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Yes, it has been one year and half a million page views since I fired my humble flashlight… Not all the wishes have been fulfilled: mass bittorent lawsuits flourish, uneducated Does settle, trolls continue inventing new ways to game the judicial system.

Yet the past year was not spent in vain. This site, as well as DieTrollDie’s and others, is super-visible on the Internet and anyone, who knows how to search the web, finds us in no time. As a result, the knowledge (and anger) kicks in faster than fear manages to take over one’s senses and ability to think critically. It is difficult to estimate, but I’m sure that a significantly smaller number of people settle these days, and one of the ways to stop the speculative invoicing disease is to cease feeding it’s bearer — the troll.

Of course, we will win. I am indefinitely grateful to everyone who is about to make it happen.

I want to ask for a small favor: please answer the following easy question. Be comfortably honest: I don’t have any means to see the poll log and hence to match IP addresses with results, so your constitutional right to anonymous speech is respected. I’m just curious.

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  1. SJD, thanks for starting this site; both yours & dietrolldie’s sites have helped a lot of does; specially when they first get hit with the news that they have been troll targeted, & have no idea what the heck any of the BS is all about. You’ve also angered the trolls…oh friggin’ well 😀 HAPPY BIRTHDAY FIGHTCOPYRIGHTTROLLS! Keep fighting the good fight.

  2. The good that your site has done cannot be properly measured in my eyes. It is absolutely incredible the effort and dedication you and DTD put toward your respective sites. I wish there was some sort of donation effort so that we could scrape together a bit of money and put it toward a campaign to end this horrible practice. Legal defense fund, advertising, pitching congressmen, anything…to think I was almost going to call my plaintiff’s attorney and try to ask for mercy and offer a modest settlement…my money will be much better spent toward ending this practice, not furthering it.

  3. Happy Aniversary!!

    Words cannot convey how much help and info you, DTD and Raul has given people.

    Again and great big Thank You !!!!

  4. Congrats SJD for your one year anniversary! Although everything and everyone does not turn out as you wish, still there are many who gets relief and advice from this site and DTD’s. Imagine what would it be like a year after this year!

  5. Congrats! I thank you for your efforts. You were one of the first sites I stumbled upon and it gave me much needed knowledge and the strength not to give in. You are the reason I started my site and it has been an “interesting” trip so far. The Trolls are not done yet, so I look forward to pissing them off as much as possible. The Troll “cash cow” is still there, but it is getting harder to get a drink from it every day. Too bad “Steve” doesn’t see the train wreck that is approaching.

    DTD 🙂

  6. A great big thank you for all that you do. You saved me from making what could have turned into a very expensive phone call when I first received the notification from my ISP. I read both your and Die Troll Die’s site almost every day. You both provide an invaluable service to a great many panicked does.

  7. On behalf of every Doe that has benefitted from this blog and that of DTD, I think I can speak for the 200,000 + of us. Thank You! Hope you and yours had a nice celebration.

  8. SJD,

    Here is my belated anniversary present to you (and early present to DTD). This is the best $2.60 I have ever spent and it appears that EDNY Magistrate Judge Gary R. Brown reads your blog and that of DTD as well (check out footnotes 3,7,8 and 9). Highlights for me include Troll Abramson “has already engaged in improper litigation tactics”, Does have an expectation of privacy in their ISP info and all trolls engage in abusive litigation tactics. This broad and damning indictment of copyright trolling even touches upon my beloved topic of trademark infringement

    • I know the anniversary gift is a little bit like giving someone a workbench as a present but I do hope it made your day, as it did mine. While reading it I was thinking “Wow, someone is a fan” and it was straight up so honest and legally precise that I could barely type (not that I can when unexcited). With a little luck this ORR will create a stir in the blgosphere and other members of the judiciary will see it and act accordingly.

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