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Since May, Ventura county is not a friendly place for pornographers

Camarillo Acorn reported back in May 2013 (I was not aware of it: thanks to Stephanie Guzman for pointing out):

Prompted by an influx of adult film productions in unincorporated areas, the Ventura County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved an emergency ordinance on Tuesday that they hope will keep the industry away from the county.

Effective immediately, the law, which mirrors Los Angeles County’s voter-adopted Measure B, mandates the use of condoms or dental dams in every instance of sexual penetration and oral sex during the production of pornographic movies. All film locations must post a sign stating this requirement.

Though the language of the Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Ordinance says its goal is to protect adult actors from HIV, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, Supervisor Linda Parks said the new law was also intended to curb the increase in the production of such films in Ventura County since Measure B was adopted in November.

So, why am I reporting this old news? Because X-Art’s owners, Colette and Brigham Field bought a mansion in this county in June 2013, and, as Colette admitted on Twitter yesterday, they shoot pornography right there (and to the best of my knowledge, they never used condoms in their movies):

(The tweet was later deleted.)

Now, I want to make it clear: I don’t necessarily lean to either side of the debate here. I understand the controversy and I’m somewhat sympathetic to each side’s arguments: individual freedoms versus public health and community values. While generally I don’t care what consenting adults do on their private property, I do have certain reservations. For instance, I advocate for increasing minimum age of modeling in hardcore pornography to 21. Adult director Axel Braun explained why. But my views here are beyond the point. X-Art is an enemy of the society, and this pornography purveyor uses outdated, heavily lopsided copyright laws to bring misery to thousands of families, therefore it is only fair if the law will eventually be used as a defensive weapon. And we saw some promising precedents recently:

[Attorney Morgan Pietz:] “The recent phenomenon of adult content owners using their copyrights as swords, rather than shields, in industrial-scale, end-user litigation, would seem to invite this kind of scrutiny.”

If you stick your head out and spit on others, expect others to watch your every move relentlessly and call out your law-breaking, no matter how minor it is.


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12 responses to ‘Since May, Ventura county is not a friendly place for pornographers

    • No, but I guess there will be more than one tip sent their way. In addition, XArt rather make sure they have proper permits: in LA county filming without a permit is a criminal matter, a misdemeanor, don’t know what Ventura’s laws are in this respect.

  1. When I grew up, smut magazines such as Playboy had to be sent in the mail covered and not on display in retail stores. Children focused on their studies, wanting to be scientists, astronauts, doctors, etc. Now porn is all over the internet and companies such as Malibu Media/X-Art don’t even try to protect children from their hardcore porn content. As one librarian said, I think this county has a problem. Little boys come in and are wasting all their time looking at porn on the internet instead of doing their school work.

    Sure adults can do whatever it is they want to do behind closed doors but most Americans are disgusted with having the porn all over the internet and being sent uninvited via email. Even the German Court found that X-Art’s product is probably harmful for children. Most Americans have evolved beyond getting excited about seeing some strangers’ genitals. Perhaps the Fields can use some of their ill begotten money on psychiatric help.

    • Here a thought I have in my stock for future posts.

      According to the law, adult websites are not required to implement an age verification page (“Proceed if you are 18 year or older” or similar), but many sites do. Why? Many know the meaning of the word “Responsibility,” including the majority of adult producers. In the X-Art case we have the ultimate greed: sure such a page will reduce the traffic. Yet the URL in question is not something like, it’s a 4-letter word that can be easily entered by mistake. Or a kid can think that it is about the X-Men art. No warning, no age verification, visitors are simply greeted by genitals in the middle of the screen.

      • Perhaps it goes without saying it but, putting art in the Field’s Family of porn products is an insult to all the artist that ever lived. Anyone with an IQ over 80 understands the difference between photographing young girls genitals (porn) and art. However perhaps this is Collette’s way of trying to rationalize what she and her husband do for a livelihood. I doubt there is a parent on this planet that would want his/her child to end up like them.

        All the money in the world is not worth living a meaningless life and depicting people as less than beasts. And of course they are destroying many of these young girls lives. As the German Court found, these films are likely very harmful to children.

  2. Not so sure if I were a neighbor in such a toney neighborhood that I would be delighted to learn that my neighbors were producing hard core porn. This would especially be the case if there was a high school nearby.

    • It’s unincorporated area with few neighbors, no school. Yet there are many empty lots that either sold or for sale. Area real estate agents are usually happy to learn any price-affecting news.

  3. How many 80 year grandmas did they have to shake down with what appears to be their child porn, to buy their mansion? There is no need for schooling when you can be a porn king. This is the lesson the Fields teach young 9 to 11 year boys across America. Unfortunately those young boys will learn later how meaningless and empty such a life is.

  4. “X-Art is an enemy of the society, and this pornography purveyor uses outdated, heavily lopsided copyright laws to bring misery to thousands of families, therefore it is only fair if the law will eventually be used as a defensive weapon.”

    You, sir, are my hero!

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