No more IO Group v. People cases – the last one is over

The only remaining IO Group’s eDonkey2000 infringement case, IO Group v. Antonio Almeida, was dismissed with prejudice yesterday:

We will never know if any money changed hands as a result of this dismissal, I hope not, or at least not too much. Marc Randazza never misses a chance to brag about huge settlements he “won”, which appear bogus when one gives a closer look at the dismissal documents¹.

I wish all the best to Antonio.

Sperlein is still active in his extortion business, he filed a bunch of cases in Eastern Disctrict of California recently, this time representing another plaintiff, Celestial Inc. I have a completely different set of wishes to him.

¹ “Defendant has an opportunity to reduce the amount payable to Plaintiff if Defendant ceases any further content theft (whether the Plaintiff’s content or anyone else’s), and if he makes regular payments toward the judgment on a schedule that will be agreed upon by the parties in a separate agreement.” — and this “agreement” never sees the light of day…

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6 responses to ‘No more IO Group v. People cases – the last one is over

  1. Interesting to see that Randazza was behind the take down of Righthaven, yet the douche is the one doing the trolling. Hypocrisy at its finest.

    • Well Randazza has created the nifty new idea that even if your WiFi was hacked your still responsible for everything that happened on it. He demands around $10k added to the demand to the courts.

      It would be nice if he got the bitchslap he deserves.

      He currently has several named cases moving forward against alleged filesharers who broke rule 1, they talked to the troll.

      • Well, that’s an awful lot of liability for just being a customer of an ISP and a consumer of cheap electronics available at K-Mart.

        I mean, if just anybody can drive by my house, hack my wi-fi and put me on the hook for a $150,000 lawsuit because I bought a $25 belkin wireless router and pay $40/month to Comcast … WOW … it almost seems to not be worth it! Can you believe it? People are paying exorbitant sums of money to Internet Service Providers to basically put up a sign on their front l awns saying “Lookit me, you can now sue me repeatedly for over a hundred thousand dollars as many times as you want!”

        People should be cancelling their internet service immediately! Cut yourselves off! Plug your ears and seal your eyes! It’s your only defense!

        If this argument of Randazza’s were ever to actually make it past a blind, deaf and dumb federal judge, gain traction and some publicity, we may actually see the slumbering giants of AT&T and Comcast open their eyes and say “duuuuuuhhhh … heeeyyyyyy … wait a minute, here!”

        • More evidence that the real goal is to extort $ from fearful & uninformed targets. Why not sue the ISP? Why not sue the WiFi gear manufacturers? Why no takedown demands? Etc. Because again, the real goal is to extort $, not to stop the downloading.

  2. ISP’s can’t be held liable for activity they are not aware of. Which is why you as a content producer send them a DMCA takedown notice because if they fail to act, then they can be liable.

    See people like comcast, verizon, at&t have lobbiest that make sure insane things don’t happen to them. Ordinary people don’t.

  3. In reply to FWIT- this is burning question I’ve had- Why is it then, if ISPs obviously have enough lawyers to defend themselves, that the ISPs hand over our customer information like a hot rock? The reason I’ve heard is that they don’t want to get sued- but how can a couple of scumbag lawyers sue a massive corporation? Its obviously not going to happen.

    Why is it that ISPs hand over our information so readily? Does anyone know? Are they getting paid by the trolls; are they profitting from this as well?

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