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Former Malibu Media attorney Paul Nicoletti found guilty on four counts of bank fraud

NicolettiFormer attorney Paul Nicoletti

Today, after deliberating for about 1.5 hours, a Detroit jury found a former porn copyright troll Paul Nicoletti (X-Art / Malibu Media) guilty on four counts of bank fraud. This prosecution was not related to Nicoletti’s porn trolling activity, although these events were not surprising: copyright trolling attracts all kinds of shady people.

Nicoletti was indicted in June 2015. After that, in what appears to be attempts to game the system, he managed to secure a delay after delay: I lost the count of judge’s orders to postpone trial and how many public defenders Nicoletti fired to buy more time.

I covered the indictment and subsequent events until I stopped about a year ago. If you are curious, you can fill the gaps by looking at the docket: you’ll find some interesting documents there (e.g., this one).

In this case the proverbial wheels of justice have been grinding particularly slow.

The sentencing was set to 9/24/2019.



On 5/29/2019, the Michigan Disciplinary board automatically suspended Nicoletti’s law license. In the meantime, Nicoletti stays defiant and plans to file a Rule 29(c) Motion for a Judgment of Acquittal.

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10 responses to ‘Former Malibu Media attorney Paul Nicoletti found guilty on four counts of bank fraud

  1. Hes a piece of garbage, wish the same would happen to Mary Schulz in Illinois, these are the lowest forms of life on earth

  2. Hi, Franziska. How’s Colette doing? Still claiming Nicoletti’s a star lawyer? My condolences to you and your employer having to settle for a slightly cheaper mansion. The horror!

  3. That Motion for Acquittal looks like he is getting all the ducks lined up for an appeal, would that stay the conviction and sentencing?

    glad Nicoletti, not taxpayers are paying for the latest new lawyer.

    A real sicko, still can’t man-up !

  4. Nicoletti is indeed a crook, a real slimball. He has cheated and defrauded almost everyone he has dealt with in his life including me. A real embarrassment to the legal profession if not to the human race. I look forward to attending his sentencing.

  5. Page 15 of Defendant Nicoletti’s Motion for Judgement of Acquittal states:
    “The government failed to establish any evidence that Mr. Nicoletti made any false statement, or knowingly conspired with anyone else to make such a false statement to Fifth Third Bank. The loan applications were submitted to Fifth Third Mortgage Michigan. The transactions were all conducted with Fifth Third Mortgage Michigan. The loans were funded by, at least from the borrows end, Fifth Third Mortgage Michigan. At no time, like the defendant in Perez Cebellos, did Mr. Nicoletti make any fraudulent representations to the bank.”

    Really, are these 2 relying on gullibility of Judge Victoria Roberts?

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