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Yet another lawfirm sues its former client Malibu Media

A notorious porn copyright troll XArt/Malibu Media used multiple lawfirms to extort money from alleged pirates over the last decade. First it was Lipscomb Eisenberg and Baker (now “Lipscomb Partners“), then Pillar Law, and, until recently, Lomnitzer Law Firm P.A., which ceased the representation in August 2019. The two former relationships ended scandalously: Lipscomb and Malibu sued each other in 2016 and there is now an ongoing dispute between Colette Pelissier (X-Art’s owner) and Pillar. Also, X-Art is being sued by an investor.

Now Lomnitzer Law has followed suit and sued Malibu for breach of contract demanding $280,058.32 plus interest (The Lomnitzer Law Firm, P.A. v. Malibu Media, LLC, FLSD 20-cv-80027-RKA):

Beginning at a date presently unknown, Malibu instructed attorneys in various jurisdictions that were representing Malibu in the nationwide litigation that was being coordinated by the Firm to by-pass the Firm and to remit settlement monies from such litigation other than to the Firm while still expecting the Firm to pay court filing fees, process server fees, etc., all incurred for and on behalf of and for the benefit of Malibu.

There are no good guys here: Lorri Lomnitzer should have known that the Malibu Media legal campaign was highly unethical. When vermin eat each other, decent people win.

Note a familiar name in the complaint:

Client [Malibu], beginning at a date unknown to the Firm, engaged attorney Jason (Jay) Kotzker to handle various matters including resolution of the failure of Client to pay the Firm’s invoices

The fact that Kotzker has not been disbarred reflects poorly on Colorado and New York Bar Associations.


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13 responses to ‘Yet another lawfirm sues its former client Malibu Media

  1. Just when you thought Prenda Law had dug as low as anyone could go. At least the worst Steele and Hansmeier did was manage to get their copyright-holding plaintiffs to fear for their legitimacy. It takes a special kind of fucked up to get sued by not one, but two of your enforcement arms, AND your investors.

    I hope Colette is housing you in a reasonably-sized mansion with a wine cellar, Franziska!

  2. I’m just wondering at what point the evidence of tracking that’s been entered into US courts is used for individual criminal charges and extradition requests regarding GDPR breaches in the EU

    The way they track and the nets they cast means that CANNOT AVOID pulling up EU citizens and residents in their tracking.

  3. It’s a shame SJD doesn’t really run this site anymore, but Leonard French has been keeping a close watch on Malibu Media. Apparently the business and marriage are in shambles because Malibu Media refused to pay someone they harassed.

    I’d offer sympathy, but I’d probably herniate myself from the effort required.

  4. It’s anyone’s guess who runs this site. My best assumption is that SJD keeps this website alive with regular payments of hosting fees, just so we have another archive for the legacies that Prenda Law and Malibu Media have left behind, showcasing copyright trolls at their absolute worst. Certainly, those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it, and ordinary citizens are behooved to ensure the likes of Liebowitz and Nicoletti don’t get away with scamming grandmothers.

    The Malibu Media situation, at least, continues to be an entertaining one. After whining that she had no money to pay for an actual attorney, Colette got her money appropriated by the judge when the payment processor was ordered to pay Colette’s money towards the defendant she’d harassed and refused to provide evidence against. Now she’s claiming to have an army of lawyers who specialize in fraud of all things, going after the defendant, the judge, and several major media outlets for distress and attempting to defraud her… somehow. It’s going to be very entertaining watching her plummet down the rabbit hole.

  5. We’re compiling evidence starting with Kerry Culpepper that moves up the chain of command to Guardaley and APMC.

    Any background that may be shared to this end can be sent to:

    Include the phrase “RICO” in the header.

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