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Browsing old magazines…

I wrote many (admittedly not that many) posts keeping in mind a casual web surfer who never heard of copyright trolls, so I did my best to tell the story in such a way that he could understand what the hell I’m talking about, and feel our grievances.

This short post is the total opposite, and it targets those who know about the topic and who can pass the History of copyright trolling in the USA exam with at least solid “B.” And instead of grievances, sometimes I must share lulz. To keep us sane.

Searching the Internet for “bittorent litigation,” I found a May 2011 print issue of XBiz World (pdf). It was beyond my control not to post one particular page (61).

I’m actually going to print this page and hang over my desk with two quotes highlighted:

Randazza is filing suits in jurisdictions where the defendants are located because he wants to give them a fair shot at defending themselves.

“I don’t believe in bullying people into writing checks,” he said.


A judge has already granted Time Warner’s motion to quash. Stone said the judge went beyond his authority.

“We will move to have the issue reviewed by a district judge,” Stone said.” We will file an appeal, and we want this addressed by the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.”

Have fun:

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5 responses to ‘Browsing old magazines…

  1. First off…. Randazza looks like someone who would be in the mafia. He just has that look about him. And Stone…. He looks like a bald North American ape.

    As I read these articles, they really seemed inflated and whiny. As Randazza stated:

    “We’ve got to get people everywhere,”he said. “We’ve got to change the prevail-ing view, which is ‘Who pays for porn?’”

    Mark, you can’t and won’t change that. As the word gets out about the lying, cheating, and threats that you and your network (including other trolls) are doing, less and less people are being scared and are not going to deter from downloading. You don’t believe in “get rich schemes”, which is total bullshit. If you didn’t believe in it, you wouldn’t be doing it. But, you get a majority of the settlement money, so yea, you are gonna stick with it. You are contradicting yourself. Your revenue loss numbers are inflated, other trolls are as well. Prove to everyone how a $60 porn movie is worth thousands of dollars in a settlement! You are a bully, and you state that you are not, yet you bully people into settlements and threats of a lawsuit by harassment.

    As far as Stone…. well, we all know this guy is in trouble.

    Granted, this article was published in May of last year when business was hot. But even then, it was full of lies and the porn industry and media were on the side of the trolls. Fast forward to the present, and things have changed. The media has now picked up on the recent events and are sharing the schemes of the trolls. We are seeing a small decline in lawsuits now, probably because the porn companies are starting to see the failures of the trolls and the bad PR for their company. Not to mention maybe drops in numbers in internet and store revenue. Also, we can’t forget about the troubles that some of the trolls are in now, some trolls evacuating the business, and more importantly, the judges in these lawsuits killing the lawsuits because they have been wising up with the help of this site, DTD’s site, Doe’s fighting back, and lawyers who are wanting to stop this headache.

    Let’s keep up the fight!!! Our voice is getting louder and one day, lightning is gonna strike!

    Down with all Trolls

  2. I do have to agree about the outrageous settlements. Even In the case of Randazza’s client if you settle for a few thousand (which sounds low based on the $$ amounts that are thrown around this site) that is the equivalent of almost six years of monthly membership fees for his client.

    It seems drunk drivers, robbers, etc. get a break for first offenses. Why isn’t the same for these types of situations. In many cases they don’t even send cease and desist or even notify the ISP just so they can hit people up out of shame and fear.

    If they really cared about not hurting defendants they would at least try to mitigate the issue without demanding money first.

  3. Agreed.

    They won’t contact file sharing sites to remove their content because they won’t be able to make money. In reality, they don’t care who they hurt, as long as their pockets get fat and their beer stays ice cold. If I download a movie, get caught, extorted for $3400… that’s not even close to a membership to a site. If I pay $29.95 for a membership, at the 20 year mark of that membership, I have paid only $600. So, are they really losing money?

    Also, correct me if I’m wrong please, the trolls give 10% back to the owner/maker of the movie? So, 10% of $3400 is $340? If this is right (or close), again, how can they justify $340 for a $60 movie?

    Down with all Trolls

    • Well, realistically it would be $600 a year since most websites are a monthly fee. However, based on some posts and images from this site it looks like the movie people get back upwards of 50-60% of any money made from settlements. Frankly I would be surprised if this wasn’t now incorporated into their business model and financial projections. Which is just in poor taste. if you can predict your revenues are going to rise each year due to copyright suits you obviously don’t have a vested interest in stopping piracy but rather to encourage it.

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