A note from TAC to the community

Ohai campers!

Uncle TAC is here with some sage advice for those of us tweeting.

Counsel of Record (its a big word for those lawyers we like fighting against the trolls) do not, will not, should not tweet about details of cases. It is best to leave them off from tweets asking questions/or for comments about specific cases / clients / opponents / filings they are involved in/with.

Given that Prenda has run with the fantastical idea that many of us are actually alter egos of these lawyers this can get messy for the good guys. They imply we are these lawyers or closely connected to them when this is clearly false. Showing any connections distracts from the actual case, while they have to deal with defending their good name against these idiotic claims.

Don’t be mad if one of the lawyers doesn’t engage you in conversation on twitter over a comment. There is the bright line they can not cross, and several of them have borders around those lines they chose not to cross to avoid any possible fallout from Judges. We’ve seen that some Judges have wider takes on some issues first hand.

I am the poster child for someone they opt not to tweet with. I have a trendy avatar, the word anonymous, am vocal about the system… To people just glancing I am obviously an Anonymous super hacker out to cause trouble. I am also an unnamed Doe in an active legal proceeding. So yeah, I do not take it personally that some people can’t tweet with me or we avoid certain topics. I do not wish to cause them any more trouble or grief that might distract them from the cases they are working hard on.

Prenda can and is watching our tweets looking for anything they can use to throw a monkey wrench in the mix. Given how many of us were included in the exhibits in GAND from Nazarine, it should be clear that they are keeping an eye on us. They are looking for any possible thing to use as leverage to avoid the court staying focused on the case.

Please keep these tips in mind the next time you tweet.


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5 responses to ‘A note from TAC to the community

  1. …and please do not overreact. It is perfectly fine to chit-chat with attorneys, it is perfectly fine to include their handles in the informational tweets, e.g. twitting about a new motion filed by @xxx. There is noting wrong in complimenting them without going into the detail.

    What wrong is, for instance, mocking Hansmeier or Lesko or Lipscomb and include a handle of an attorney who has open cases with those trolls.

    I myself is not an angel and did what TAC is talking about many times, but I’m capable of listening and learning, so you are тоо.

    One more thing beyond the topic: if an attorney (not hired by you) does not reply to your email or DM, in many cases it means you asked something that he/she is not comfortable talking about. Do not insist, let it go.

  2. Good advice. Lord knows I would hate to be the guy who gives Prenda even an inkling of an idea for their next frivolous motion to delay things further. I always check my usual haunts for updates on the latest going on with the Laugh Factory that is Prenda Law starring the three stooges Duffy, Hansmeier, and Steele.

    As well with the other cases that are going on like Malibu and the rest of the torrent trolls.

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