Digital freedom

This video is no longer available…

I often play with Photoshop, making funny collages and parodies. This time my quick idea became unexpectedly popular, so I thought it would be worth to preserve my 15 minutes of Internet fame here. For posterity.

This video is no longer available due to DMCA abuse by the purported rights holder. Sorry about that.



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3 responses to ‘This video is no longer available…

  1. As someone who uses multiple VPNs for multiple tasks these days i so want one of those that just says GEMA says NO!

    GeoIP be damned about half of VPN endpoints (no matter the country they are actually in) seemed to be claimed to be German by GEMA and they block everything on YouTube. Every video i have ever tried to watch. Every single one.

    I now reply to people that send me a YouTube link. GEMA says no!

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