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This post is off-topic as far as reporting on bittorrent cases go, but I was thinking this morning about a better solution to copyright holders suing defendants for $150,000 per infringed title.

I have included a .pdf of this letter both here and on the blog’s POLICY page with my signature which I am comfortable for people to forward over to lawmakers, judges, etc.  If you would like to customize this letter or put your own signature or letterhead on it before you send it out, you have my permission to do so.  If anyone knows of an “e-mail your Congressman” website that I can upload this to, I’d be happy to start a campaign that way as well.

Dear ______________________________:

There is a problem with copyright infringement lawsuits against accused internet downloaders across the U.S. which I would like to bring to your attention. $150,000 statutory copyright damages is…

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  1. Thank you for re-posting my blog entry. As I mentioned in the article, I invite anyone to take my words, and to send it to judges, congressmen, senators, and I am comfortable if you put your name and/or your letterhead on the document when sending it out to them. Many people think our cases are all about piracy — whether a particular downloader viewed or downloaded a particular piece of copyrighted media. However, it is not. Copyright trolling is unethical not because copyright holders are enforcing their copyrights, but because they are using the ability to file lawsuits en masse to scare people into settling, and they have gotten quite efficient at it. Defense attorneys AND plaintiff attorneys are both complicit in these lawsuits for the reasons I discuss in the article, and while there are good guys and bad guys both on the defense side and the plaintiff side, it is usually the accused internet user who loses out in the end, whether they are vindicated, or whether they settle.

    Only a small handful of us educate judges outside of the courtroom, whisper into their ears, and contact lawmakers to convince them to change the law. Until a sufficient number of victims start crying out for help, law school graduates will continue to graduate and take on copyright trolling cases because 1) it is quick cash, 2) someone else does all the work, and 3) they are protecting copyrights and upholding the law (or so they tell themselves). This all needs to change.

    Every day I look at, I am not seeing fewer lawsuits, I am seeing more of them. I am not seeing fewer production company names, I am seeing more of them. The older ones have stepped up their game and have started naming defendants (but not necessarily serving them), and the new copyright trolls are doing what the older trolls have done for two years now — they get their feet wet while acting as settlement factories. This must change.

  2. Like SJD, wish I had something awesome to interject, add or object to but NO! This represents nothing less than a reasonable redress of a unreasonable bureaucratic stupidity. Please Petition Everyone!

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