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Advertisement: help to put a human face on the copyright trolling problem

If you are a copyright troll’s victim, current or former, you can help to end the trolling plague.

Copyright Troll

With Prenda’s demise, copyright trolling disease may not be in its acute phase any longer. But the virus has mutated and adapted, and the infection is now chronic. Granted, fewer people are victimized these days compared to wild times of lawsuits that lumped together hundreds and even thousands of defendants. But for individual victims, the illness is no less damaging.

Thanks to outdated laws and opportunistic parasites who abuse them, careers and families are still being steamrolled over minor copyright violations (or even when there are no violations), and money continues to flow from the pockets of productive US citizens to lawyers’ bank accounts, and to foreign “investors.”

Today’s problem is less visible, but some are still working to cure the judicial system of this sickness forever. There are forces out there that are not happy with the status quo and that want to make a change.

For that, troll victims, former or current, need to come forward.

While the number of copyright shakedown victims is estimated to be half a million, it is difficult to find motivated public speakers. I understand that the majority just want to leave their nightmarish experiences behind them. Many are concerned about their future employment and personal relationships, especially if their stories involve pornography. Some just don’t believe in justice any longer — after the state, instead of protecting them, helped crooks with law diplomas to “legally” deplete their kids’ college funds.

However, I’m sure that some victims are not afraid to come forward to help end this plague.

If you want to share your story with wider audience and are not afraid to do it under your real name, please contact me. I’m talking about the mainstream media coverage and even lobbying the Congress. You can make a difference.

All the rest: stay intrigued.

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5 responses to ‘Advertisement: help to put a human face on the copyright trolling problem

  1. I hope many come forward, maybe past Jane/John Does could share? If current John or Jane Does speak out, would that hurt them in any way? I would like to hear why there wasn’t so much push back in Northern California (after reviewing the Excel Chart).

    • Past defendants can definitely share to the extent their non-disclosure agreements allow (in case they settled). Those who are being sued now and represented should consult their attorneys. It won’t harm pro se defendants to tell me their stories now: no one will push them to go public today (or later, if they are uncomfortable). I’m just an intermediary here, and there are lawyers among the people on the other end.

  2. I have followed this for over 2 years when I was caught up in this charade. I hired a lawyer and paid the ransom to protect my privacy–risk was just too great. I’m still in a position where the risks are great and real, so I don’t think I can help. However, I do admire all the work you and others are doing to right this gross abuse of the system. I will continue to watch very closely.

  3. I managed to fight MM off as a Pro Se, managing to shield my name in the process as well. Not only that but I also managed to get them to do a good bit of work in legal fees and they did not get a dime from me. It would not have been possible without this site. I have supported the site by sharing some research and the occasional donation. Privacy is still my utmost concern but I will happily stand (in the shadows) behind who ever steps forward.

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