuff?! Porn, music, or blockbusters I can understand but this seems like such a wierd company to employy the likes of copyright trolls.

    • As the easy money from porn infringement lawsuits drys up thanks to heightened public and judicial awareness, the harvesters and their trolls are exploring new avenues for revenue..

  6. Hi.
    I have information from a good friend at California, that Porn companies are seeding servers around the USA with a lot of bittorrent content. With HD content and also valid files with a lot of different files´ names in order to motivate dowloading of files and then try to begin a massive Jon Doe´ using his trolls lawyers companies.

    This information was also validated by different hosting companies, that just realized that their servers are being filled by torrent porn files by companies itself in a effor to increase the file dowloading.

    This is because they are not able to sell the titles through internet or adult stores. They are playing a dangerous game!

    • Seeding (a honeypot scam) is no surprise, given other troll actions in these schemes. We know for at least some cases that the “forensic” “software” groups are the major players. Please give thought to gathering the specifics and conveying them to leading Doe defense lawyers, SJD, DTD and others. You might discuss with SJD and others how to document and get information into the record. Good evidence may immediately make the cases of Does easier, in addition to later consequences for trolls.

      One reminder: https://torrentfreak.com/evidence-against-bittorrent-users-slammed-in-court-110824/

  7. I / my mother just got a letter from lesko about us being one of 91 persons whome illegally uploaded ( chubby teens 1) from 😦
    Anyone have more info on this ?

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